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GC Video from united-forum.de


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my first reaction is that this video is very good!! :D Troops are walking a little bit too rapidly sometimes but thats not a big problem.

but i have a question


-When we see rebels troops coming from space, is it extra forces or they come from our fleet in the space?

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I assume that the thing was speed up with the rebel troops running so fast.

Plus, those guys need to learn to let the camera focus.

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well then I see. You build and then you drag and drop from a menu near a command post you captured. Then you can either put a turret or resources there unless there 2 types of command posts.


Building resources during battle is just weird. I guess it balances ownage at the end to change the tide to make the battle more effective for the loser

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The game play looks good, however I have some comments to make. First I hope that the A.I. uses more units against the player, because in the video I did not see any Imperial units, just defenses.

Second I like the how the graphics look, espeicaly how units leave perment footprints in the snow.

Third I hope they fix the units graphics show you can't have two transports dercitly on top of one another.

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-Cool game being made a high school student, I recommend checking it out. 


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All in all pretty good.... I assume the game speed was up high or the rebels must really be putting there troops through vigorous exercise :lol: . The command post stuff reminds me quite a bit of battlefront. Also the transport overlapping needs to be fixed that was annoying somewhat. Otherwise I liked it, except for when the camera wasnt focused good, or sometimes the camera man felt like filming only the right side or bottom of the monitor. lol I kept thinking the guy was going to sleep on the job :roll:


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