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Hello StarWars Fans!


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Who Am?? Will i used to be a Web Designer when i was just 15 Years Old

and i made 2 kool Web Sites But i never had the Change to finish them but i made pretty Good :) to bad i cant remember my Web Site URL : :( and also i made a 3d web site which was a fan web site For Starship Troopers but i did that one in my high school it had a very kool Looking Background. What Movies i like? Star Wars Part 1&2 and Starship Troopers and The Matrix Heres a Funny Story About The Day i missed star wars with my Gym Class! i call it The Day i Wish i wasn't Sick.It was everywhere on Tv Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith is Comeing To Theaters Near You i was like wow look at Ad For SWEiii I Must go to the Theaters to see it but something went wrong i was feeling sad and tired and i said to myself i hope i dont have a flo and later on monday i know i had the flo so i spent all my week in bed for just one week. Then I got back to my high school on next monday after the first week Release of Revenge of the Sith and my GymClassmates were talking about the movie on the next monday and the teacher said where were you?? i was like i had the flo and he said for real? yeah for real and at end of the day

i said boy i wsih was there and i wish was never sick.And what pc games do i like? Command & Conquer + Battlefield and Half-Life i miss Westwood Studios and the guys who made the true Command & Conquer

games. I have alot of Command & Conquer games for my computer

and Dune2000 i am fan of Westwood Studios and i wish you all the best Petroglyph. I am Going TO Vacation on Monday 21 at 4:30 and i used

to be a Starwars Fan When i was a kid (the good old days :) and i have Friend who is in the usa army and hi is a Colonel now hi used to be a seargent when i know him :wink: he is serving somewhere in italy i hope his already. I will Try to phone him after i come back from Vacation

and after i am back from my Vacation i am going to Art of instutute

and i will be takeing Game Art & Design :) i have many pc games

and now that i am 18 i do not have photoshop not even Maya or

Web Site Tools but i may buy them later this year.



i wish you all the best Petroglyph Studios

and to the fans aswell with there Mods..

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Sucks for you about the whole SW:ROTS And good luck becoming a Game Designer. If your going to persue that vcareer path perhaps learn some Programming language and play around with some 3D Stuff. Good Luck!
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star wars fanatic? check

petro lover check

C&C devotee?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!! sir we must begin at once! you are my best friend ^^ welcome to the club! i will bring the whiskey and you...bring the......potato salad......or else my soviet forcs shall rain hell on you! :twisted:

(btw my posts can be even more strange and diabolical,ask around)

I've have you now - Lord Vader
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