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PFF Event 1 Results - Warcraft 3


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Event 1 has been complete though with a bumpy start. For those who joined thanks for joining and having fun.






Me and Swift started with a public race but that started bad since everybody that was public complained like a little baby (omg you noob and ect). Swift claimed he exited since he got stuck (You just back up).


Then we went onto map 1 with a bad start but then redid it with Darkmark so we owned the computer with our economy, peacekeeping and attacking plan.


Gen.Vader then joined and we owned them on the 2nd and 3rd maps on an island and a one whole island thing vs zombies.


We finished off with 3 rounds of West vs East where we had to defend the castle. First round was me and Darkmark vs Gen.Vader and Swift and we're defending against 2 waves of creeps on both sides. Second goes better a bit and Gen.Vader leaves. Third goes extremely well with me, Swift and Darkmark going up to wave 20 and buying 3 health but that wasn't enough for the huge wave.


So that wraps up Event 1 and picture time :wink:


1) Map 1 - Silly AI builds a house on the coast,



2) Map 2 - Orcs players (us) vs humans (ai),



3) West vs East round 2 - I killed some of the AI and they killed the rest and gotten over run.



4) Mini games, what a great way to get more coins and to release stress from defence :P Sometimes we got empty handed lol.


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Ya well I made a mistake when putting in the AI since we owned both 1 insane or 2 mediums and maybe next time have 2 insanes with our 4ness of resourcing and golding. Was very fun and I loved messing around since thats what games are for :P


Well i'm thinking of what the event 2 should be about.

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fill all the empty slots with insanes. :twisted:


But not on the same team. They'll fight each other to be the top insane one... lvl 10 heroes here we come :D

"And the moral of the story is: Appreciate what you've got, because basically; I'm fantastic." ~ Holly, Red Dwarf



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