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EAW Second Interview POLL!!!


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Ok People here we go the full List of questions. Post 10 numbers that you want to see handed in. It is going to run similar to the 1st interview process with a Moderator tallying up the posts every day. This will carry on untill Sunday at 12pm BST when I shall lock the topic after doing a final Count. And Send the questions to Cain and Ismael so that they can hand them to the Petroglyph Team.


There are 66 questions to go through, read them all and if you have any problems Pm me and I will either edit or completely remove them.

Let the posting commence!!!

You have 4 days to put in your votes!!!


Only 4 Months to go till the main release guys!!!




1. Can you describe the overall effects of the ground base defenses like the Ion Cannon and Laser Cannons.


2. We have seen a general increase of ships appearing in the trailers and Screenshots. Can you reveal any new designs added to the ship lists.


3.Will there be AT-TE's?


4.What percentage, roughly, of the game have been we been shown?


5. In the videos, the fighters tend to clump a lot. Is this a limitation of system requirements, or are there different foemation/movement options?


6. Skirmishes in all the C&C series generally are very quick and decisive. However, fans of Star Wars know that SW battles generally play out much slower. What are your goals for skirmish speed in EAW?


7. Is there a tech tree? If there is how large is it?


8. Outside of the Death Star, will there be any other WMDs?


9. Can you reveal any new details on the multiplayer? Such as how the server list be set up, will there be a stats system, will there be a quick player match up based off stats (if there is a stats system), and what measures are being taken to prevent cheating?


10. How is base building/expansion going to be handled?


11. Can the Death Star fire on the Capital Ships like it did in Episode VI and Rebellion?


12. Will there be a skirmish battle for single player or just campaigns and multiplayer ?


13. Is it possible to show us couple more units or is it top secret till later ?


14. We remember hearing a interview from E3 about recording video from ingame. Exactly how will this work ? Will we be able to record freely or will it just be normally recorded and freeroam in it ?


15. Can the Imperial (and if there is a Rebel scout) Scouts on their bikes get off and snipe or set up traps or are they only scouting types only on bikes ?


16. Will it be possible to script a neutral AI to engage in trade between planets. Not really trade but just allowing a neutral AI to be scripted to go to planets and land to conduct business and then leave the planet for another planet.


17. We've seen ground based heros, and a sample of their power in Darth Vader. What can we expect from space 'hero' units such as the Moldy Crow and Rogue Squadron? Will they have abilities of their own, or can existing Heroes be applied to different spacefaring vessels, will it have an effect other than an attribute boost (to damage and accuracy for example)?


18. What is the average length of a battle?


19. The rebels have the T23 speeders. Will the Imperial side have any similar aircraft to use in ground battles?


20. Can multiple Death Stars be Built?


21. To what extent can capital ships bombard the surface of a world? Can they fire at the ground with their turbolasers, just call in a few tie bombers as we saw at E3, or somewhere inbetween?


22. Are Super Star Destroyers in the game, and will they be buildable or will they be a hero unit?


23. What happens when one faction controls the surface of a planet while the other faction controls the space?


24.Will EaW Make an offical classes of all ships, with offical stats and size. Will petro be working with LA to make an offical cannon of ships and stats?There is great debate everywhere what certain classes of ships look like, armlements, size ect. Especially with more unknown ships like the Mon Cal classes.


25. Will there be an artificial population cap/limit?


26. Will grand strategy mode have more to it than just building your army/navy up (such as sabotage, espionage, covert ops, etc)?


27. Will large ships be produced out in the open and will we be able to see them slowly be built?


28. Will we be able to capture buildings? (ie: space staions shipyards, etc.)


29. Will there be a variety of characters or just the few main characters in the movies and previous games (Kyle Katarn and Mara Jade).


30. Will there Be a Death Star Surface map?


31. Will there be any artificial limitations on the Death Star unit in the game such as being only able to build one of it, not allowing it to target other ships like in the movies, forcing it to be a stationary object during battle, etc?


32. How will bombing be handled, or, in other words, is there a limit to the number of bombing runs you can have on one ground attack?


33. What is the final number of planets that will be in the game?


34. Will b-wings and tie interceptors be in the game?


35. Will the following cam view be available for fighters since its used for cap. ships?


36. Will there be a "recall" ability for fighter sqaudrons during space combat, to recall them back into the hangar of your starship/s? This would be for situations where you would only want your starships to fight, for example, when victory is assured with only your capital ships and you wouldn't want to risk losing some of your fighters.


