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The Rise of The Sith


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Here is a fan fiction that I started writing just about two months ago, and its been shelved since. I stopped writing it because I started feeling like the plot was becoming a little bit out of whak with the star wars universe. This is a consequence of playing KOTOR II over the summer a little too long lol. Im never gonna finish this story at least I have no intention to, but any comments would be greatly appreciated because Im trying to better my writing skills. Much thanks,




PS I know the title is highly unoriginal! lol




In the most remote areas of the galaxy are the most treasured artifacts. Those the once strong Empire overlooked, ones the New Republic is just now excavating. But in the far reaches of the galaxy, those where a New Republic is unknown, the Imperial Remnant still has control. But on the perverted and dark world of Korriban, the Remnant has its iron fist clutched very tight because they are trying to uncover an old Sith secret so they can once again rise to power, and control the galaxy.

But when the Remnant excavates too far, they awaken a spirit of an ancient and powerful Sith lord. Unknown to the Remnant is that light years away in a distant galaxy, even further than the outer rim, the last true Sith Lord has been waiting in solitude for the day that the power of a lord so strong would beckon him to regain his control of the abandoned worlds, those inhabited by the Remnant, New Republic, and all the planets in the known galaxy…



Approx. 10 years after Return of the Jedi


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The galaxy wasn’t what it used to be ten years ago. Once it was controlled by an Empire so great, one that ruled by brute force and terror, and yet a small and insignificant rebellion defeated it. All the work and resources to control a galaxy, now just dreams and fantasies. She knew it would never happen again, not the way it was, not with an imperial empire.

Standing at the bridge of the once proud star destroyer Naga Sadow, admiral Lyn stared into the void of space, contemplating the galaxy. Just below was the strange world of Korriban polluted with the dark side, and haunted by the corpses of old Sith. She overheard a few of the remaining Dark Jedi discussing the feeling of the world, as if when you sat foot to it you could feel a network of dark energy flowing from the world itself, especially strong closer to the tombs. Even though she wasn’t a force user herself she could feel something wrong about the planet, an eerie feeling she never felt before.

No one else was on the bridge spare a few droids, working at consoles below her at either side. Once there was a time when the Empire had too many recruits to keep up with, Star Destroyers were literally packed with fresh imperials wanting to climb the ladder. But now there is no “ladder”, one can just say they are a general and not deserve to be a mere officer. Now they must rely on scrapped droids, not even standard issue. The droids on the bridge ranged from old R-1 units to even older protocol droids.

“This ship looks more like a smuggling vessel than that of an imperial cruiser.” Lyn said, with her voice low.

“Is there anything I can do Admiral Lyn? It is not uncommon to feel odd around groups of droids. If I may Admiral, perhaps you should take a walk, it does always seem to cheer me up.” An old looking protocol droid commented, walking up to Lyn.

“Nothing gets past you does it?” Lyn asked.

This droid in particular always was talking to the officers, and now it caught up to her.

“Well admiral, my hearing used to be much better, I could hear 500 feet away, quite a feat back then if I may say so myself, but I am afraid the sign of aging has made its mark, now my hearing only works 486.6 feet in length. I have tried multiple times to get my hearing unit fixed but…”

“I get the picture,” Lyn smirked, “just do me a favor and pull up that report Darth Xai issued. Just play it here no one will hear.”

“Im afraid that would be against my parameters, I am not allowed to play messages marked classified in any other room except the briefing chambers.”

This protocol droid must be from the early days of the empire, Lyn thought to herself.

“Okay, okay I know there is no use in arguing with protocol droids. By the way what is your uh.. number?” Lyn gestured for the droid to follow.

“Oh I am glad to see someone on this vessel appreciates good conversation. I am U-M74, created by the scientist Ulang Myreth, a brilliant man if I may say so myself. And in fact despite what many people assume, my letters do not resemble his initials, in fact they stand for…”

“Really? That is quite interesting I will make sure to recommend you personally to maintenance to fix you right up as soon as possible.” Lyn said, knowing she couldn’t really do anything but it is always fun to diminish the hopes of simple droids.

“Why it is a pleasure to meet you in person Admiral Lyn.” U-M74 spoke in a medium tone, no matter his emotion his voice was always monotone, this fact amused Lyn.

“Wasn’t that fast, we are already at the briefing room. Now you promised to display the message” Lyn was starting to get a bit impatient with the rules that really didn’t matter anyway.

“Very well sir” U-M74 went to the terminal and plugged in a part of his finger, to display the hologram.

The projector instantly moved into action, and shot out a blue image of Darth Xai, the strongest remaining Dark Jedi. Unlike most of the other lords Lyn has served, Xai didn’t wear the traditional garments of the Sith, instead he wore a cape, of the color grey, and black clothing. A plain and odd looking pair, though Xai wasn’t exactly human, he was part something else and no one really knew what.

Lyn then laughed at the fact no one even knows what they are serving and where this Xai came from. Well at least she didn’t.

“Greetings fellow command, I am recording this transmission in front of a newly discovered tomb on the surface of Korriban…” Lyn giggled.

Really? Korriban you don’t say, Lyn thought.

“…whatever  is inside this tomb, it is emmiting great power, not just of the force but of life itself. Our sensors indicate that something is living in the tomb, but we aren’t quite sure what…”

That’s what you said when you uncovered the tomb of Naga Sadow you idiot, Lyn thought, and it was merely a few Kath hounds.

“…we are to be on high alert the next week, and drills will be engaged multiple times, and I expect no flaws or you will be dealt with personally.”

Then the message blurred out and Lyn was left thinking nothing was quite new about that message. It is not like she hasn’t heard that before.

“I would love to stay and chat admiral, but I am due for an oil bath, and I am in dire need.”

“No problem, I am sure we can continue our conversations some other time, it’s not like some rebels would want to come here.”

“Point well stated” At that U-M74 walked out of the room leaving Lyn to her thoughts again.

Lyn sat at one of the many chairs surrounding the central platform used to display holograms. There were at least thirty seats in the room, once crowded for attacks on the under defended rebel worlds. Now it was used to display the insignificant messages of a Sith Lord who had nothing better to do than waste time by sending out pointless messages.

Thinking was a most tiring habit, and it was just about all that Lyn could do when she wasn’t having conversations with protocol droids. This must be heaven for them, Lyn thought as she closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.




The swamp was especially cold in this area, not just in temperature, but in the force. Ventris reached out and felt the vines with his hands. They were bumpy and algae like, nothing like what he knew of at Coruscant, his home where there was no such vegetation. Yet his master instructed him to get through it as part of his training. Now that the Republic has found peace, a new Jedi enclave was established on Yavin. Ventris was thrilled to be part of the Jedi, even though he was the first to admit he wasn’t the strongest in the force.

Master Daryl will not be disappointed at my progress today, Ventris thought. He had made it through the swamp more than twice what he did yesterday, and it was only just now noon.

“Plenty of time to take a quick rest” he said sitting down on a rotting stump.

Then he reached out to the force, feeling it, touching the life around him. The trees, vines, moss, bugs, and even the reptiles were made naked to him as he could get their exact location and feeling through the force. A technique he has been practicing for quite some time now. Daryl had called it a form of the force called Extra Sensitivity.

“Only a few gifted Jedi posses Extra Sensitivity, the ability to touch the life around you and sense their feelings, their intentions. But be mindful not to pry on others feelings, for it is not the Jedi way to use this power to the advantage of one’s self.” Daryl had told him earlier.

Ventris thought that he could exercise this power more now that he was in solitude. Using it on the bugs around him for the most part, and the reptiles. He felt a snake on a branch about twenty feet away, he felt its instincts. It felt cold like everything else in the swamp.

“One can even place themselves into the position of others, a daring feat. Even the best Jedi take days to place themselves into others spots, to better understand friend or foe alike.” He remembered from the same lesson earlier.

Then he tried it, he placed himself into the snakes mind. Now he could feel its instincts more than ever. Its simple thoughts, so small compared to his own. But something was urging him on the inside, something trying to tell him something. As if the snake knew what he was doing. Suddenly he became disconnected, trying to breathe vigorously. He touched something forbidden in the animal, a strange feeling but why it was there he didn’t know.

It was the dark side of the force. Something he had never felt inside himself before. But was it really in him? Or did he feel it through the snake? He still felt a small hint of it, poisoning his link to the force.

“No, no!” Ventris cried out.

He felt it flowing through him. Then he remembered his lessons, how one balances themselves. He began to breathe more slowly centering himself focusing on nature, for nature was blessed with the light side of the force. Except in only the far reaches of the galaxy, where a small number of worlds had been taunted with the dark side so bad, that even the nature began emitting the destructive energy.

“Much better” but he still heard it echoing in himself.

