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Have we disscused almost everything?  

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  1. 1. Have we disscused almost everything?

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Hey, I think that we have disscused almost everything, and we need something new, bat at this point all we can do is wait for the demo and the game itself, I mean, those who have questions can ask, that's no problem but what new things can we talk, I dont know, that's my point of view, what about yours??

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aww hell no eddie, the day we run out of ideas is the day EaW is out for like 4 years! there is so much we dont know,for starters, we dont know planets,units,resources,all heroes, and balance. i could go deeper with timeline and variety of endings but that would be ranting.

no i do not think we have discussed everything possible eddie.

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We have a similar topic like this in the bar. The consensus is we'll always have things to talk about. Sure enough, we've talked a lot since that topic was first posted, and about many different areas we've not fully explored.


We'll continue to discuss things regardless. A forum with no talk is a dead forum. We aren't even close to that.

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Good luck with that. I alway have at least my PPC (Pocket PC. Like a PDA, but better) with me. I like to stay up-to-date on things (I've campus wide wireless) and since my hand writing is absolute crap, I type my notes, homework, and such out. Now if I could only get on one those eye glasses attachments that relays stuff on your PPC to that...
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and loads of other stuff that I can't think of at the moment.


You and about everyone else has that problem...


The chat coming up is topic enough, we need to decide on the preliminary questions and things like that. Once we have the chat, there will be alot of talk on what something meant, debates on why an answer was so, etc. Plenty to talk about.

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