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The Demo


What Will the demo include?  

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  1. 1. What Will the demo include?

    • Just stuff from the Germany Exhibition
    • Completely new missions

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I picked "completely new missions", because I believe that they will not want to include old stuff in the demo. More than likely they will have a few skirmish maps for you to play on and maybe a space and ground map of one planet to simulate a space battle and the ensuing ground assault.
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Yeah i think your right. Besides, by the time the demo is launched, they will have released 95% of units, ships, and planets. So they'd probably wanna give us fans some new content to play around with, to get really excited about the full game :)

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I think that the stuff from the Expos was mostly set up and then saved so they could show different aspects of the game. We will most likely be starting from scratch or with some kind of random/contrived starting point. It also depends on what kind of demo will be released. Will it have campain play, skirmish, mutliplayer, etc.?

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mhh i think the best solution for a demo will be a two or three planet system.

1 neutral, 1 empire and 1 repel

on each planet you have a small base and a factory. You will be abel to build some small buildings, ships and troops. So you can see the gameplay on the star map. you will be abel to research 1 or 2 new techs so that you can see the funktion of researching new techs. After this you have the choose to wait for the attack of the enemy or attack the enemy first. with a space and a ground battel.

a small multiplayer skirmish funktion will be nice too, but i think for the demo it will be enough to have only a singelplayer part. The balancing of the units will be a part of the maybe open multiplayer beta like DOW or after gaming some time the Full version of the game

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i would like something a little bigger like 4-5 planets and being able to construct maybe 1 or 2 attachments to your exsisting base, unlimited pop cap , and skirmish with multiplay with like 1 map. and maybe 2 missions, really low key. and to have it be staged at a pivitol location and time like have it include tatooine,coruscant,kashyyk and mon calamari, bye bye luke! bwahahaha
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I figure it'll be a mix of old things seen in the Germany exhibition, as well as some of the things they've changed since. I'm sure they'll have at least on new map, and balance I'm sure will be more accurate to what we're to get in the final game. I couldn't vote a mix of both, so I just voted for new stuff. They know how much we know already and how much we look forwward to the demo, Lucasarts and Petroglyph will want to broaden those desires. The demo will no doubt be the last major source of new information until the full release.


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