Ventris still used his balancing technique, but impulses were begin to surface. As if it was a primitive way for the force to speak. Nonsense, he thought.

He felt the need to control the snake, go back to it. Re-connect his link to it. He reached out again, half willingly. He felt it again, though now it had no connection to the force. As if he had somehow drew the power right out of the snake, but then he channeled the dark energy back but used it to his advantage. He slowly forced the snake to move. It was an exciting feeling to Ventris, he was manipulating the snake to do his will. Then he stopped, knowing that manipulation of life was forbidden.

“I need to go” he whispered.

He got off the log, and began jogging away from that place. The memory of the feeling was all that was left of the dark side. A memory he knew he would never forget.




“We will find you, and when we do, I will take your power and become the greatest lord ever.” Xai yelled at the tomb wall.

Two Ranchors were smashing at the door, trying to open it to no avail. It was a brown color, defaced by the color of the dirt piled on it before excavation. Korriban was a planet full of such places. A grave yard for the ancient Sith, long forgotten and long dead. But Xai knew that some tombs incased the power of the ancient lords, extracted before death to preserve their dark energies. But for the most part the energy escaped, and that is why Korriban was as dark as it was, why it emitted the dark side of the force. But in this tomb the energy he felt was so concentrated he knew it had to be there, the power of the old lord.

Xai was using the force to use the Ranchors to do his will, a most enjoyable task. A few squads of stormtroppers waited behind him, in case something was lurking in the tomb. With every smash of the giant Ranchor’s claw, Xai felt a dark ripple through the force. To his surprise none of the other Dark Jedi with him apparently felt it.

“We will be there soon my children, where I will shower in the powers of the dark side, too long forgotten.” Xai laughed.

Then one of the Ranchors finally broke through the door, and it left a small hole. Xai directed both of them to smash at the hole and then it was wide enough to walk through.

“Follow me” Xai yelled. He finally did it, the unthinkable. He found an un-touched tomb. How many more are there? He thought.

Instantly gas began flooding the entrance as they all walked in, a trap set by the original Sith, Xai used the force to create a bubble to protect him, his Dark Jedi did the same, but the stormtropper squadron passed out.

“Leave the weaklings, our moment approaches” Xai ordered.

They walked down a dim flight of stairs at the edge of the room. The ceiling was one large map of the galaxy, with Korriban at the edge. Then they reached the bottom. The ceiling came down only leaving about five feet to walk through. On the vertical part of the ceiling just above the entrance was the carved picture of a skull, and a mandalorian insignia on its forehead. Some text written in mandalorian was written below the carving, but Xai had no time to sit and study. He pressed onward.

Ahead was a small walkway, about three feet wide, and either side lead to a pit, that appeared endless to who knows where. The path went on for miles. Eventually Xai and his three followers reached a small circular platform, extended off the path. In the middle a small altar with the bodily remains of most likely one of the most ancient Sith lords.

Xai’s eye immediately caught a glance of the lightsaber in the skeleton’s hand, clutched onto it. Then he noticed that further ahead was another circle, this one with small statues surrounding the edges. On the floor was a design of brilliance, a carving of a spiral connecting all the statues. Xai walked closer, he felt the force pushing him, guiding him. He took off his cape and boots and placed them to the side, for such things would distract him from the true power he was about to be blessed with. The rock was cold to his feet, ice cold, he walked to the center of the second circle. The eyes of the statues began to light up a yellow light, and then the spiral lit. He was carried into the air by some power, and suddenly from each statue a orange beam hit him and he began to chant the Sith Code.

“Yes! The power I feel it!” Xai cried out, but then suddenly his cries turned to terrifying screams. He then was dropped and hit the spiral. His face badly cut, on the right side.

“You have no idea…” he coughed, much dust had gotten into his breath from the fall.

“We must go, now, now!” he cried to the other dark jedi.

They ran for the stairs, but as they reached the entrance a door shut. Xai looked back terrified, for a ghost was standing there.

It was wearing a dark cloak covering all of its body, except its mouth.

“You dare intrude on my temple. The place of my death, the place of my re-birth, yes you alone have sealed the fate for this side of the galaxy. For some secrets are best left secrets, yet you pry.” The ghost said.

Xai took out his light saber and the red ignited through the dark tomb.

“We have no need for them,” the ghost pointed toward Xai’s students, “they must die.”

Suddenly they all turned to bone, dropping down. Then the ghost drew his own saber. A red blade, with and orange outline, never before had Xai seen such excellent craftsmanship.

“You are a disgrace to the name Sith, Darth Xai, you think you know the power of the Dark Side of the Force? You know nothing, nothing at all.” The ghost was disgusted.

“We will see who knows nothing” Xai yelled back.

“I have no time for petty duels” the ghost then put his hand forward. Releasing a tidal wave of dark energy, he froze Xai in his place.

He then ran up and pierced Xai directly in his side, then released him. Xai fell over, he was dead.

“Now rise my new child” the ghost put his hand over the body and pulled up.

“Darth Xai you are now my apprentice, and you will start by doing directly as I request. You were a fool to try and meditate in my meditation ring for now I have complete control over you. You will do as I say now starting with your pathetic forces. It is time you helped me, your time is over my friend as it was ten years ago.”





I'll post chapter two tommorow. I have about 35 pages of content on MS Word, so far four chapters. Maybe if you guys like it Ill add more to it. PLEASE  :lol: leave comments! I really appreciate it, and i can take constuctive critisism. (blah spelling)

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Here's chapter two of my story. Dont forget to please leave comments. Thanks a ton,





“We have called this meeting because a very disturbing ripple has passed through the force” Master Daryl said very solemn as he always talked.

“Yes, Master Daryl is correct. Many of you may have felt it also. We fear that the Remnant has finally uncovered some ancient sith artifacts on Korriban. A strong power has been released from a long sleep. As of now we don’t know if this power is of the Remnant or of something else.”

“But Master Skywalker, I thought Korriban has been whipped clean of all sith artifacts.”

“As did we, Don. But it is apparent that the Remnant has uncovered some sort of old power, because of the strong surge that went through the force.” Master Skywalker looked over toward Daryl.

“Because of this disturbance I have volunteered to go to Korriban and find out what the Remnant has found. I must go alone, for the more people that go with me the less chance that I will return.” Daryl looked around at the students to check their reactions.

“But Master, what will I do while you are gone? I just finished my final task as a padawan.” Ventris asked somewhat upset.

“Don’t worry Ventris, you will become a full Jedi Guardian as soon as I return, I do not expect this trip to last over a month.” Daryl felt the anger in Ventris, he knew how much Ventris was looking forward to tomorrow.

“Me and Master Daryl both understand that the ceremony was to be tomorrow but we cannot let this sudden event be left alone.” Luke was trying his best to comfort Ventris.

“Cant you perform the ceremony Master Skywalker? A month is such a long time. I am eager to finish my training so I can return to Coruscant and find other Jedi for the order.” Ventris yelled out.

“Do not be so quick to anger; it leads to the dark side. If I do not return by next month then Master Skywalker will perform the ceremony. But I will return, I promise. I have no intention to stay on that dark world.”

“With that, this meeting is over. Master Daryl and I need to talk about what must be done. Save your questions for after our talk.” Luke then shifted over to look at Master Daryl.

The students slowly left the room, and Luke could sense unrest in all them.

“They are restless,” Luke commented, “I worry that this isn’t a Remnant trick Daryl, I fear they may have uncovered some old sith technology, or worse”

“I am not sure either Luke, I feel dark times ahead. We don’t need this kind of bad energy in the force. We just reestablished the jedi order, and these students are very vulnerable to the dark side. While I’m gone, you must help them understand why they need to stay away from the dark side. Maybe you should show them some of the old Sith temples.” Daryl looked for Lukes reaction.

“Maybe, I don’t know if they need to be exposed to that quite yet. Perhaps Ventris and Don could, because they are the only students near completion of their training.”

“Very well, I will take one of the imperial shuttles to Korriban, they have tight security, though it is focused only on one side of the planet. I will land on the other side and find my way to the Imperial base.” Daryl was very nervous, but he knew he was the best choice for the mission.

“May the force be with you Daryl.” Luke tried to smile, but he too was nervous at the sudden events.

“You to Luke, you to.” Daryl got up and exited through the back, to avoid the students waiting in the main room.

Luke went to the main exit, and was expecting to be pounded with questions from the students. But to his surprise only three of them were sitting down meditating.

“Hello Master Skywalker, I need to talk to you.” Ventris said.

“Okay Ventris, head on into the main room, I’ll be there in just a few minutes” Luke then looked at the other two students, Don and Ariel.

“Are you two alright?” Luke asked, he was surprised they didn’t greet him when he walked into the meditation room.

