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Describe the perfect RTS


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Surely, you've all thought to yourselves "I wish I could do this!" before, or noticed something and said "It would be better like that!". Well, here's your chance! For good fun, let's throw those notions of "usable interface", "CPU limitations" and "traditional gameplay"; let's each build our own RTS game, with all the features and pluses you can think of!


You guys start posting, I've got little time at the moment, but I'll put mine here later.

Currently waiting to get Age of Empires 3, Dawn of War, and Star Wars: Empire at War
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get rid of resources and have it realistic like no pop cap you just cannot build anymkore if you cannot sustain


true diversity like starcraft, every unit hsas a part, none are obsolete from the juggernauts down to the midgets




condquer planets and have it space or sci fi with guns!

like a starwars/startrek/good fictiion mixed in


that makes me ahppy

I've have you now - Lord Vader
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All your units are individuals and each named completely at random and have individual unit stats and personalities. Their graphical appearance is different, as in they all have completely randomly generated build, face, skin tones... individually battle scarred clothing, armour that gets marked as it gets attacked. Infinitely persistant dead bodies/weaponry/vehicles... and vehicles leave infinite tracks on the ground.


True veterancy, units become better based on training and experience on the field, grow sluggish if left to eat donuts and camp all day. Units can recieve promotions, commendations. Additional resarched weaponry gets dispatched properly over time, so air drops and stealing enemy weapon caches.


The environment has a real effect on an army's abilities, their momentum, accuracy, morale (proper random character morale, not bonus based. As in a recriut who is naturally hard as nails will have good morale, a weaker one might be intimidated by rain etc... Not necessarily affected by rank)


Basically get it as close to being realistic as possible.

"And the moral of the story is: Appreciate what you've got, because basically; I'm fantastic." ~ Holly, Red Dwarf



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AI Commander actually talks like a human being and not a arrogant AI programmed to be. Will actually think for itself and sometimes tell you what it thinks human like and have a good reason also.


Civilian and military units actually think properly and act real. Yes its a RTS but it would be more realistic and better for units to actually be smarter then you at times. Take cover and take hostages and whatever they do. Maybe clean up a mess another unit made ? When a farmer is threatened it would take shelter by runnign and not walking.

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I would want the most amount of customisability possible, something like this:


- Civ/race persistancy, like they are developing in AoE3. Your civ retains its characteristics and bonuses throughout different games, and in addition, certain elements in each game will allow you to add even more bonuses and abilities to your civ.

- Civ tree-style developement, much in the same way you'd develop a character in an MMORPG. You can progress your civ, which is originally bland and without advantages or disadvantages, into different fighting styles, technological possibilities, etc (such as hordes of cruddy units, elite units, stealth/hit-and-run tactics, superweapons, etc).

- Civ-specific hero developpement, where you could have a certain number of heros for your civ (say 5) and customize them all, including appearance, stats, abilities, bonuses, and type. In the Star Wars cnotext, then, I could make a male human Jedi with an affinity for capital ship combat, mad force skills, and a cool name.


Not to mention that I'd also like the tactical possibilities to no longer be limited to point-and-click. If everything in the game world was treated as a shaped piece of a certain material, instead of as a unit, then bullets would one-shot troopers if they hit the head, or cripple them if they get the leg; you could blow engines off a ship and capture it; you could pull a Thrawn-mole-miner and have it actually work! Things like that, unconventional methods of winning, would add so much to a game for me.

Currently waiting to get Age of Empires 3, Dawn of War, and Star Wars: Empire at War
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