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WoW or Guild Wars ? Suggestions here!!!


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Well I see it all the time in Gamespot PC forums and now Indum asked me which one to get. Well heres my comparison which might be somewhat confusing but i'll try and make it as simple as possible.



Sorry if this is crappy but this is what I think is the best comparison.


WOW=W and Guild Wars= G


Pay Monthly Service:

:arrow: Guild Wars is free and WOW you pay $40 Canadian for a card or monthly by credit card.



:arrow: W: Well you can go Fishing, PVP , massive ammounts of pets to chose from (Only Hunters feed pets for loyalty), and you can go Swimming underwater and loot pearls and such and sell your loot at a AI sales person,You can save stuff in your bank,You can also go on map quests if you find a treasure map, Gain mounts at level 40, You can Auction stuff, you can dance, need bags and save them at banks

:arrow: G: You can go to a Gladiator fight, go questing together, you can dance, save stuff in banks and save bags in banks, can sell loot, Cant think of anything else except for PVP



:arrow: W: Well you gain XP from you quests and you can do almost anything in these quests. Mostly traveling tho. You can also do multiple quests at a time. Sometimes you'll need more then 1 person to help you out on these quests. Gain equipement from quests.

:arrow: G: You can gain XP from quests and you can do things from deliver and kill things. Do multiple quests at a time. Sometimes you need more then 1 person to help you out on a quest. Gain equipment from quests.



:arrow: W: You gain XP questing, exploring map parts, killing creatures, and finding you transportation bird people.

:arrow: G:


Instances or Personal Maps

:arrow: W: You get a certain cave and many duengeons (SP) and basement levels that you can solo in or group with since they are for you only

:arrow: G: Out of town areas have your personal map for you or friends of yours.



:arrow: W: You can gain money from selling loot, Auctioning items, getting them from people by mail, trading ,by quests, maybe do a wanted person quests, and by killing the AI creatures/humanoids and looting.

:arrow: G: By doing quests and selling loot and by someone trading.

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Mh. If you are only going for PvP then Guild Wars is yur choise. If you want to do large, epic quests then it's WoW. Depends on what you prefer. At least Guild Wars is not cheaper then WoW because if you want to have new content you have to buy the addons which come free in WoW with every patch (of course there will be addons for WoW but not in such a high frequency like in Guild Wars)
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Sweet I just caught a Whelpling and Gen.Vader got mad at me and people online wooted me :lol: Took me 14 gaming days to catch it and I finally got it, Nice XP giving also. Nice and I leveled to 26 five minutes after that :P Lets see Guild Wars beat that :lol:
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