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well to complement ghostlys threads here is mine but reverse.

what games have you really enjoyed? like it could be your first 3d game you ever saw/play, or the first time you truly were amazed by the depth/content of the story. and so on and so on.




the first RTS i ever played, before that i had only played sonic and mario games, it totally blew me away that you could amass armies. (i was around 7 at the time)


Red Alert


Man i loved the game for its units, they way you handled your forces and story. Sidebar was really helpful and i loved the ability to build as many guys as you wanted. and the mammoth tank blew me away!

more to come

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Well I was going to edit my thread into bad and good games but o well this'll do.


First 3 that amazed me (First games ever I played):

- Mario for Nintendo - Love the classic jumping and well I loved it.

- Ninja Turtles for Nintendo - Was multiplayer lol and almost beat Shredder (when I was 5ish).

- Jurassic Park games for Nintendo - damn they were great I loved em.


First 3 for PC

- Galactic Battlegrounds - Thought it was a nice RTS so I played it for a long long time.

- Black and White - Loved being a god but since it was ripped I couldn't reinstall it but I have one at a friends house.

- The Sims - Well at that time I loved playing it and had it on my Laptop. My laptop over heated so it kept on crashing.


Top 3 games I like right now (PC)

- Silent Hunter 3 - I like commanding the submarine but my ram sometimes slows it down and my patience is lacking to play it but I do like this this game.

- Black and White 2 - where else can you be god, control a city/army, and have a pet besides AOE 3 (except being a god there).

- Homeworld 2 - First space RTS I ever played and I love some ships that are in there. I love owning the Rebels lol.



- Gundam Seed: Never Ending Tomorrow

- Gundam vs Zeta Gundam

- Metal Gear Solid: Substance

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-Chrono Trigger

I loved this game so much, my first real rpg. U could go back and forth through time, change history, lot's of endings, lot's of lvls, team techniques.

-Final Fantasy 3

Here's another amazing rpg, very diverse, lot's of special weapons, and customizable characters. The way u learnt magic was really cool. Great monsters and battles. Great story too.

-Rock n Roll racing

How cool was this game? Driving around in cars, blowing ppl up while u race. Need i say more? 8)



-Golden eye 007

Best shooter of it's time! I think a lot of us remember great times in multiplayer with friends. With such fond memories as the temple, facility, walkin around, then all of a sudden dead, then cursing eachother, hahaha good times



-Star Craft

The first true RTS i ever played, gotta love it. Perfectly ballanced, 3 races, tones of action, lot's of great mods, i still sometimes play it

-SW Rebellion

A classic. Great turn based sw stratagy game that we all know and love, i've had it for years, still play it.

-Quake 3

One of the funnest shooters i ever played. Had some amazing mods like uban terror. Many curses and a couple lan parties, and lot's of fun haha.

-Battlefield 1942

I loved how u could comandere planes and ships and tanks, and blow ppl up, how fun is that?

-Birth of the Federation

Fun turn based star trek game. Had a lot of potential. I just didn't like how stupid the ai was. But still fleets of soverins and defiants= fun

-Metal of honor

Another fun shooter, had a realistic feel to it


Not many ppl talk about this space rts. I liked it a lot, controling planets, interspace trade ships and building and planatary defences, planatary building, ships gained expereance, and there was a good research tree. Spy's were kinda ubber though hahaha. I beat the game once with 1 of my best spys, blowing up the mission objective. It even had recruitable hero's! I hope they make a sequal! Had an interesting story too.

-Homeworld 1&2

Always fun. First rts space strat. I havn't overly played these ones, sometimes i don't have the patience for the very odd 3d plain movements, but very very fun and realistic. I just wish it had more resources, haha.


That's all i can think of for now

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If you ask me, there's one game that truly amazed me with it's cool graphics, glamorous story and unbelievably good suonds and music. If you haven't already figured it out from my signature, I'll tell you: Metroid Prime. Seriously, you have to play it to know what really is a breathtaking game.


