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Confirmed Heroes


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-Force Crush

-Force Push

-Vehicle Thief

-Detect (Guessing this is to detect units, Kyle Katarn)

-Sabotage Economic Control



-Galactic Stealth

-Detects force Sensative Hero (Obi-Wan)

-Death Star Destruction (Obi-Wan)

-Healing Aura

-Stealth - Anti Radar

-Siphon Credits

-Evasive Luck (Han and Chewie)




- Vader

- Palpatine

- Mara Jade

- Boba Fett

- Accuser

- Veers (AT-AT also)

- Slave 1

- Grand Moff Tarkin

- Captain Piett

- Colonel Veers.



- Kyle Katarn

- Moldy Crow

- Han & Chewie

- Obi-Wan

- Red Squadron

- Millenium Falcon

- Jek Porkins aka PIGGY

- Home One

- Mon Mothma

- R2-D2 and C-3PO

- Commander Ackbar

- Captian Raymus Antillies



To be confirmed:(are not in the game, yet)

- Luke

- Leia

- Admiral Ozzel

- Jabaa

- Others I cant remember at this moment.


Well to many topics and still some are being made so I'll sticky this and when more are confirmed or found within a demo or game it'll be editing in here.

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