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(*Old) Frequently Asked Questions V 1.2


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- Someone (moderator) should update this with all the latest infos from the new previews and Delphi's replys.


(*Made with the backing of EAW's Lead Producerbut it is still not edited by any developer or producer - so it will stay in the rumors land for now. )


Disclaimer : The EAW FAQ v1.2 is an unofficial EAW FAQ and it was made by fans in an effort to help the community and to avoid questions been asked again and again on the LEC Forums. This FAQ will be up until the official one will be made in the future. This is not an official FAQ and the informations supplied here in this FAQ will not be usable for official PC magazine quotes or other previews. Thank you all.


EAW FAQ v1.2 Main


Will there be mulitplayer? How many players can play?

Yes. There will be a multiplayer. A 2 player civil war, and an 8 player skirmish. Mulitplayer has a choice between Space battles and land battles only.


Is this game story based or create your own story?

You control the plot, and do as u wish. The game has a persistant universe. Any choices u make affect things on a grand scale.


Will this game have missions?

Yes. There will be many missions. However the choice is yours if u wish to do them.


How many factions will be in the game?

Two. The rebel alliance, and the Galactic Empire. There are also neutrals like species on planets, pirates, and traders.


How many races will there be in the game?

As far as we know, Humans, Jawa's, Wookies (like chewie)


Are there space stations in the game? What will there purpose be?

Yes there will be space stations. Main space stations can do R&D as well as defence for the planet. There are 5 lvl's of space stations. There are also weapon satalites that can be placed in system. Shipyards can also be created, and they are armed, too.


Will there be hero's/unique units? What will there roles be?

Yes hero's will be in the game. Hero's will also have a large impact on gameplay, especially in multiplayer. From what we can gather, some hero's will boost the economy, others can be used on the battle field like Darth Vader. Perhaps they will also boost battle efficancy like a general or admiral. Several hero's have already been confirmed, including Kyle Katarn(ground unit, major hero), and Jek Porkins(fighter, major hero)


Are there trade routes in the game? And if so, how will they effect game play?

Yes, trade routes, and are also the hyperspace lanes used to move fleets. They also increase trade between controled planets, increasing your income.


When will the game be finished? When will the game actually be released?

The game will be finished as planned in late 2005. The game release is planed for spring 2006. This was decided because of many reasons. The prime reason is that LEC wants to polish the future EAW 1.0 version like never before. They will make sure that EAW will have a glorious fate.


Is the Death Star buildable? Can it be destroyed?

Yes it is buildable, and controlable by the player. It stands to reason it can be destroyed.


Will there be a demo?

Yes, a demo is aranged to come out around late December-January.


Will this be similar to Galactic Battlegrounds?

No, the gameplay will be more like Rebellion.


Is EaW like Rebellion 2?

No, this is a completely different game. Rebellion is the kitty, EaW is like a Lion (u can call them both cats, but they are not the same)


What's the point of Dabobah if it's only a swamp like planet?

Ever heard of Yoda?


How do u gain resources if u can't build workers and harvest?

By owning and controling the planet, u automaticly are in control of that planets resourses. Also, on each planet, there are places on the planet, where u can place fixed buildings, the choice being a turbo laser emplacement or a mining facility, that will boost the planet's economy- at the expence of less defences. The choice is yours.


How will fighters do when there are no enemy targets around?

They will most likely stay/return to there hangers/launch bays.


Will units gain experience?

They havn't made it offical, but it has been said they are considering it.


What kinds of units, ships, and weapons will we expect to see in EaW? The game officially starts out 2 years before Episode 4 A New Hope and goes up just before Episode 6 Return of the Jedi. It can be expected to see things like Acclamators (big ships from episode 2) to Star Destroyers, rebel corevettes, Mon Calamari cruisers, X-wings Y-wings, Stormtroopers, AT-AT's AT-ST's ect.


In the E3 video, the scales look all wrong, and things were happening way to fast

The EaW that was shown at E3 was spcificly designed for E3. Ships were bigger for viewers, and battles accelerated so the viewer could get a basic showing of everything in the game. If u have seen earlier screenshots, u can see that the scales are far better.


