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Gundam Seed Mod

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Well since people tried and make a mod of Gundam for Battlefield 1942 or Homeworld 2 none have been released. I'll assume Bandai US is being a stupid company so I hid my forums and if you want to see any information you'll have to register since I hid it so if they do come they dont see it :roll: Well whats the chances of them finding it here tho ? :roll:


All i'm doing is hiring modders but not giving out any information. :roll:

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Ok for all the mods I tried none works the way it should so could you at least help me out adding 2 units into the game? I know the game isn't out yet but for those interested in Gundam series or mechs can you please help me out? I know the demo or the game isn't out but you could at least render one up for me right? So can someone please help me? Its just 2 units after all :)


Well you people say your a helpful modding community so i'm just asking :)


Faction for 2 units: Drak


My point begins

Well I asked for something simple as:


:arrow: Name: Gouf

:arrow: Faction: Drak - Neutral

:arrow: Production value: Mass-produced

:arrow: Enviroment: Land and Space

:arrow: Class: Mech

:arrow: Cost: 3600 per unit(if AT-ATs are 1500)



Or if your not interested in that then these 2 units which is easier in design.


:arrow: Name: Astray M1 - Blue Frame* or Orange Frame**

:arrow: Faction: Drak - Neutral

:arrow: Production value: Mass-produced

:arrow: Enviroment: Space* or Land**

:arrow: Class: Mech

:arrow: Cost: 2500



:arrow: Name: Kusanagi

:arrow: Faction: Drak - Neutral

:arrow: Production value: Hero Ship

:arrow: Enviroment: Space

:arrow: Class: Ship, Carrier, Battleship

:arrow: Cost: 0 credits (when destroyed it can be rebuilt)


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Well sorry for bringing this topic up but just saying what my Experience is in so here goes and I quoted this from my other topic. Well if this mod gets into gear I will do the map layouts so if I can get any modders i'll do the map and for you guys who want a challenge in games can go against this faction so dont think this is just another faction since it will kick rear. Well i'll have to wait for release to do the maps so thats enough time.





Well I got some mapping experience because I did 2 maps for Vietnam and here it is (Battlefield Vietnam):



This was the first map which wasn't as designed as my second one was.






Second map:






Other stuff:

Well I see someone loves Gundam besides me and I googled "Gundam" in image search if you want to see the results I got (Note some are fan art)


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