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Good Luck Petroglyph Studio!


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I wish you Petroglyph the best of LUCK and The Best of luck in these 2

games that you Petroglyph are Working on and the best of Of Luck to you

Petroglyph Studio (=) Westwood Studio 8)

Long Live Petroglyph !!!!!!!! Heres a Great story what happen to me


and Petroglyph can we the fans have a Star Wars: Empire at War Early Demo

Please :D

Great Story what happen to me!

I am going to the Art of Institute

Of Toronto 2006 Summer! i just got a phone call from them! i told them this

and they told me this:)


When did you dream of Being a Game Designer?


I had that dream since i was very young ;) (child)


Very Good What are you doing right now?


I know how to map things but my computer is very bad and i am doing a Mod


Wonderfully! When is your last year? & how old are you?


i am 18 my last year is 2006 June


This is a Very Good career For you Then


Does your family Support This Dream?


they Support me Very Much



Good Luck Petroglyph Studio (=) Westwood Studio

You have my Support and The Fans Support ;)

as a Future Game Designer i will be kind to all of you

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My uncle had a better story!

So today I decapitated 5 larvae, and hardly got any recordings. Then I went to a class, then I was going home and I think I was talking to myself and I missed a turn, so I got angry. I decided to be proactive and turn a negative situation into a positive situation and I went to chick-fil-e or however you hyphenate that. So I got a grilled chicken sandwich and a few chicken tenders. The grilled chicken was good but i'm not really sure it was worth 3.20 plus tax. Perhaps I should have gotten the chicken wrap.


I don't typically go to chicken-fil-e, at least not when i'm away from school. They have a small psuedo chick fill aye in one of the food atriums at school. I often go there to get food between classes. Not always though, as sometimes I go to the pizza place instead. It's a very good pizza place, they have chicken alfredo pizza and some other kinds too. I've been pretty upset, as the food atrium has been closed all summer. I guess there just isn't enough business to keep such a place open. The only eatery place they have on the campus proper is "Paws". What kind of name is that. They serve decent food, but come on. In only a few days the chic-philey will be back open and we will not be forced to dine at some sort of second rate dog eatery.


The entire point is kind of moot though, as I only eat on campus when forced to. I'd much rather go to Lin's chinese buffet, or have a grilled waffle cheese sandwich (that I affectionately call the griffle). Alas, our hopes and dreams are at times for naught, and second rate fare is forced upon our palate.



Once, in the hazy days of mid-july, I made an attempt to foil the nefarious plans of the Paws overseers. I would do the unthinkable, and bring food with me, rather than forage for it from the lady behind the counter. I thought long and hard over how exactly to accomplish this feat. How did the hearty men in tales of yore relinquish the conveniences of a made to order grill within the confines of a silly named establishment, and set off on their own? I don't know. So instead I made two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and placed them in a blue bag. I realized, yes, I also need a drink. I had the inspiration, while in the throes of my nightly dreams, to freeze the water! Yes, this would allow it to last nigh all day, while I study the rigours of carbon based chemistry. Yes, a plan is formed! The rush of glucose to my tired perkinje cells along the periphery of my cerebellum gave me clear indication of the genious displayed that night.


So, I set out upon my day, blue bag in hand, ready to defeat any such frightening 'Paws' plebian who might think me a paying customer. At first sign of such no-gooders, I might smight them with my frozen bottle of aquafina I actually allready drank and refilled with tap water, though even unfiltered it would still deliver a mighty blow of slightly less dense then water power! Perhaps due to cowardice, as lunchtime arrived I avoided the general area of the aforementioned eatery, and set off to find more natural grounds to enjoy my meal.


But, what is this???


It seems word of my travels spreads quickly, and on all public seatery there are signs indicating the wetness of freshly applied paint.


How could they have known?


Quickly, I gathered my wits and flew across campus, surely they haven't claimed all possible avenues! No, not here, more paint! I have been beaten!


So I must warn you, brothers of The Smugglers Alliance, whatever that is, beware of the henchmen of PAWS for they are all knowing.

Yub Yub commander
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