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Order the Star Wars Movies


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1)Return of the Jedi (A-WING!!! And Carrie Fisher in that slave outfit wasn't bad either.)

2)Empire Strikes Back (Come on... Who saw it coming that Vader was Luke's dad? Admit it, provided no one told you, you were shocked.)

3)A New Hope

4) Last 15 or so minutes of Attack of the Clones

5) Ep.1 because Darth Maul looked cool.


I haven't seen Ep.III yet...

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ESB --- this has everything you need in a star wars movie...lightsaber duel, AT-ATs, land battles, excellent plot twist...did i mention AT-ATs?

ROTS --- nice duels, of course i'm always partial to seeing the bad guys win one every once in a while

ROTJ --- Then again, i like to root for the underdog

ANH --- Not much to say about this movie except that it started it all

TPM --- Remove any part that includes Anikan and you prolly whould have had a decent movie, but i must give credit to producing one of the better lightsaber duels --- not quiet as good as the Vadar - Obi Wan in ROTS but still up there

AoC --- I Refuse to admit this as a Star Wars Movie...horrible acting, not much of a plot, Lucas poor attempt to add humor...the only part i reconize as part of Star Wars is the Giant Jedi Battle...just wished they would have focused on that a bit more.


If it would have been up to me i would have combined TPM, and AoC into one movie, used ROTS has EP 2, only exeception no Vadar-Obi Wan fight, and the clones didn't kill all the jedi, also may have changed the name. And for the Ep 3, i would have used it to help explain the formation of the two sides, add Vadar hunting down the surviving Jedi (wasn't a big fan of all the jedi dieing by getting shot in the back) and then i would have had the Vadar - Obi Wan fight/Yoda - Emperor fights. I don't like movies where they have huge time gaps in between the sequals.



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Yea it comes off to me as EPI and EPII are just prologues for EPIII. If I had a choice I would have made the Clone Wars a movie and not AOTC. The Clone Wars had more importance to the overal story than did AOTC (where you could just take the important parts out and put it in the "clone wars movie").

The clone wars had a better story, and it wasn't really even structured as one. The relationship between Obi-wan and Anakin was expressed much better than in AOTC. (heck in ROTS and AOTC they are hardly even together to express friendship and some tension). The relationship between Padme and Anakin was expressed better (probably because they were together less) it was very cut how she kept his padawan hair tail, and how they had there sweet goodbye with her at the window and him leaving in his jedi starfighter.


Also it had much better symbolism in it than did the AOTC. One of my favorite scenes in the clone wars was when anakin was in the cave and he had his premonition about saving the galaxy, only to be consumed by the darkside, and ultimately killing padme with the galaxy falling into darkness and him becoming Darth Vader. Also Yoda's vision about qui-gon taking young anakin to the dark side tree was nice as well.


I think if the clone wars was epII I think it would have made ROTS even better. It would have built a lot of its back story and would have made characters more interesting, like general grevious.

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1. A New Hope (Except for the new stupid. SORRY LUCAS, DON'T TRY TO TAKE IT BACK! HAN SHOT FIRST!!!)

2. Return of the Jedi (Except for the old ending Ewok song and the new stupid Jabba's Palace dance number :P:evil: )

3. Empire Strikes Back


These are the only three in my book. The other attrocities you cite I will not rank with these. :P :P :P :P :P :P

My Death Star is bigger than your Death Star!

"The XML is strong with this one!"


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