Also, it's sequel, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, surprised me with it's ending. In my opinion it is the greatest ending of any game of all time. It really shows that endings dont have to be complex to be great.

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All Metal Gear Solids -- You can't go wrong with those not to mention the great stroy.

Splinter Cell -- Good gameplay, but they normally lack in the story line

And i can't Forget Counter-Strike -- been playing that off and on since it first came out



Kotor -- Best Star Wars Game I've played to Date...to bad my video card is too old to play KotorII

Diablo II -- Only good for online -- Blizzard changes it around at least once a year, so it makes things interesting, to bad the still haven't been able to stop people from hacking items.



X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter Series -- if i could get the game to run on XP, i prolly be playing it today.



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Secret of Monkey Island - Damn fine, funny game. Every young kid should play this.

Lure of the Temptress - Spent hours upon hours playing this. I regret not being able to find it for the PC.




Mario 64 - The first game I ever saw in full 3d. It was the only reason I bought a N64.

Goldeneye - You have to enjoy a game to get good at it. You have to love it to master it. Probably my favourite game that came out on the console.

Ocarina of Time - How could I have forgotten this gem. You know what I said just above about favourite game on the N64... I think it's a tie...




Monkey Island 2 - Ok, so this was a long time back on my dad's first computer. Same reasons as the first game, but the truth of the matter was they managed to get the series funnier.

Warcrafts 1-3 - What can I say. Great series, deserves it's reputation. I wasn't appealed by the graphics of the 3rd one at fist, but the cartoony look grows on you.

Diablo 2 & exp - I used to play a lot before the expansion, and even more so upon getting it. I have a high level paladin somewhere on the hell difficulty... he keeps getting thrashed by the ancients. I didn't have an internet connection, so he's mainly SP adventuring or with friends on the network here.

Galactic Battlegrounds & exp - Mainly spent time with the level editor. Shared levels with friends. Made some very humorous ones. I even made the whole of JK in it with all the JK sounds.

Star trek Armada 1 - Only because I modded the whole thing to stupid proportions. Where there used to be 6 ships for each race in total, my personal mods increased it to a whopping 24 per race. I adapted the AI so you'd have huge CPU armadas prowling the map and really putting the pressure on. It had multiple hero ships per race, all with accurate captain sounds, custom weaponry, the works. It truely wa a personal massterpiece. I spent at least a year on the whole thing and somehow still managed to do well at school at the same time. It all got erased quite recently when my hard drive died...

The Sims 1 - One damn fine idea which they made work so well. The success of the franchise proves how popular it was. I customised this to stupidly large extents too. Went the same way as my Armada modifications.



I'll add more if I think of them.

"And the moral of the story is: Appreciate what you've got, because basically; I'm fantastic." ~ Holly, Red Dwarf



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I'll just do my top 5


1) C&C: Red Alert (PC) - My first PC game

2) Legend of Zelda (NES) - My first game

3) Mechwarrior 2 (PC)- This is basiclly what got me into mecha. I still have much love for the Madcat/Timberwolf and the Warhammer IIc.

4) Unreal Tournament 2004(PC) - What got me really into mods, though I really been modding since Neverwinter Nights came out.

5) Golden Eye (N46) - So many good memories of multiplayer mayham.... *sigh*

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Favorite games of all times


NES, easy Mario 1,2,3, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man, Contra and Ninja Turtles. Oh yeah North and South first civil war RTS game ever.


SNES; Mario World, Link to the Past, Doom, Super Metroid, TMNT:TNT, and Super Contra.


N64; We all know the good ones for this they are timeless unlike the system and 90% of all the other games for it.


PC; X-wing and Tie Fighter series, Rebellion, Battlegrounds, and Rise of Nations,


PS. I saw somebody couldnt get Tie Fighter to work on XP. I got it to work there should be a compadiblity wizard you go to and it will give the different versions of windows to match up with the game and then you can play this awsome game. Which by the way how stupid is Lucas Arts not to update it and release it again. It is by far their best work and probably will be for a long time comming.

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