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GC EAW Feedback 005

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This topic is dedicated to all GC EAW materials - photos or videos. Pls remember that this is a feedback topic and not a classic one were you can debate.


The GC materials can be found in the PFF screenshots forum :


" See before posting - Disclamer: I should mention that the developers are not obliged to read this topic or follow our feedback to the letter and i can`t guarantee that it will be found at a later date in EAW or that it will affect or help EAW in any way. Also the developers can`t officialy solocit feedback so this is made at our fan initiative. Developers may already have all our feedback sugestions in the game and we can not garantee, that what we say here will not exist already in the game at the date we post them. You must feedback here only if you consider your feedback to be impersonal and with no conection made to your real person. Also no new ideeas unrelated to LEC or Petroglyph are accepted here just feedback on know issues from the videos and official materials already released. This topic should be deleted by the moderators as soon as they consider it done and unproductive from a moment in time."



Be smart, elaborate your feedback post and be as descriptive as you can. Thank you.

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Lookin good Petro! but.......

-The troops don't seem to have that much detail to them

-The Mon calamari cruiser looks like it has paint splashed all over it.

"My doctor says I have a malformed public duty gland and a natural deficiency in moral fibre and am therefore excused from saving universes"-Ford Prefect


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Picture feedback


-It looks like my style of paint and its pretty sweet in showing your colors even to people who dont look carefully. Very nice :) Theres about 2% of paint thats been wasted so might clear that off on Star Destroyers ?

-Either a resource harvester or defence point :? Very weird but nice touch.



Video feedback

- The command posts sure are nice if theres lots of them :) Kinda weird tho. I still dont understand if you can build it after battles or does it always have to be during ?

-Troopers are still not that detailed but doesn't bother me.

-Troopers ran way to fast lol but that was a sped up demo

- Isn't Tie Fighters suposed to be inside Star Destroyers ?

- How starships hypered into position made me laugh and made me think of an older game lol. Well its good and not annoying but might get annoying.

- AT-AT moves a tad bit to fast :?

- In one of them silent Hoth battle videos when the Rebel trooper runs you can see that the Rebel troopers legs are female shaped ? That just me or is my imagination making me think weird thoughts.

Keep up the good work

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The Coreillan Corvette was used by imperials early on not a Tandrian thingie. The lancer frigate played a role as anti fighter escort. The Victory class 1 star destroyer played a role as a missle frigate. the 1st acclamator didn't carry fighters just troops, the 2nd carried fighters, limited troops, and could fight. Ships should be renamed to explain what version they are.


We should be able to name ships, but not ships from movies,eu,etc. Once agian a option to change scale, zoom buttons, select buttons, and realistic stats.

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- Units had to be set using the "Reinforcements Button". I dont like this very much. Especially in ground battles I have factories so why aren't they build in those? Hopefully they are and this is only for the alpha shown at the GC. Lets hope so :)
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Units had to be set using the "Reinforcements Button".


Hmm. Depends on which video you're talking about. If it's the most recent skirmish one, then yeah, you should be able to build on your planet/territory of orbit. After all, that's as far as it goes.


However, if you're talking about the earlier E3 Convention videos where units were sent down to the ground by starship that makes total sense. If you're invading a world, your other troops & vehicles aren't going to be anywhere else except your fleet. :P And if you're defending and your enemy has made it to the surface, having defeated your fleet - you're basically stuck with the ground forces that you built or moved to that world.


For the campaign, I think it's also great, tactically. It removes that sort of annoying C & C feature of having to not only care for the tactics, but the strategy of building up an army during the battle (which is even unrealistic in the fictitious Star Wars universe). It's also a convenience! If you can build up your forces, manufacture structures, and upgrade your armies and fleets on the Galaxy Map, that means that you can concentrate soley on eradicating your enemy when you do meet up with him. :twisted:



Edit by Cain :


To all .... this is not a usual forum topic :wink: - don't chat on it - be direct and cristal clear or I will delete the ones who don't get it. Thanks

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