“Master Skywalker, me and Don felt the wave you were talking about. But we fear it has somehow,” Ariel looked around the room, “affected Ventris.”

“Why is that?” Luke asked surprised.

“When he came back from the swamp, about an hour before the surge, we felt that something was missing from him. As if he returned with half the energy than what he had left with.” Ariel was nervous; she didn’t want Ventris to hear.

“I feel what you are talking about, I fear Ventris with his extra sensitivity may have picked up the surge earlier than some of us.”

“Master, be careful. I feel the dark side is shadowing many things around him.” Don got up from his meditation.

“I am sorry Ariel, but I couldn’t tell anyone until now. I used my sensitivity last night to check Ventris’es feelings and he was in deep thought about the dark side. I don’t think it had to do with the surge either, because me and him both share the power of Extra Sensitivity but I didn’t pick up the surge until the same time anyone else did.” Don whispered.

“Don you should have told me before using your power on him, it is unwise to use this power for small things. I am afraid that Ventris knows what you did. I will try my best to consul him.” Luke then walked away toward the main room.

Ventris was sitting on the floor balancing himself when Luke walked in. He then got up quickly when he notice Luke walking in.

“Sir, I um… you see me and Don are really good friends. But Master he has been trying to read my thoughts, and I don’t like it” Ventris said quietly, he was still feeling very sick from yesterday and his experience in the swamp.

“I think he tried to do it so he could help you. Him and Ariel both felt like you returned from the swamp empty Ventris. What exactly happened?” Luke felt as though Ventris was hiding something.

“Master I didn’t mean to do anything wrong. When I was in the middle of the swamp I decided to take a break, and meditate with the force,” Ventris took a breath, “while I was meditating I decided I should practice my sensitivity because I can use it much better when I am alone. So I reached out and felt the life around me. I decided to focus on a snake, when all of the sudden it sent some dark side energy to me.” Ventris lied; he knew very well he had accidentally drew the energy to himself.

“Ventris you must be very careful when you use this power, the link works both ways, and someone skilled on the other end can usually tell when you are trying to create a link. They can also send and receive through the temporary bond. For example, the way you knew Don tried to create a link between both of you. Though I don’t know how a snake was skilled enough to send power to you. Your sure it sent this power?” Luke asked, he was worried Ventris was lieing. But he didn’t want to check Ventris’es truth with the force, he was too afraid.

“Yes, the snake sent it to me” Ventris lied again, he didn’t know what else to say.

“Then it is as I thought. Before the surge Ventris, minor pulses were being sent out, though not from Korriban. It started about thirteen hours before the surge. The strange thing is, is that was midnight of yesterday. Ten years, since the fall of the empire. The pulses were coming from somewhere far beyond the outer rim. That is why Daryl went to investigate. I fear the pulses have affected many lifes within a small radius of where they originated. Not just animals, but humans and other life as well. Though it is impossible for us to pinpoint the location of these pulses for some reason, but it is apparent now that they are affecting Yavin,” Luke paused, “You see Ventris, Yavin was once part of the ancient sith empire, that is why there are temples here. The ancient sith used Yavin as a burial sight for many of its strongest lords, and since the surge originated from Korriban, which is another world of the ancient sith empire, there must be some connection.”

“So what should I do about my emptiness?” Ventris asked.

“Ventris, as for now I am not sure. When you reached out to the snake and when it sent its energy to you, what did you do with that energy?”

“I reopened the link and sent it back” Ventris said.

“I think someone else was using the snake Ventris, and they forcefully ripped more power from you than you sent back,” Luke frowned, “we aren’t alone here anymore, something has arrived on Yavin and it is connected to the surge.”




“Darth Xai, you have returned, I was about to send a whole battalion of stormtroppers. It has been a whole day! What did you find?”

“Nothing, General Bela, the power in there was just a few more Kath Hounds. Very disappointing isn’t it?” Xai frowned.

“I must agree, but I will most definitely send some archeologist inside to make sure you didn’t somehow miss something.” Bela smiled.

“Are you saying Darth Xai would miss something? You are a fool; he is the strongest of the last dark Jedi. How dare you!”

“You are more than correct my apprentice; we don’t need their kind in our ranks. Kill her.” Xai smiled evilly.

“But sir! I was the one who helped secure this world. Under my leadership our forces cleared the Hounds faster than a game of…” Bela stopped suddenly.

“No you are wrong Bela. If I am not mistaken did my master not just say he faced some Hounds inside this tomb? Then that means you did not kill all of them.” he began to reach out with the force to choke Bela.

“I… but… it… stop!” Bela then fell over, dead.

“Very good, my apprentice, she was a fool as you said. She couldn’t be trusted with what I found in here.” Xai looked over at his apprentice.

“You mean you actually did find something. What was it?”

“He found me,” the ghost walked out of the tomb doors stopping just before the shadow ended from the door, “come Darth Turcan.” The ghost forcefully made him walk over.

“Who are you?” Turcan screamed terrified.

“She is my new master, apprentice. She requires something of yours.” Xai said coldly.

“Kneel before me you coward.” The ghost used the force to make Turcan kneel.

“How are you doing this? What do you want? Xai you traitor!” Turcan yelled.

“It is a shame my apprentice you never got to feel as I do now, I am a true sith lord now. But we have no need for you. You see my apprentice the sith are guided by the rule of two. There are only two sith at a time, a master and an apprentice. She is my master now, and I am her apprentice. You have broken the rule of two my apprentice, and for this you must give her something.” Xai laughed cruelly and kicked Turcan in the side.

“What? Anything! Just please let me live!” Turcan cried.

“You are weak, as Xai was before he turned over to me. I would use you as I am using him but as he explained you are a traitor for breaking the rule of two. Your punishment will be most painful too.” The ghost laughed along with Darth Xai.

“But wait ghost, are you not forgetting? I have studied the ancient sith laws, and an apprentice and master must always battle each other so the strong survive. Let me and Darth Xai battle for your apprenticeship.” Turcan tried hard to pled for his life.

“You are an amusing fake, very well you and Xai will battle. Winner shall become my apprentice.” The ghost released Turcan.

“Xai you will die, I will not be the one who must kneel awaiting death now.” Turcan yelled.

“My apprentice, now I have the true dark side in me, something you will never have, and it will kill you.” Xai smiled.

They both ignited their red light sabers.

“May the battle begin my children.” The ghost said.

Before Xai attacked Turcan reached over toward the tomb door with his hand.

“You are both fools” he laughed as he used the force to bring down the archway of the tomb, making it crash into the ground.

He created a wall between him and Xai, he knew it would only buy him a few seconds. Quickly using the force he ran toward the base, he then entered the door into the base and looked back. He saw the ghost still standing in the shadows, and Xai was running toward him. Quickly he reached over and hit the alert button. Suddenly the door closed and the speaker system spoke.

“Alert! Alert! All guards to their stations. This is not a drill. All guards to their stations, prepare for attack. Base wide lockdown initiated.”

Turcan took a second to catch his breath. He knew his only chance was to reach a shuttle and escape Korriban. Xai wouldn’t be held back for long. Before he left he went over to an emergency console. Then he typed in his executive code, and ordered all guards on alert for Darth Xai, he wrote that Xai had gone mad.

That should work, he thought. Then he began running to the turbo lift, so he could reach the shuttle hanger.




Lyn was fast asleep in her quarters. Yesterday after the briefing her and a few other officers decided to have a party. She knew it wasn’t a good idea with all the supposed drills coming up to over drink, but she knew they were just drills.

Suddenly alarms starting ringing, Lyn began stirring and woke up.

“…a drill. All guards to their stations, prepare for attack. Base wide lockdown initiated.”

“Oh not today of all my bad luck.” Lyn got up.

She knew that with this type of alert the “attack” was happening on the planet and the fleet orbiting was to keep the planet under blockade, unless a ship had the proper codes.

“Piece of cake” Lyn smiled.

She then got out of her room and walked toward the bridge. She then noticed everyone running to their posts.

“Must be some new drill encouragement holomovie they watched, stupid propaganda those never get me motivated.” Lyn then saw U-M47 walking toward the bridge.

“Great not that droid, why cant high command actually get real officers to help out? Not stupid machines” Lyn then entered the bridge.

“Oh my! Admiral! The situation is horrible! Apparently Darth Xai himself is attacking the base, we are ordered to keep all ships from leaving unless they have executive codes! I do hate real emergencies!” U-M47 was frantic.

Must be some new drill that high command cooked up, at least its more creative, Lyn thought.

“Okay, put us directly over sector A-1, inform the Black Cloak and the Sith Avenger to orbit over A-2 and A-3 respectively.” Lyn smiled at how serious U-M47 was being.

“Yes Admiral. It is amazing how you keep your cool in emergencies.” U-M47 walked over to a smaller R-1 unit.

