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Just today I've realised that I tend to turn off the music in Star Wars games, put on the soundtracks to all the 6 movies on winamp, and let the mp3s play randomly in the background.

Although the ingame music changes depending on the way the game is played, like in X-Wing: Alliance, or in Rebellion when there's a battle going on, it tends to become extremely repetitive and after a few hours even annoying.


What do you think the music will be like in EAW? Will it change depending on the way the game is played, like in Alliance, or will it play continously, and change only when there's a battle taking place? Which songs would you like in the game? Separate scores for the Rebel and Imperial sides?


I LOVE the music from episodes I-III, Duel Of The Fates and Across The Stars are wonderful, although perhaps not the best for a strategy game. :wink:

From the old trilogy I love the ROTJ OST the best. A mixture of old and new songs would be awesome, not forgetting essentials like the Imperial March, of course. 8)

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Original Star Wars tunes and to add more variety to remixes and maybe some new Star Wars tunes.


Well maybe it'll go as in Rome Total War were when you have a battle it switches to coulpe battle tunes. Then when its peace it switches to calm music(s). Maybe if Vader or Luke Around we hear their tunes when they enter. Well I would like to hear what kind of new music or remixes they come up with if they do :roll:

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Of course they will have all of the original Star Wars music. But there will be a great soundtrack by Frank Klepacki. He is really creative will what he does. And has a lot of experince with RTS music.


I hope I can buy the sound track when I buy the game.

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I must admit I don't usually turn the music off in a Star Wars game, as for the most part it fits well. The exception is Jedi Academy, but I do that for recording purposes.

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I would like to see the original sound track :mrgreen: , and some freshly new star wars like songs. Which im glad to hear that there will be someone writing a new sound track for the game. Hopefully it will add some new great songs to the star wars universe :roll: .


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I always liked the soundtrack for Mario, Jet Force Gemini, and Star Wars.

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I think across the stars is a good battle song under the right circumstance. It is an a tragic, this is best shown in the KOTOR trailer 2. Would be cool to cue it if you are getting your ass kicked or retreating. Also wouldn't mind for it to play on the main menu.
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