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Hello everyone,


I'am [WIZ]Rihannsu from Gamespy Arcade strategy wizard team...


Im currently building my own fan based website for empires at war but ive reached a dead end with regards to content.






I can't finish my website because i have no screenshots of the game nor vidoe clips without an already registered trademark on them.


Im wondering if Petroglyph would be able to send me a ZIP with all the screenshot and videos for the game as i would love to be able to finish my website.


If this is possible please could someone e-mail me at - ba.hamilton@btinternet.com





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Well maybe you can photoshop the corners of the picture ? Cant wait to see your site going up and maybe you can use couple pictures already taken and jsut use them until you get the kit ?
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Indum's turning into a right little Foshjedi Clone. Wahey!!! :lol:


The Website and Forum does indeed look amazing I am sure that in the forseeable future there will be some new images when the Petroglyph members have some free time.

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Rihannsu"]Yes i have done that for the images i have used however im appling for gamespy hosting and would like to have images that have not had a logo pasted on them to avoid copyright disputes.



Hello and welcome :)


All the EAW pics can be found on this forum section - just make sure you search for them.


Especially a lot of LEC pics that can't be no longer found in that format since they have changed the official site design.


Any LEC or Petroglyph Photo can be used on your site without any problem. Just avoid the ones who are stamped with Gamespot or whatever site logo.


I will also suggest a larger contrast to your site. It looks cool yes :)


As for the forums I will suggest you to copy our system. It has been proven to be the most effective way to design an EAW forum.

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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Wow an awesome site! We need more EaW forums not to take over petroglyph (unfortunately) but to have more sophisticated forums that are organized to counter the influx of terrible LEC forum stuff. Keep up the good work!
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