“R1-E7 send a small band transmission to the Black Cloak and the Sith Avenger to orbit over sector A-2 and A-3, also inform them the Naga Sadow will patrol sector A-1. Do hurry, I know your terminal skills are particularly slow but this is important!” U-M47 then walked back over to Lyn.

“Should we dispense the TIE Interceptors? In case anyone tries to flee?” U-M47 was dead serious in his monotone voice.

“That isn’t standard procedure during drill situations, it waste fuel. You need to brush up on your drill rules U-M.” Lyn was happy she outsmarted a droid.

“Admiral what are talking about? This is no drill!” U-M47 was getting real nervous.

“What? Replay speaker system emergency message!” Lyn was slightly worried at this development.

“Oh my, yes Admiral,” suddenly U-M47 started to play the recording, “Alert! Alert! All guards to their stations. This is not a drill. All guards to their stations, prepare for attack. Base wide lockdown initiated.”

“Oh my god, launch all fighters in patrol mode, and inform our sister star destroyers.” Lyn then ran over to the emergency console, standard procedure in real emergencies.

“Fighters launching Admiral” U-M47 said.

“Base Report: Many troops are somehow going crazy, they are helping Darth Xai, they are getting close…” the speaker system spoke, suddenly cut off at the sounds of blaster fire.

The emergency console then started beeping. Lyn pushed a few buttons and it started playing a message.

“All command: Many pilots on the base are launching TIE Interceptors, they are hostile, repeat they are hostile!”

“U-M47 inform all Interceptors to change their codes to NS-09 now!” Lyn yelled.

“You heard her! Now R1!” U-M47 yelled.

“Order them to attack any fighters with a separate code, even the code E-01 understood?” Lyn asked.

“Yes Admiral” U-M47 responded.

“Beep! Bep, Dwooo”

“Admiral! R1 indicates an imperial shuttle is approaching, they are transmitting the executive codes of Darth Turcan.”

“Let him pass, open a small band transmission to the emergency console.” Lyn ordered.

“Darth Turcan this is Admiral Lyn, what is the situation?” Lyn asked.

“I am falling back to the Super Star Destroyer Last Hand, if those damn sith blow up any of your fleet retreat there immediately!” Turcan cursed.

“Yes master.” Lyn turned off the channel.

“U-M47 use our turbolasers and bombard all of our bases on Korriban.” Lyn ordered.

“But Admiral! We have many stormtroopers and officers down there, what about all our people?” U-M47 asked.

“It’s too late for them. Do it now, and inform the other Star Destroyers to help.” Lyn cried.

“Yes Admiral” U-M47 gestured for R1-E7 to send the message.

“I hope that can stop most of them” Lyn prayed.




Darth Xai was running through the halls with his light saber, slaying any troops he saw. Anyone he saw, for that matter. His master, was now with him, inside the base. She was using her power to resurrect the troops and make them fight the imperials. Xai wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but he didn’t mind being her pawn. He wasn’t sure what was coming over him, but it was a feeling he never felt before. He barely had control over his actions, he didn’t know if he had any. But he didn’t care, he just wanted to be controlled.

“Good my child,” he heard her voice in his head, “keep moving, we will take this base.”




She stood at one of training rooms. Other Dark Jedi were there looking at her, unsure what she was. She felt sick, because so many fake sith existed, they had no clue what the real power of the dark side was.

She also knew she didn’t have much time, she needed to find a body and fast. She couldn’t live much longer in her ghostly form. Besides she knew with her awakening she sent a surge of energy through the force, that maybe perhaps he felt it. She couldn’t remember what his name was, but she knew he was on his way from the unknown. She had to move quickly for he could kill her easily in this form.

“What is that?” one of the Dark Jedi asked.

“It’s a ghost of one of the ancient lords, Xai must have uncovered it” another answered.

“You are wise,” the ghost said, “she is right, I am a sith lord. You must all swear allegiance to me now, or like your teacher I will make you.”

“Our teacher? Wait, you’re the one who made Darth Xai go crazy. She is trying to do the same thing to us! We must stop her!”

“You have much power child, your body is fit, and it will be perfect for me.” the ghost smiled.

“What are you talking about? Attack!”

All of the Dark Jedi drew their light sabers, and began running toward the ghost. They had no clue how to attack it, but they had to try.

“Fools” the ghost reached out and froze all of them in their steps, except for the one she eyed.

“I am glad to see there is a female among you. I wasn’t going to be happy taking the body of that coward Turcan, and now I’m not so mad he fled. You see, you have as much power in you child as he does. It is a shame you won’t have the time to train.” The ghost force the girl to stand still.

Then the ghost began chanting, in mandalorian. The language of a race long forgotten to the galaxy, all of them dead, including the last of their kind Boba Fett.

Suddenly a ray of energy shot toward the girl Dark Jedi, and she fell over. The ghost was gone, she was inside the body of the girl Dark Jedi now.

“Yes, it is nice to feel again” she rose up.

The other Dark Jedi were still frozen, and had no clue as to what was going on.

“Now I require energy” she reached her hand up, and from it an orange ray went to each of the other Dark Jedi.

They all fell over, not dead, but not alive, in a state of nothingness.

“Thank you class.” She laughed at the foolishness of all of them.

Then she reached out to Darth Xai, “I am in human form once again my apprentice, I will soon join you in battle.”

Then she felt a disturbance in the force, the ships in orbit were about to fire at the planet. She sat down and began chanting in Mandalorian again, she was using the force to stop them, and she knew just what to do.




“The fleet is in position, Admiral” U-M47 said.

“Very good, begin bombardment” Lyn looked out the window onto Korriban, part of her wouldn’t mind whipping out the surface of the planet. It has been bothering her ever since she arrived.

Then she looked at the Sith Avenger, something wasn’t right.

“Oh my! Admiral! The Sith Avenger has lost all systems, there reactor is going critical!” U-M47 stated.

“How? What could of? Great… come one U-M and bring that R1 with you.” Lyn began running out of the bridge.

“What? Oh yes Admiral, hurry R1-E7!” U-M47 ran with Lyn.

Lyn was running as fast as she could to the hanger, she had a bad feeling Xai was somehow causing the problems on the Sith Avenger, and the Nago Sadow would be next.

“Wait Admiral, are we retreating?” U-M47 asked.

“Of course! Look there is no time for chatting!” Lyn kept running.

“R1-E7 it is a good thing you pre-positioned the ship for light speed, hurry go to that terminal and enter us into hyperspace,” U-M47 looked at R1, “Now!”

R1-E7 rolled over to the terminal and extended its connector. He twisted it around a little bit, and then un-hooked itself.

“You are a splendid droid!” U-M47 cheered.




Lyn had made it to the turbo lift when she looked out the side window; the Sith Avenger was beginning to explode. She noticed neither U-M47 nor R1-E7 were following her, but she had to leave now. But then she noticed that the stars were beginning to blur and that they were in hyper space.

“Yes! U-M47 you did it!” Lyn yelled she knew now they were safe from the dangers of Korriban.

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Sorry it's taken so long to post any feedback. I've been a bit snowed over with University work recently and have had no desire to read anything beyond course texts, but I've taken the time to read through the first chapter and prologue.


The prologue I found a little disrupting, I think it's the perspective of the narrator and using the past in a pre-determining way. It's a pity because reading Chapter One the narrative style changes and you really find your niche. Of all the pieces here this I found one of the best style wise. In terms of story I felt it moved slowly, but that isn't a bad thing consideriong it's part of a larger piece and is setting up character and surroundings. Sometimes I felt you could have explained things in a greater detail, but one of the flaws some writers have is to explain unecessary points they would believe of interest, so choose points to expand upon carefully. Usually an extra line here and there will suffice.


I enjoyed what I've read so far and will get to reading the rest in time. It's good. One of the best I've seen on this site so far. Then again it might just be I'm sick of reading 18 century stuff and this is a welcome break. Either way, what I've read I found well written and entertaining.

"And the moral of the story is: Appreciate what you've got, because basically; I'm fantastic." ~ Holly, Red Dwarf



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hey thats great, i am thinking of doing a story myself set durring the clone wars, but i am still thinking about the plot

Evacuate, in our moment of triumph. I think you overestimate their chances. :)


Please can you post a comment on My clone story, in fan fiction. :)






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I think I have two more chapters I can post here tonight. I haven't had much time to work on fan fiction at all. But seeing as some of you guys actually like it I feel re-inspired  ;D Thanks by the way! I'll post some more tonight hopefully.


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Can you please repost the first parts, as there are weird symbols that mess it up. It happened to all of the stories from the old forum. I guess the box that they were in got thrown around a bit in the moving van, and no one noticed the "Fragile" sticker.

