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EaW @ Games Convention Played.


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i was about 7 hours on the GC on Saturday and round 2 of them i played EaW


First: I was suprised, the game look much much much better then shows on screens and the videos.


The Units i Remember are:


TIE Figher, Bomber, Scout

the little dreadnought thing for the empire

Victory SD

Imperator SD

those SD like ship seen in the end of Episode 2

Indictor SD

"broadside" Corvette

a small version of a Stardestroyer (it was smaller as an SD but dont know the name)









Nebulon b1

corelian corvette

those new assault corvette (that one that was designed for that game)

the winged big Calamari

and 2 other that i cant remember.




Empire in Space: Slave one, Accelarator Stardestroyer (dont know it was the same model as an normal SD) and an Squadron TIE Advanced X1


Empire on Ground: Palpatine, Vader, Bobba Fett, One Guy that i cant remember at the moment (sry) and one that seems like Mara Jade

Rebels in Space: Lukes Roque Squadron and Solo's Falcon and someone else (on the name stands missing and on the description too)


I have no info about Rebels heroes on ground, cause i have simple forget to play the rebels on ground (sry)


About the Buildings in Space and on Ground:


there are NO buildings to build like in C&C !!


In Space u will found some Satelitesthings the first who catch them can biuld something upon that .. (laserturret etc) and for each of that thing u will get more money. Spacestations are able to upgrade, for more power, armor etc.


On Ground:


A Base is automaticly built on a planet that u get. that building can u upgrade to produce more units. U can get fixed points on the map, where u can build radars, anti air or anti ground lasers etc. On Planets u can find some round things, if u get them, u will get more credits.


I had spoke with some guys from activision (from petro i couldnt find someone) but he dont know something about modding EaW.


but he says me the a demo is planned for November/December and it will maybe include some Skirmirsh things (space and ground) or a small bound of planets (max. 5) to fight around with.


it will be a great ... real great game!


Evillejedi means that i should post it here.

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:arrow:N3bulu5^IA2 thanks for the update man we apreciate it - if you remember more units pls post again :)


:arrow: Until then welcome here ... pls feel free to enjoy our small base ;)

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- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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