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:arrow: I was just wondering if Petro or Lucasarts have a possible release date for the game demo or more screens yet?


:arrow: Also with all the new members joining maybe we should split the Moderators up again into specific Moderating areas. Eg 2 or 3 with universal and the rest ensuring that there are new stuff added to each of the threads. I've noticed that some members from Lucasarts are beginning to join. I am thinking that there could be some sort of mass invasion when the Interview comes back.


:arrow: When the interview comes back. Is it going to be exclusive to PFF only or are we going to post the contents over the web on LucasArts and other forums.


:arrow: Are the Developers going to come and give us an update of the game anytime soon or are they really really busy at the moment??

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I think we should keep the interview exclusive to our site. But of course ppl are free to join and check it out, and or maybe links to where it is here. We should have pride that Ismal and Cain were able to set it up, and the rest of us forumers contributed to the questions, might as well take some credit and pride in the accomplishment.

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"The communications are down..."


"That can only mean one thing, full scale LEC Forum Invasion!"




Lol! :D

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:arrow: Even they don't have any clue - but they all hope. Its up to LEC.



:arrow: About the Moderators ... should I mention that you wanted them to be this way back then ?! Mass invasions never commed since they don't know what we know ;)


:arrow: PFF exclusive



:arrow: Very very Very very busy ;)

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