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Ronnie Barker has died


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huzzah to family guy!

youll recongnize this

Hi,I'm Petie the Pistol, pull my trigger and i make bab people go away! also moses and jesus used guns! - Gun episode


one of the best episodes i have ever seen wahaha

I've have you now - Lord Vader
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family guy!!!! the episodes i always quote are the one where they were in the court room and it was like person 1-oh no person 2-oh no person 3-oh NO, kool aid guy comes in through the wall-OH YEAH, now that was a good episode, or the one with the beer factory, that was awesome
The Rain God
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The toilets at scotland yard have all been stolen.



The Police have nothing to go on


The have been reports of a hole in the Fence at the Bournmouth naturist centre



The Police are looking into it




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lol, where'd you get that from? and did you know they actually have some hole toilets in japan, or so i heard somewhere

He's quoting Ronnie Barker stoopid.

"My doctor says I have a malformed public duty gland and a natural deficiency in moral fibre and am therefore excused from saving universes"-Ford Prefect


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Americans won't know him, like I said. They're probably only familiar with Monty Python...


I bet most of them have never heard of Morcambe and Wise either.


Classic stuff. Love the quote Fosh. Very fitting.

"And the moral of the story is: Appreciate what you've got, because basically; I'm fantastic." ~ Holly, Red Dwarf



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