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Okay I fixed up the two first chapters. I ended my story with chapter four, though the story itself didnt finish, I quit working on it. Seeing as there are many plot holes with Star Wars history and so on and so forth. But here are the last two chapters in my story. Hope you enjoy!






This world was unlike any that Ventris had ever been to. It was cold like Yavin, and it had many buildings like Coruscant, but the buildings were in the distance, and he was in some kind of forest. He couldn’t make out how far the city of skyscrapers was from his location, but he estimated it was a good walk away, taking at least a couple days to get there.

No one else was around him, he couldn’t even feel any life. Ventris decided to begin walking toward the city.

“Wait young one.” Someone said in a low voice.

“Who is that?” Ventris asked, he looked around for the source of the sound.

“It is I, Darth Konkeia, I have had my eye on you Ventris for some time now. You are from a long line of powerful sith. Did you know that young one? Or did your master, Daryl intend to keep this from you, your whole life?”

He spotted who spoke to him, she was in the distance. She had blue eyes, and had a dark shroud about her.

“What are you talking about? I have no sith in my bloodline!” Ventris cried out.

“You are mistaken young one, soon we will meet each other, and I will instruct you in the ways of the sith.” She then grinned.

“What do you mean when we meet? Are we not already here together?” Ventris asked.

“You have no idea of the powers you posses, do you? I am a Sith Lord, I am the apprentice of your father. He is more powerful than me, young one. But he never thought of me approaching you in your dreams.”

“How are you doing this? What do you want?” Ventris wasn’t sure what was going on.

“Your father is a strong Sith Lord, but he is very weak now. He left you on Yavin when you were young, and that is when the Jedi Sentinel Daryl found you, and then he raised you as one of his own. Now you are of age, and Master Daryl no longer needs to take care of you.”

“What do you mean weak? Is he hurt?” Ventris was very curious; he didn’t know anything of his father or mother.

“He is deeply wounded, not physically but in the force. Another sith who wanted to take his place used a vile force power, which has left your father wounded for life. The only thing that keeps him living is the power of the dark side.” Konkeia awaited Ventris’es reaction.

“Wait, you said Master Daryl knew I had sith blood?”  Ventris asked.

“Yes, when he found you, you were surrounded by the dark side. Master Daryl used the force to try and take you out of the dark side, and with it he severed your connection with the force. I intend to heal your connection so you can take your fathers place and rule the sith.”

“I would never join the Sith” Ventris yelled.

“We will see about that, young one. But if you hope to save your father, then you must travel to Korriban, where he will be at in a few days. If you are not sith then perhaps you wish to convert your father to the light side? If so your chance is at hand, young one.” Konkeia tried to conceal her emotions.

“You’re here on Yavin! Master Skywalker warned me about you, he said you’re corrupting the life here. I will find you and kill you.” Ventris smiled at the thought.

“Don’t you see, you want to kill, it is in your blood. If I am on Yavin, then perhaps you will find me. But do not forget your father needs you Ventris, if you try to hunt me down he will die.” Konkeia grinned once more.

“You see the sith that wants your father dead, is on Korriban now, find her and destroy her to save your father.”




“Did you feel that?” he asked looking into the eyes of his disciple, “a surge in the force.”

“Yes my master, I felt it too, what is it?”

“My apprentice has awakened. She is on Korriban.”

“But master Durant, your apprentice was killed at the hands of the jedi…”

“You are not wise my disciple. I preserved her on Korriban, where she would come back alive as soon as someone opened the temple. Crystal wants my power, just as Darth Konkeia did.” Durant said.

“We have been in hiding in this area of space for many months my lord, do you intend to bring us out of hiding?”

“No disciple, I will travel to Korriban and take care of Crystal, I sense she has a new apprentice I shall take care of him as well. The rule of two has been broken. I didn’t want Crystal to be awakened until the spirit that possessed her was gone, but it is apparent that someone else opened the tomb too early, and now she is still…” he paused, “never mind that, prepare three warships and fighters. I will travel to Korriban.”

“Darth Durant, if I may she, I mean the spirit almost killed you once. They left you injured for life master, if you face her again she might win this time.”

“I have grown in power disciple; she will not be as lucky this time. This time the true Sith Lord will win.”




Master Daryl had been in hyperspace for a few hours, on his trip to Korriban. He sat in the shuttle meditating the whole time, to keep himself in tune with the force. It was the wise thing to do, so he wouldn’t let anyone catch him off guard when he arrived.

“Another surge in the force” he whispered.

“Master Daryl, we are approaching Korriban”

“Very good YT-7, remember land us on the far side, and when I get off you are to stay there. By the way can you open a long range communiqué to Master Skywalker?” Daryl asked.

“Yes sir” YT-7 said.

The hologram pad flickered and Luke came on.

“Master Daryl, have you arrived at Korriban?” Luke asked.

“No, I am almost there, but did you feel that surge?” Daryl said.

“I’m afraid I did, I worry what is creating these, and this second one is a bit stronger than the first, considering I felt it all the way here on Coruscant.” Luke added.

“Wait, Coruscant?” Daryl asked confused.

“Yeah, you see the New Republic needs to talk to me about something, don’t worry I left Ventris and Don under control, everything should be fine.” Luke answered.

“I will hurry along my investigation, because of that Skywalker, Daryl out.”

Suddenly the shuttle jumped out of hyperspace, and Korriban was in the window.

“We have arrived” YT-7 informed him.

“There is only one Star Destroyer on the other side, not too defended as I thought.” Daryl remarked.

The shuttle pulled down toward the barren surface of the planet, much of the surface empty.

“There’s a good spot, take us down over there.” Daryl requested.

The shuttle came to a small flat spot of land, and the landing strip came down. Daryl walked out and began to scout the area. He noticed that the shuttle was surrounded by small hilly walls on all sides. Must be some kind of Valley, Daryl thought.

“If it isn’t Master Daryl…”

“I would recognize that voice anywhere. Reveal yourself.” Daryl commanded.

“I am here, my master”

“I’m not your master any longer Darth Xai, you betrayed our order long ago” Daryl looked around for him.

“You think I don’t know that? I commend the fact you have returned to settle our unclosed business.”

Xai ignited his light saber, and when Daryl saw the red light he quickly spotted Xai.

“What have you done Xai? I have felt the surges you have been creating.” Daryl then ignited his green saber slowly walking toward Xai.

“Oh I haven’t done anything, you must have felt my master, she is the one creating those waves.”

“Master? And all along I thought you just made yourself a Sith, I never knew anyone trained you.”

“Your wrong again, she is my new master. I just found her.”

“I have no clue what your talking about, Xai” Daryl said.

“Perhaps you will understand this way” Xai ran over to Daryl.

Quickly he jabbed his red saber at Daryl but missed. Daryl then countered back with his saber. The sound of two sabers locked echoed in the valley where they battled.

“My master has great interest in you, Daryl. She tells me your bait. I am only to put you in deep pain, not kill you. You should consider yourself lucky.”

Daryl quickly moved his saber out of the lock, and tried to swing for Xai’s legs, he missed and Xai managed a slide near his chest.

“ahhh!” Daryl cried out.

“That’s it, scream through the force, call your student here.” Xai laughed.

“Wait,” Daryl spoke with his hand holding his chest, “you mean Ventris don’t you? You mean your master is…”

“Don’t say it!” Xai slashed at his back.

Daryl tried to resist yelling.

“You have no idea, what power I have now. You soon will.” Xai reached out to the force and pushed a wave of dark energy at Daryl. It hit him, and soon he smacked into a pointed rock, his head stabbed violently.

“Oh no, it is a shame to see a Jedi Master hurt so badly.” Xai laughed again.

Daryl managed to use the force to help him get up and he took another lunge for Xai.

“Master Daryl, you disappoint me. I have waited for this and yet you’re so easy.” Xai said.

“Now hush my master approaches.” Xai yelled.

“Very good, my apprentice. He is severely weakened. But now he is mine.”

“Crystal I should have known you were behind this.” Daryl managed to say.

“Crystal? I know no Crystal. Wait that is my name isn’t it? It has been so long, so long in deed. Funny how someone still remembers.”

Crystal than began chanting Mandalorian once more, and she opened a link between her and Master Daryl.

“Get out of my mind you witch!” Daryl screamed.

“All she needs to do is empty your mind of your present self, and create a new identity as she did me.” Xai explained.

“You mean your not… ahhh!” Daryl cried out as he fell over.

Crystal got up from her chanting, and turned to Xai.

“He is complete, his last cries should summon the son of my master to this place, where we can kill him and my master all in one foul swoop.”




Ventris was pacing around his room, thinking of what to do. He knew he was forbidden to leave Yavin, but he had to find his father. Then again, this Darth Konkeia was on Yavin, and she could kill all of the Jedi here.

