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How great EAW will be ?


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- Land and space battle and one can effect the other

- How units are produced (drag and drop)

- Finally an elite RTS that has the name Star Wars smacked on it

- Made by Petroglyph with ex-Westwood devs

- No population limit from what I seen

- A functional Death Star

- 8 player skirmish or 2 player campaign

- Plot is up to the user (freedom)

- Chose 2 sides

- Recording gameplay

- Modability

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Yes but what about game balance?? Seeing how there are land battles now. I mean for example I hope they don't follow EA's footseps like in their BFME and create almost invincible heroes, or unbeatble infantry. For what it's worth I think it will have an impact on how future SciFi RTS's will be made, I for one was impressed in the details of the sceneries for both land and space battles, so it's probably gonna make an impresion, I don't know about history :roll:. By the way nice to see you Cain, this has turned out to be a great forum, keep it up ( say i've finished some of my work may be yo u could take a look http://myzrael.xhost.ro they're under the two folders).


Regards Alex.

I thought I was going forward, but it turned out I was going backwards.
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Hey Alex ! Long time no see :) How are ya ?!


Nice pics Btw :) As always.



We shouyld meet in 2 weeks time :) Maybe I will go home then.

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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Well then nice update and the game looks fantastic. Someone said they saw a unit come out of a Corrilean Corvette? Perfect detail ;) sweet weather effects, this shall be great ;)


All I hope for is that there is a mod folder where you can put teams in and music and what other stuff I can

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