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AI behavior, question regarding.


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Hello everyone,


I’m new to these forums, but I am already very close to completing my own modification for rebellion that I think makes the game more closely represent the experience in the movies. What I can’t tell yet, and I’m asking you guys to help me out with, is how the AI will handle the changes. Is it able to look at the values of units when it makes building and deployment decisions, or does it hardwired so that it’s decisions about how to use units and structures depend on where it finds them in the code?

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First of all welcome to the forums.

The AI has been a problem for some time, only thorugh thorough experiments there has been some progress in answring those same questions you asked. Apparently the AI looks at the different values of the units to buy them.

To build ships I'll quote Pucho777.


"From what I've EXTENSIVELY tested thus far, the AI builds it's capital ships according to it's available resources without limit to the amount of ships it builds. So long as it has enough resources (Mines/Refineries), it'll build ships until those resources run out. This is definitive! It has been tested. Therefore, if you wish a greater challenge from the AI, cheapen your capital ships' cost (the cheaper, the more challenging).


Note: You must cheapen/raise cost of all the other units so that the AI builds more capital ships (and fighters) than it does all of it's other units. You'll need to experiment with the costs to find a comfortable challenge (as I did over time). Keep in mind that the AI starts out with a minimum amount of Manufacturing Facilities at the start for those units you've set at Research Level - 0 (those should be the cheapest if you wan't the challenge early on).



Look for Pucho's topics in the General discussion area, there is where he posts the results of his thorough expermients.

I hope this helps you, and I think I speak here on behalf of the entire community that we want to see your TC of the game.

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Thank you Trejiuvanat,


You answered a facet of my question that hadn’t yet occurred to me. Capital ships are the one part of the game I have not yet messed with much.


The point I’m concerned about is actually about how it uses troops. Will it looks at the attack, defense and detection values of troop types when it decides which to use for invasions and which to use for garrisons, or does it have hardwired ideas about how to use each unit based upon which slot it is located in.


I see that there is speculation about this matter on the general discussion board. Thank you again for directing me.

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The AI use the upgraded Units very often(I changed the detection rate of the Fleet regiments and I espionaged after a while coruscant and saw:


8O8O 20 imperial fleet Regiments there 8O8O

"I am growing stronger with the Force"
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