Quickly he recorded a hologram for Don, and then left his room.

It is for the better, Ventris thought.

He walked towards the hanger, trying not to draw attention. He placed the hologram in Don’s room along the way.

After a few minutes, he reached the hanger. He saw a few X-Wings and A-Wings. He wasn’t sure which one to take, but he knew more about X-Wings so he climbed into one. Very quickly he powered up the systems and began to take off. The X-Wing hovered out of the hanger door and into space.




“Ariel did you feel that?” Don asked.

“Ventris has left Yavin!” Ariel answered.

They both ran for Master Skywalkers quarters. Then remembered he had to leave for a meeting on Coruscant.

“What are we going to do Don?”

“Come to my quarters, we should pack and then follow him.”

“I suppose, perhaps you should go and I stay here?” Ariel asked.

“Good idea, that way…” As Don entered his room, the hologram began to play.

“Hello Don, you have probably already felt me leave the planet. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you my plan but I knew you wouldn’t have let me leave if I told you. I have found out that my real father is going to be on Korriban soon, and I must meet him. I know this sounds very awkward, but I just know. But there is another thing, the Sith that Master Skywalker told us was on Yavin, her name is Darth Konkeia, I have felt her, she is near the temples. You and Ariel should go and make sure she is dealt with, or else I fear she will destroy many Jedi. Don don’t forget that because Skywalker is gone, as am I, you’re the only real Jedi left so you have to keep the enclave guarded. Please be careful.” The hologram then cut off.

“Is he crazy? He expects us to just hunt this sith down while he travels to Korriban?” Ariel asked.

“Wait… Daryl, did you feel that?” Don asked.

“Daryl is in trouble! We have to do something!” Ariel yelled.

“We should contact Master Skywalker, we are way over our heads.” Don said.

“We don’t have time Don! Look you go to Daryl, and I will take care of Darth Konkeia. You know Ventris cant handle whatever is on Korriban alone. Hurry!” Ariel said.

“Okay, but be careful. I’ll take one of the X-Wings, you better start heading toward the temples, if you need help ask the other students.” Don said.

“Don’t worry I’m not that dumb”




Ariel had been heading toward the temples ever since Don had left. She didn’t ask the other students for help because she figured they needed to guard the enclave. She could feel the presence of something in the forest, but she wasn’t sure what it was.

“Help!” someone shouted suddenly.

Ariel looked around, someone was yelling for help. She cleared her mind, and found the person.

“Help me!”

Ariel rushed toward the sound as fast as she could. She then saw a lady in trouble. She had fallen into a pit of a few Kath Hounds.

“Hold on, I’m coming down”

Ariel jumped into the pit, and ignited her blue light saber. The glow lit the cave, and she could see three Kath Hounds.

“You’re one of the Jedi!” the person yelled.

“Yes, hold on” Ariel said.

Quickly she attacked each Kath Hound, and managed to kill all of them.

“You’re better than I expected”

“Wait, who are you?”

“I’m just a forgotten sith. I have no name”

“Wait, your Darth Konkeia, I should have known, I should have felt the dark side,” Ariel paused, “wait, why aren’t you attacking?”

“I ran away from my master, and crashed here. I am not a sith anymore. I am a nobody. When I landed, I was very depressed, and I took over the wildlife here. But I decided that wasn’t any better than what I was taught as a sith, so I stopped, that’s when these Kath Hounds started attacking me.”

“So your not a Sith anymore? Why would you decide to come here to Yavin?” Ariel asked confused.

“It is an ancient burial site for my people, and ever since Korriban was taken over by, well I suppose I shouldn’t discuss such things. Now that I think more about what I have done it makes me even angrier. I need to die.”

Ariel wasn’t sure what to do, she just sat and watched what the old sith was about to do. The chilling air in the cave made her very uneasy, and she wasn’t exactly sure if this wasn’t a trap.

“I cannot let you kill yourself, what have you done that is so wrong?” Ariel stepped in front of the sith before she left.

“I have betrayed my people, more than any has in recorded history,” she looked at Ariel, “and I suppose I have doomed this entire galaxy.”

“I still don’t understand what you mean.” Ariel said.

“Fine I shall tell you, but after I do you must promise to kill me.” she said solemnly.

“A Jedi does not make such promises, it is not our way to kill somebody upon request.”

“Then I must go. Ariel.” The sith said as she started to walk deeper into the cave.

“How did you…? Wait! What are you doing?” Ariel ran after her.

She had lost sight of the sith as she ran deeper into the cave. Darkness surrounded her, and she could only see the light of the hole she came into the cave from.

Oh well, Ariel thought. What am I supposed to do now?

“Do you give up so easily?” It was the sith talking. Ariel looked around trying to find her.

Ariel stood still and didn’t say anything, worried about what kind of a reaction she would get from the sith.

“You are much like the other Jedi students, Ariel. Tricked easily by the words of strangers.”

“Who are you?” Ariel asked, she knew she wasn’t going to get an answer.

“I have been sent to assassinate you, Ariel. You must understand this is only business” she then reveled herself from out of the shadows.

“You mean all that stuff you said…”

“It didn’t mean any of it, you naïve Jedi,” she then took a second to laugh at what she saw, “you are not as hard to kill as I expected.”

“Who are you?” Ariel raised her voice this time trying to get an answer.

“I am a bounty hunter and a smuggler. My name is Viridia, and don’t be fouled by it, I am one of the most feared hunters of this day.”

“As is everyone else, or so they say.” Ariel said, trying to buy time reaching down for her light saber.

“You are a smart one aren’t you? I can see why the Empire doesn’t want you around, and after you, there is quite the list.” Viridia laughed trying to frighten Ariel.

“So then why are all of the animals possessed?” Ariel questioned.

“Well Jedi, even though im not the Sith, there is one here. In fact I should thank her for help in this trap.” Viridia said, continuing to laugh.

Quickly Ariel reached for her light saber and ignited it, filling the cavern with a blue light.

“Jedi, always quick to the fight,” Viridia took out her weapon, “despite the fact they are defenders of peace.”

“Give up Viridia, your hunting ends here.”

“No Jedi, your life ends now.”

Viridia then pointed the weapon toward Ariel, and Ariel took aim ready to deflect the shot.

“You think your elegant weapon will stop this? You are quite wrong.”

Suddenly the weapon went off, and sprung toward Ariel. Ariel moved her saber and hit the bolt, but instead of deflected it her sword absorbed it.

“Fool.” Viridia smiled.

Then the handle of Ariel’s saber began to overload as she dropped it, then it exploded.

“You think I would hunt Jedi unprepared? You are very mistaken.”

Then Viridia, reached with her other hand and grabbed a blaster. Then with three shots, she killed Ariel.




Ventris felt it, Master Daryl was in trouble. Frantically he pushed sensor buttons on his X-Wing, trying to locate Master Daryl’s shuttle craft. Then he found it, on the far side of Korriban. Then his Nav Computer started beeping, and he had finally reached his destination, Korriban.

He slowly lowered the fighter toward Daryl’s signal and then saw the Imperial Shuttle parked. He looked closer and saw Daryl sitting near it meditating.

So now my father and master are in trouble, just great, Ventris thought.

His X-Wing then came to a stop near the shuttle, and Ventris opened the top of the fighter.

As he jumped to the ground he took a second to look around. The ground was cracked everywhere, and in the distance he saw many grey mountains. Many looked like dormant Volcanoes.

“Master? Are you okay? I felt your pain through the force.” Ventris said as he walked over to Daryl.

“You have failed the order, Ventris. Why did you leave the enclave?” Daryl asked, still meditating.

“I had to, I felt your pain, and I had a vision about my real father,” Ventris waited to see Daryl’s reaction, “the one you didn’t tell me about!”

“I couldn’t tell you Ventris, you know that. Now that you know it has driven you here, away from the enclave, and now you left it exposed to attack. Master Luke and I had a reason we left you and Don there. You were the senior Jedi of our order. Yet you decide that now you know your father is coming you want to come here, despite our orders!” Daryl yelled, finally getting up.

“Don is perfectly fine at the enclave himself. He will guard it from attack, Daryl who would want to attack the academy? It isn’t like the empire hasn’t been driven to the outer rim. Speaking of orders, why aren’t you following yours master? Why aren’t you finding out what is going on here?” Ventris took a second to think about what he was saying.

He didn’t know why, but he felt as though the dark side was clouding his judgment. It must be this planet.

“Your right Ventris, this place is strong in the dark side. You mean to tell me you have never read about Korriban, ancient resting place of the sith. Oh, I know what is going on here on Korriban, Ventris, and you’re a little too late to save me!” Daryl yelled out at him.

“What are you talking about? Your making no sense what so ever.” Ventris said.

