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Introducing: The Generals Clan


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The Generals Clan is a community of easy going gamers. We rarely do competitions and the like, most of the time is spent playing.


We are masters of every game that we ever came across, our players are known top players, we dont' need competitions to tell us that.


Ask the RTW-TWC community or the Unreal Tournament 2004 CUT community which is the most famous clan and they'll give you one answer. The Generals Clan.


We are a multi-gaming clan, growing in both popularity and breath. Time has never been better to become part of it.


Join the seriously easy-going Generals clan, and you'll have no more worries in gaming.


We hope to become the first EaW clan.




Generals: The Best Strategists Around


The Beta Testing Team

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:arrow:General_Sun Woooho ! Nice to see again old RTW TWC members here :)


:arrow: If you want to build the EAW clan opereations from here let me know so I will introduce you to the moderateing team.


:arrow: How are the guys on the other side ? When can you post your RTW /TWC jurnals also here ?! I am so busy that I neve rget the chance to go there and see them.


:arrow: ... maybe one day you wil do such articles for EAW too ?!



:arrow: BTW I'm sure you will love to show off here ;)




you are a general after all.... ;)

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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Thanks guys.


Are there no signitures on this forum or am I missing something?


Military Academy? The game isn't even out yet, lol :shock:

Sure I'll go check it out.


The TWC is fine, there are many exciting things happening in that community and I am honored to be part of them.


About my articles for TWC, I can bring them here, but what relevance would they have to this forum though? I mean if you want them, you can post them, you're the admin.


Articles for EaW, let's wait a few months for the game to release first. :wink:


I do want to build clan operations, which is why I am here! :wink:


It's good to see you again Cain, I want to talk to you very very much.


Though sadly I will be leaving today for another country, this time 2 weeks, not 4 weeks.


We will talk when I get back.

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