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What will immerse you most into the SW universe?


What gives you the most Star Warsy Feeling.  

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  1. 1. What gives you the most Star Warsy Feeling.

    • The Heros
    • Other
    • The Music
    • The Planets
    • Staying True to Canon
    • The Ships

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Does that mean that the single player maps will not be available in skirmish mode? Or are there scripted elements that would not fit in the multiplayer modes?


Duh! Should have been more specific. You’ll find the same single-player maps in our online campaign/scenario mode (1vs1 plays similar to single-player).


We’ve cooked up something unique for our one off land and space tactical combat maps (these contain the unique maps mentioned above). Of course it hasn’t been announced so I can’t really go into great detail just yet.


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Duh! Should have been more specific.


Heh, yeah. With this forum you got a bunch of rabid Star Wars nerds ready to pounce on anything you say and shread it to microscopic pieces with analyzation. :wink:


We are desperate for this game to be out and want to know what is coming up. You guys probably know, but in case you didn't, there are a couple of decades of hope built up toward this game. So everything that happens with it and how it fits into canon, etc is amplified many times over what something similar would be.

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I went for music, but it was a close one with ships and heroes.


I think if I had considered it just as music instead of 'Sound effects and atmospheric sounds, with musical backing' it might have tipped in favor of the heroes. The thing is, without lightsaber sounds, without character voices, without the imperial march... well, it just wouldn't feel the same.

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Ships and music. Your everyday person could probably reconize an ISD or X-wing and probably know where John William's Imperial March is from.


Not to mention the special memories I have of the Imperial March. For High School graduation, myself and 7 other senior geeks and nerds paid off (about $270 total) the kid running the recording. So when the seniors came out for the cerimony, the Imperial March was playing instead of that crap song that has been played for years.

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well the closest i found was the planets. this game is going to be HUGE! everyone has seen the ships but who has fought with ATATs on mustafar, or battle in the correlian sector? its the huge scope of the planets and invasions and and and *goes into excited mode, too excited to speak* the possibilities....think about it, it has westwooders and it will be great, revolutionary if i so say.
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why is it always music?


isnt the concept of establishing an iron first of justice across 40+ planets juicy enough?!!!!


go but the star wars albums for music :P


The music has the abilty to add so much to a star wars game, can add a lot of emotion and really pull you into the game.


The imperial march playing while you are destorying all rebels in your path.


The force theme playing while luke discovers his role in the Rebel alliance.


Across the stars playing while you are blown a crushing defeat and must try and retreat from battle.

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While every choice is a part of a whole, when i think Star wars, i think of that first sceen in ANH. An emence ship and the music :)

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