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Gundam games For PS2/PS3


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Well theres tons of Gundam games and dont want to make a topic for each one so i'll be brief in some and detailed in other. Btw its in order of how I got these games (I'm missing Zeonic Front).


Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey To Jaburo

I liked this game it had a very nice story mode to it. To bad it doesn't have anything close to it since it was so well done :) Classic games are the best. I liked the after story mode missions, was fun :) . The suits you can chose and you can select the map (I think) and have fun. Btw I was a newtype for the last mission but now I cant beat crap even if I use strategy :( (Newtype in my mind not ingame ranking).


Federation vs Zeon

Ha I had homework the day I bought this so I was forced to do homework then I played this game like nuts. I played it everytime I wanted to and did most of the story mode but didn't finish it :roll: I got near the end and thats what counts :P


Battle Assault 3 Featuring Gundam Seed

Ok this game is just nuts. I go against 2 Gundams (Aegis and Duel) and I cant win no matter how hard I try, yes once I beat the first stage then the second last stage of this duel I fail instantly since they hit harder. I just suck at this game I admit it but wtf its still stage 2 and it got insanely hard. Voices sounded like it came from the same person, BORING.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space

Only good part about this was the Story mode and the Ace Pilot missions. Rest of this just sucked crap. I played most of the story and learned a new series from it, a Black White base lol. Well Multiplayer is crap and so is the pilot training but I got Gundam vs Zeta Gundam to do that :roll: Sorta.


Mobile Suit Gundam vs Zeta Gundam

Ha nice I like the gallery unlockables (yes I suggested this to be in EAW). Damn I love this game then any other Gundam game I have because of the features. Theres survival mode, Arcadem gallery, training, vs, and of course story mode :roll: Gallery mode is where I collect stuff and when I posted this I have 22%/100% of stuff. My mission percentage is 74% out of 300%. Well if your learning about Gundam try it in order of what I have (if you can) but if you cant then try the latest Gundam game and you wont be let down unless your not a Gundam or humanoid tank fan.


Well any comments ? Questions ? Nothing ? Well I know someone in this forum loves these games so i'll leave this up and not delete it if it has no response :roll:

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