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Black and White Series


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Well I know some/most don't like this game or are just shy to say something about this game. Yes I know it has an EA logo but common even with the logo on it its still unique and is a great RTS I have played. You got to admit its a great game.


Yes I got bored after fighting an evil god but that was my stupidity since I was just building houses to expand the "border" and nothing else. I liked my pet which I trained to be good and tatooed it. My pet was a tiger and once in awhile he would eat a villager if I leashed him to it (I just love that AI smartness). I believe that the reason people get bored is because they expect so much and so dont just enjoy what you have.


Black and White Original


Anyways enough of that and onto the point. Well I love how you have villagers to protect and use and how they can do real things like foresting, fishing, building, farming, warshipping, "breeding", and maybe having fun with your pet :roll:. I remember once my pet tiger ate a toy ball boy was I ticked off since I didn't want to bring this giant tiger to the doctors. Temple ? Common where else can you have a temple ? :) I forgot to add traders to the list which I found suprising. There was another civ on there lol. Nice realistic feature those thing are. Your pet does whatever you want it (if you teach it what you want).


Black and White 2

This new one has less pets but more advantages and disadvantages to that pet. You can build an army and they'll act real when idle. You can also build roads and such and trees will grow back when you log them. You can play any civs like Romans, Greeks, Japanese, or barbarians. You can do what you can in normal black and white but more and nicer.


If you hate it thats fine just dont be bias or stupid about it just because it has EA Label. Think about it its like saying Rome Total War is bad just because Sega has it :roll: .

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Sorry for double posting but I like this game. Sorry i'm very addicted to this game since I played the first one and loved it so i'm expecting what I saw and more.





-special features


(The good side)


-Fire- Well for one its good for defence.

-Water- Grows anything organic so its reusable.

-Lightning- Well it could be used for defence.

-Heal- Heal your people.

-Air- used for defence to blow enemies away.

-Meteor- Defence.


(bad side)

-Fire- Burn everything in your path and make the ground lava like, people will hate you and might migrate.

-Water- Dont know maybe flood a house ? Destract an army ?

-Lightning- Zap your enemies and make yourself stronger.

-Heal- Make your evil army heal instantly.

-Air- BLow away anything you can think of.




-Ape- Smart and strong and cheeky

-Cow- Good at collecting, cares for people, and entertaining but stupid and bad at fighting

-Lion- Superior, proud, vain,

-Wolf- Streetsmart, can be aggressive, good soilder, cautious, alert

-Bonus: Tiger- All purpose since when you pre-order it you can use it.


Special Feature:

:arrow: Can build any size army by using population itself (Realistic) and can fight with them. Families of the fighting people will gain bonus in that area

:arrow: When one family is in a career the new born families in that family will gain that trait with a bonus.

:arrow: Can build a city and use wood to build them

:arrow: Gain people in your city when you grow a nice huge healthy city

:arrow: Arena battles for your people to fight in and watch.

:arrow: Ants, and lots of them to look at and see how annoying they are

:arrow: Roads/sidewalks/pathways, can make them so people follow them to their homes and such.

:arrow: Regrowing organic resources such as trees and food.

:arrow: Weather systems such as rain, snow, mists, and fog.

:arrow: Naming well - it hunts your contact lists for names of people to name your people. Also you can name people whatever you want them to be named and treat them differently.

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