“You also are too early. Your father isn’t even here yet, boy! He never will be, don’t you get it? Your vision lied to you! Your father has been dead ever since you were delivered to me, and even before. He left you! Don’t you get it, Ventris? The dark side just wants to bring you here! So it can turn you into what your father was! Now go! Fast! Before the Sith Lord attacks you as she did me!” Daryl pushed Ventris to the ground toward the X-Wing with the force.

“Wait one minute, you said I was too early, for what? Why would you say that if my father is dead?” Ventris walked back to him.

“You ignorant fool! He is! What is left of your father is coming, okay? Happy now? Happy that you know your father is one of the most twisted Sith Lords? As are you!” Daryl then backed away from Ventris.

“And now that you know that! I’m afraid I’m going to have to kill you Ventris! That is why I never told you, because now that you know you will most definitely turn to the dark side!” Daryl was starting to get very furious, and Ventris wasn’t sure what to do.

“You are not a Jedi master! You are one of them, Daryl! You have fallen, and who knows for how long. I’m just glad I am the one who found you, so I can settle this.” Ventris said.

The two of them ignited their light sabers. The mixture of blue and green surrounded the grayish-brownish walls of the valley. Slowly they each walked around, avoiding contact with the others sword. Then Daryl ran toward Ventris, and they began to fight. Each other was locked into a rage of battle, as the dark side of Korriban feed the anger in both of them.




The last Super Star Destroyer left since the battle of Endor, the Last Hand. This ship was meant to be the last command vessel ever built of the Super-class, not because the empire was about to fall, but because it was about to destroy all of the Rebellion. But now the name had a new meaning, what was supposed to be the last because none were needed, was now the last that could ever be made. The sword like ship was never finished, and although most of it was done, near the tip of the sword shaped ship, some of the superstructure was exposed.

At it’s side was the Naga Sadow, the once proud flagship of Darth Xai, now was being commanded by Admiral Lyn, because of the recent Korriban incident. As of now, Admiral Lyn, Darth Turcan, and Vice Admiral Tyun were discussing what needed to be done, to regain control of Korrban.

Admiral Lyn enjoyed the Last Hand, not because of its size, but because it echoed the old empire. It still was full to capacity with imperials, a luxury her ship has long forgotten. She sat in the briefing room awaiting the plan of attack to begin for the re-capture of Korriban. The extended size room, especially designed for the Super class, could sit well over sixty, and to Lyn’s enjoyment it was full. Beside her was a stormtrooper general, and to her left was Darth Turcan. She never enjoyed being in the presence of any Sith, but Turcan seemed to not be so wrapped up in the stupid rituals, and Lyn liked that.

“Quiet down, this session will now commence.”

It was Vice Admiral Tyun, the leader of the Last Hand. Despite his rank, he was quite able to command such a big ship very effectively. Tyun wasn’t human, but rather he was a Sullistan. Everyone knew aliens weren’t permitted such ranks when the emperor was in power, but ever since his death, many aliens were able to rise to the top.

“Korriban is under tight control as of now. We have reason to believe that Darth Xai is using some sort of Sith technology to make people listen to his will. That is why he was able to turn many of our own troops against us at the last battle. To prevent this from happening again, we will not send troops to the ground until Dath Xai and whatever or whoever for that matter, is helping him is destroyed. Darth Turcan will lead a small team of dark Jedi to accomplish this. Our starships that will lead this attack are the Naga Sadow, and the Last Hand. They will be protected from Darth Xai’s weapon with this,” a small hologram appeared on the projector, “it is a creature called a Ysalamari, it, as many of you may know, has the ability to block out the force, within a small radius. Three of such creatures will be on both ships, they will make sure our critical parts are protected from attacks that use the force. When we arrive, Darth Turcan will take a shuttle to the surface, and the Naga Sadow will deploy all of it’s TIE Interceptors. The Last Hand also has a newer TIE model, the TIE Defender, which should be able to help the attack. We have reason to believe that the Black Cloak has been taken over by Darth Xai, we will first focus to destroy it. Then once Xai is killed, we will land our ground forces and secure the base. Does anyone have questions?”

“No? Very well, we will be launching the attack in six hours. Get as much sleep as possible. Dismissed.” Tyun said, himself leaving the room.

“This isn’t going to be easy” Lyn mumbled.

“Your right Admiral, I fear I wont survive another encounter with my master as well.” Turcan said.

The room soon emptied out, and everyone began preparations for the attack that would soon begin.




Don checked his Nav computer readings.

Half way there, he thought nervously.

Don then began to open a comlink to Coruscant. He knew he needed to contact Master Skywalker to inform of what was going on. He couldn’t leave his master is the dark, not now. He knew that something big was about to happen, and it was centered at Korriban.




“Lord Durant?”

“What is it now, disciple?” Durant asked impatiently.

“We are nearing Korriban, sir. We only detect one Imperial class Star Destroyer, the Black Cloak.”

“Good, then Korriban will be easier to take than I originally anticipated. Prepare our TIE fighters, disciple. Soon the galaxy will feel the wraith of the true Sith Lord.” Durant smiled.

“Sir, I understand you are the only known true Sith still alive, from the Sith Empire, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to call this Sith Empire and get their help?” the disciple asked.

“Do not ever mention the true Sith Empire again, disciple. Although I may be the last true Sith Lord, we will never speak of my people again. Am I clear?”

“Yes, master”

The fleet of three ships sailed through hyperspace to Korriban. Their crew eager to show the empire, their real Sith lord. The only real Sith left alive, little did they know there is another…


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FINAL CHAPTER (Last Chapter I worked on)-




Hyperspace, a technological marvel unlike anything else constructed. Something taken for granted now days, the ability to travel light years in mere hours. Viridia especially loved the way hyperspace warped the look of space itself, creating a blue tunnel that a ship travels through until it reaches its destination, and then when it shuts down, the blue tunnel ends, revealing the all too familiar black backdrop and the stars that accompany it. Yes, Viridia thought, this is hyperspace.

Viridia preferred to travel in older ships, and to anyone who saw her ship at first would believe it. She bought it from an old crime lord, who had it sitting in a cargo freighter for years, until she came along. She wasn’t exactly sure what the ship was but she could tell it was certainly old. It was a dull brownish color, most likely from the damage of space travel. She had to upgrade many of its systems just so she could enter hyperspace, or sub light travel for that matter. But she was certain of one thing about the ship surrounding her, it wasn’t imperial… and it wasn’t a republic vessel either. It was some type of Mandalorian ship. She knew because the readouts on the ships displays were written in the old language, and lucky enough for her she was able to upgrade the panels to display basic.

Finally her navigation computer began to beep its normal tune when it was close to reaching its target destination. Already? I was just beginning to enjoy the ride.

She began to pull the hyper drive lever back, ending her marvelous travel through the never ending tunnel, and enclosing her back into the prison of space.

In the distance she saw what she came for, the imperial star destroyer, Star Chaser. It didn’t look any more special than a regular imperial cruiser, except that it was missing one of the bridge deflector shield generators on it. Making it stand out from a distance. The giant generator was most likely a causality of the battle at Endor.

Then her communication relay started to pick up a transmission, “Unidentified vessel, you are not broadcasting your ship ID please do so immediately or prepare to be boarded,” an imperial officer spoke.

“Star Chaser, this is Viridia Simens I request clearance to dock with your vessel. I’m sending proper codes now.” Viridia responded to the somewhat agitated imperial.

Then she reached over to her relay and was punching in the sequence needed to broadcast her ship ID codes. The display wasn’t really helpful, it was cracked in the center making much of the text unreadable.

“Clearance granted, please power down for tractor beam activation.”

“Yes sir” Viridia said.

Then leaning over to her left, she flicked a few switches and the displays and lights in her ship began to dim. The ship then started rocking slightly due to the tug of the beam on its fragile hull. Nothing compares to being pulled in by one of those monsters, she thought.

Finally her ship had safely landed inside the underbelly of the destroyer, and Viridia left through a side exit in her ship. She was greeted by a small squad of stormtroppers who most likely had nothing better to do. She then noticed the leader of this ship, Admiral Cole, waiting for her.

“Viridia, I trust you haven’t returned empty handed?” Cole asked with a smile walking toward her.

“What kind of bounty hunter do you think I am, Admiral? Killing is what I live for, but killing Jedi…” she paused to check his reaction, “is what I get paid for.”

Cole smiled a little bigger at that, “You never cease to amaze me Viridia, do tell me which one, Don, Ventris, or Ariel?”

“The girl, Ariel and I must tell you she wasn’t much to deal with. Quite a disappointment if you ask me and that is why Admiral I regret to tell you my normal fee has doubled. You see I don’t like hunting down individuals that are not even willing to put up a descent fight.” Viridia pointed out.