How many planets will there be in EAW?

The original figure was 20 planets and 20 space environments. It is now offically 40. With many months till the game is launched, it is possible more will be added. Fans have long requested 80+ So we will see how it goes.


Is this a 2D or 3D game?

It will be in 3D.


Why do i keep hearing the game is only 2D?

The space battles will use the same engine as the ground ones. Space is structured on 2D lairs or levels. Ships will go up and down normally like in space but they will always try to put themselves on the middle horizontal segment of the 3D space. Fighters will go below and above ships for example.


Will this game be an RTS or RPG?

It is an RTS (real time stratagy) on 3 distint levels. The galactic overview, the space battles, and the Ground battles. There will also be heros and characters for the player to use. And possibly an experience system in units so they may get better after battles.


What happens to units when they are destroyed after a battle?

When it's dead, it's dead. KIA, MIA, nada, nothing, bye bye, gone.


Can I Retreat in battle?

Yes. In fact its a tacticly viable option, that u can use to your advantage in the game.


Can I stop a fleet from retreating?

Yes, if u have an Interdictor ship capable of hindering hyperspace.


Will this game be modable?

The developers tell us that it will be very easy to mod, so expect some nice mods to come out after, and a long replayability of the game.


What will I be able to build? What will i be able to do in the game?

What u can build will depend on what u research. If u wish to get a certain technolgy, there may be a mission u will have to do. If successful, u gain that tech, and can then can build it. If your more enclined to be either offencive or defencive, there are structures and units to suit your gaming style.


What are the system requirements to run EaW?

Unoffically we suspect the requirements to be a Ge Force 3 and a Pentium 3-4 1gig to be minimum requirements.


I wanna build an SSD or at least have it as a hero unit. Will it be in the game?

Although we have no word on that, we do know Home One is in the game. It is a possibility.


Will I be able to orbitally bombard planets?

From the previews we have seen, yes. But to what extent yet, like, how powerful they are, are they accurate, what would they require, has not been made known yet.


Will I be able to use fighters in ground battles?

We know that it is possible to call in bombers from the fleet above (if u have any left) and request a specific target be attacked. Also a shot of x-wings in the atmosphere, and y-wings are usually used for surface attack. However there are the T-21 speeders that will be availible. (like the ones from hoth)


Can hero's be killed. If so, can they be cloned?

Yes, hero's can be killed. However it has been made clear that hero's are very hard to kill, often "star wars hero's luck" is in effect.


I have some cool ideas for this game!

Sorry mate the game is pretty much planed already on paper and way in development. Also developers can't read ideas from fans, but they can see feedback topics if you stick to official LEC materials.


Feed back topics, are the developers asking for them?

Nope, they are done from our fan initiative. Developers have nothing to do with starting them.


EAW Comunity FAQ


Who is developing the game?

The Petroglyph Game Company. New name = old guys = Westwood.


Who is producing the game?

LEC and the man in charge was Brett Tosti , one of the best that LEC had to offer, after him we don't know who will be in charge. We hope he will present him self to the community soon. The other LEC official involved seems to be David Silverstein.


Were I can see the whole community list?

Try here EAW Community


How are the relations between fans and developers & producers?

The relations are excellent, more than you can imagine.


Are the developers looking at forums?

Yes when they have time.


How often is that?

Minimum once a week.


How many of them are looking?

All of them.


Why they don't reply at our questions?

Cause then everyone will ask something and they will end up by not replying which will be rude and they are very nice. They also have allot of work to do.


Who are the developers seen in the open on forums?

There was Sluggo and Delphi (who remains active on PFF) but they only do diplomacy stuff. NEW LEC moderators will become more active.


Do we have other developers in the forums posting as fans?!

Yes but you will never guess who is who and you will never make the difference between them and fans, so try to be nice when posting.


The Fan FAQ 1.2 was made with help from: Cain, Ghostly_Substance, TerranUp16, and Joshinator.

-You seem to have an over developed sence of vengeance. It's going to get you into trouble some day.

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