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We have no more need for this discussion


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Well uh I see I missed a big arguement. I got a question (not to be answered), why are we arguing about nothing or some rumors ? Aren't we mature fans/moderators?


:arrow: if its not confirmed by LEC/Petro or media like screenshots and movies its not there until it is officially confirmed. Also if someone played the demo and has proof that a game feature is in its also official since LEC/Petro wanted it to be announced.

:arrow: Yes we know Cain is still learning english and you have to reread his messages a few times to understand what hes saying so please make sure both sides are calm.

:arrow: Well please be on your best behaviour even though something bad has happened or if your ticked off. If your ticked off and your a mod chill out by using the thread I spawned in the Maw section. If its personal write it in word and you should forget about it later on.

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:arrow: The Moderators are:

:arrow: Bigedmond

:arrow: Darkmark

:arrow: DarthScharnhorst

:arrow: Foshjedi2004

:arrow: Youki Taijin

:arrow: JediIgor

:arrow: Joshinator

:arrow: Lord_Scud

:arrow: Marcus

:arrow: PirateChiken

:arrow: Seewolf

:arrow: Siddus

:arrow: Stellar_Magic

:arrow: Vader89


:!::arrow: The Admins are:

:arrow: Ismael

:arrow: Cain

:arrow: Katarn

:arrow: Code_monkey

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