“What do you think the Empire is, made of money?” Cole asked.

“I think so if your going to send me out on a job, that your little stormtroppers over there would have fulfilled easily”

“Okay, you will get double. But I was hoping you killed either of the other two first. They are the ones that I really want dead.” Cole said coldly.

“Well I’m sorry Admiral,” Viridia smirked, “but if they were there like your intelligence said then were, maybe you would have had all three. But of course now days imperial intel, isn’t worth well, to be honest Admiral, it isn’t worth two pints of spice.”

“It isn’t that bad.” Cole reassured her.

“Oh, and do you buy on the black market, Admiral? Who is the bounty hunter here?” Viridia asked.

“Fine I get your point. Follow me, while we chat I will get my men to re-fuel your…” he looked back trying to get his words, “whatever that is.”

“It is a space fighter, what did you think it was a pleasure ship?” Viridia answered slightly annoyed.

“Well actually I did think it was a pleasure ship, as you call it.” Cole smiled.

Viridia frowned, “Don’t get cute with me Admiral.”

“Oh well I’m sorry to have offended you, oh great bounty hunter. I mean I wouldn’t think you would care because like you said, what I say isn’t worth a pint of spice.”

“Just bring me to my quarters.” Viridia smirked.

Cole took her to a turbo lift, and then down a few halls and stopped in front of a gray door.

“This is your place. I made sure to get it ready for you. I’ll get some of my men to inform you when your ship is ready, and in the mean time feel free to relax or reload your Rodian death disruptor, or whatever your kind does.” Cole said, as he opened the door.

Viridia walked in a took a quick glance, to make sure this wasn’t an imperial trick, then she turned toward Cole.

“Yes I will make sure and do that, Cole” she said as she hit the switch to close the door to her room.




Cole stood there for a second outside Viridia’s room unsure exactly what her last comment was all about. If there is anything worse than women, its bounty hunter women, Cole thought laughing as he walked down the hallway. He then stopped near a few of his elite guard.

“Keep a close eye on that door, and track her if she leaves. I don’t trust her at all, you got that Ralph?” Cole looked into his helmet.

“Yes Admiral” his voice clicked back.

“And you did make sure to put some wire taps in her room right? I want all of her outgoing and incoming transmissions monitored.” Cole commanded.

“I made sure to right away, and our team is already listening to her every call.” Ralph answered back.

“You are truly my elite guard, Ralph”

Cole then patted his shoulder and then resumed his walk down the halls. About half way down he turned and walked toward the door way to enter the bridge of his ship. Inside were just a handful of his most trusted men.

“Any word on that report from Korriban?” Cole asked as he walked toward the main view way.

“Our spies report an uprising has broken out on the base located on Korriban. Apparently the small imperial force there retreated to sector eleven-ten-four. The Black Cloak was reported to still be there, but it was captured.” One of his officers reported.

“Uprising? Do we know who led it, who started it?” Cole asked curiously.

“No we haven’t got any reliable word back on that.”

“Define reliable, officer,” Cole said in his teaching voice, “any bit of information is better than none.”

“This sounds crazy but it is reported Darth Xai has lead the uprising. But we don’t believe the rumor is to be credited.”

“You never know the sith, they are far to evil to be trusted. I would never allow any of them on my ship. Of course I’m sure Lyn does.” Cole said disgusted.

“Admiral Lyn’s ship the Naga Sadow was the only star destroyer to retreat safely. Intel reports they are preparing an attack to retake Korriban at the rendezvous point.”

“Now might be our chance… any idea on a time frame for that attack officer?” Cole asked eagerly.

“Within a few hours they will enter hyperspace.”

“Set our course for sector eleven-ten-three. We will cut them off, and give the Naga Sadow a little surprise,” Cole laughed, “send a transmission to the interdictor Graveyard to meet us there. Tell them to set there gravity wheels on full.”

“Yes, Admiral” the officer answered back.

Now is my chance, Cole thought, to repay Lyn for her treachery at Endor.




Viridia had already looked around her room in every corner and crack. She knew the empire didn’t trust her but what she found was ridiculous. Ten wire taps? Cole must still be mad about Don and Ventris getting away.

She sat down on a small sofa, and took out her equipment on the table in front of her. I still have a few suprises here and there, she thought as she took out a mild sized black box.

It was an extremely wide box, considering it was only a foot or so tall. On one of its sides it had many displays used to display important radio information. Viridia turned it on and set it to automatically scan and find all the frequency of the wire taps in her room, and to disable their signals. She also set it to find the ships outgoing comm. array signal. I may as well know what Cole is up to.

In no time, the radio disrupter had found all ten wire tap signals, and the ships outgoing signal. She flipped a few more switches to play the channel. To her disappointment it was only static.

Then she heard a click, “This is the Imperial Star Destroyer Star Chaser, do you come in Interdictor Graveyard? We request you meet us in sector eleven-ten-three immediately. I repeat…” the officer repeated the order.

Viridia turned off the channel, and got up. What does Cole want an Interdictor for? She asked herself walking to her rooms comm. console. She tapped a few buttons to contact the bridge.

“Bridge this is Viridia, what is the ETA to my ship being ready for flight?” she asked urgently.

“Civilian Viridia, this is commander Nafiar your ship will be finished refueling in another hour. Admiral Cole request that you stay in your room until then.” The commander then cut off the channel.

She knew what Cole was up to. He’s trying to keep me her until they get to hyperspace. Viridia realized.

Finally she got up the courage to open the front door to her room. She knew there wouldn’t be time for her to grab her radio equipment, but she didn’t want to stay around too long. The Star Chaser could enter hyperspace any minute. Quickly she glanced both sides of the hallway, not catching sight of anyone. Then she re-traced the steps that she remembered when Cole had first brought her to her room. She finally got down the turbo lift into the hanger, when she realized that she had walked into a perfect trap set up by Cole himself most likely.

“Halt, you are under arrest in the name of the Empire.” Ralph yelled at her across the hanger.

Viridia looked around at what she had to work with. Then she realized she made a huge mistake, she had left her blaster back in her quarters. But bounty hunters never only carried one weapon. She reached to her left and pulled out an old metallic sword. Then she noticed that Cole had walked in.

“Put that archaic thing down, Viridia. I knew you liked old ships, but weapons also?” Cole raised an eyebrow, “You really think that sword will stop a blaster rifle?”

Ralph raised his rifle to eye level. Quickly he got Viridia perfectly in the middle of his scope.

“This is your last chance, drop the weapon or die.” Ralph warned.

Viridia knew that Cole wasn’t making up that her sword wouldn’t help protect her and realizing that her bluff with it didn’t work she threw the sword down.

“Good Viridia, I was hoping I could spare you,” Cole walked over to pick up the sword, “unfortunately we have had to make a slight detour and we cant let you leave to miss my glorious victory against the Naga Sadow.”

“So that’s why you need that interdictor, so you can settle your grudge against Lyn.” Viridia realized.

“Ralph” Cole gestured for him to go.

“Yes, you see Lyn will be entering hyperspace any minute now, but instead of dropping out at Korriban, my interdictor will make her drop out into a trap.” Cole smiled.

“You see it’s quite simple. You know the reason that ships have Nav computers? So when you plot a hyperspace jump you avoid getting near any large center of gravity. Because nearing any large center of gravity would cause you to forcefully come out of hyperspace. The interdictor I managed to recently acquire under my command will simulate this affect. I’m sure you know that as soon as the Graveyard’s gravity wheels start to turn, it will simulate a large planet’s pull, and Lyn has no idea that it is right in her course. The Naga Sadow will be mine, as it should have been.” Cole then called for Ralph on his communicator.

Ralph then walked back in from the side room.

“We have no use for her Ralph, dispose of her. When your done call me on the bridge we will then jump to light speed and meet the Graveyard to seal my oath against Lyn.” Cole said, he gave Viridia one last look and then walked to the turbo lift to exit to the bridge.

Ralph then held up his rifle, trying to get a good aim. But before he could fire Viridia had ran to cover under a small crate in the hanger.

He has no idea, she thought. Quickly on her arm she pressed a few buttons that were embedded into her clothing.

Ralph quickly turned around, he heard the sound of a ship powering up. It was Viridia’s ship facing directly at him. He barely had time to think when it opened fire, instantly vaporizing him.

Viridia got up, happy her trick worked. She ran to the cockpit of her vessel. She entered in through the side, she tapped a few buttons and blasted out of the Star Chaser’s hanger.




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Hey - Nice story ! I never knew you had such additional talents  ???  ;D

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Hey, cool. I love Sithy stuff. I'm kinda working on a post-NJO story about a secret enclave of Sith descended from remnants waaay back, like from just before KotOR. I love Sith. They wear black bath robes...what's cooler than that!?




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