37. What will a ground battle on Coruscant (Imperial Center) look like? Will it live up to all our wildest Star Wars expectations and be a multi-leveled, planet-spanning megalopolis?


38. What kind of map editor can we expect and can we use it to create our own planets and campaigns?


39. Will you be using any EU sources (such as the Thrawn Trilogy) to create material for the game.


40. How will planets like Coruscant and Bespin work in the game?


41. Will there be a strengths and weakness' point table. IE ISD > Nebulon Frigate > TIE Fighter however ISD < TIE Bombers


42. Do you plan to create a community website ? Forums ? Before or after the release ?


43. What do you think of critics about the graphic engine toward for example the AOE 3's ?


44. How will planetary defenses be set up manually placed or automatically placed and how strong will they be compared to units?


45. Since the Super Star Destroyer is probably in the game, how will the Rebels counter it?


46. Are hard points predetermined? For example some can only have weapons built into them or some can only have shields built into them.


47. From the reports we know that the ships in the battle must first get into postion before firing. They ahve more firepower on the port and starboard arcs so that they can turn right or left during the battle and still be able to fire loads of weapons. What happened if the enemy destroys the weapon subsystems on the left side. Would the ship automatically turn to get the weapons on the right side in position or will the controller have to manually order a 180 degree rotation??


48. Can you give us a more detailed explanation on how the 2-player "campaign" will work?


49. How does the Death Star work? How is it destroyed, does it have defenses against other ships, and what happens when planets are destroyed?


50. How are new unit type aquired? For example, the X-wing would be obtained by raiding the production facility. Are there any other similar "quests" for units?


51. Are big ships built in shipyards, or in the "galactic map" mode like other units?


52. Are there plans for an expansion of any type?


53. Will the game be playable over LANs with only one CD?


54. Do Mon Calamari capital ships have random appearences, or are there several different types which look different?


55. Will we see all of the space units seen in Return of the Jedi?


56. Will the TIE defender and Phantom variants be in the game??


57. What will ion cannons do to enemy capital ships?


58. Will there be sub-groups to the Rebels/ Imperials. IE can we get the Hapan Ships and the Chiss Clawcraft??


59. Will there be an world wide ladder system - WOL style. Basically something as comfortable as we had in RA2 / with Quickmatch, Clantag and Clanladder etc... Plz don't tell me we will get a Gamespy(-server) based system.


60. I've been told that the game will be very moddable and use data driven XML files. Can you give an example of an entry in these files(such as the X-Wing)? Also how many files would we need to edit to put in a new unit?


61. Will people be able to play the same side in a multiplayer skirmish? ie empire vs empire......take it it's a given you can't in the story multiplayer


62. Can teammates in multiplayer games share control of units and buildings or is it simply shared vision and victory?


63. The heroes seem very strong in the videos. Could you give us a since of how powerful and intergral heros are in combat? Can they be killed fairly easily if you are reckless with them?


64. At E3 it was said that the powercore will be outside of the shields on planets “true to star warsâ€

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20, 21, 29, 30, 31, 44, 48, 49, 57, 64


So ok, I want to know about the Death Star. :)


Actually, I think that I want 25 as well. If there is a cap limit, it would affect how many Death Stars you can build if mult is allow or if you even want to build one. I am thinking there will not be a limit but who knows.

My Death Star is bigger than your Death Star!

"The XML is strong with this one!"


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I almost exploded when I saw the quantity of questions. Hard choices, hard choices.

Alienware PC: 6000 galactic credits

DSL: 26 galatic credits

EaW: 50 galatic credits

Watching Darth Vader get eaten by Rancor because you never told him to move away and then throwing your computer out the window yelling NOOOOOOOO in your best Vader voice: Priceless

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:arrow: Fosh - why didn't you make a real poll with vote options ?! Pls. consider doing that too by editing your initial post. Thanks.

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My ten are











-Many that live deserve death. And some die that deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then be not too eager to deal out death in the name of justice, fearing for your own safety. Even the wise cannot see all ends.

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord Of the Rings

-Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.

General George Patton Jr

-Cool game being made a high school student, I recommend checking it out. 


Matt Castle



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So Far these are the scores. Checked by me 4 times.


1st place: Q11 with 7 votes

Equal 2nd Place: Qs 10, 14, 21 & 64 with 6 votes

Equal 6th Place: Qs 9, 25 & 27 with 5 votes

Equal 9th Place: Qs 17, 23, 29 & 38 with 4 votes

Equal 13th Place: Qs 26, 28, 32, 39, 40, 49, 60 & 62 with 3 votes

All the rest have either 2, 1 or 0 votes.


Fosh :lol:

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