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Ingame generated generic movies or the LEC old movie style?!


What kind of generic movies you want to see in EAW?!  

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  1. 1. What kind of generic movies you want to see in EAW?!

    • The complex style - Designed outside the game like in the LEC old games.
    • The simple style - Generated by ingame action

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:arrow: Remember how the old LEC games were done ?! The movies were done in a totally different an cooler style than this days ingame generated generic movies.


:arrow: I personally want old style movies becouse they look better and yes they are harder to make. I also get more statisfaction wehn I see that type of game movies. For example - SWRebellion has them.


:arrow: How about a poll ?! :D

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Guest JediIgor
much better option, what about C&C Red Alert? you know with real actors and such?


Umm, that's exactly what option #2 is about, you sure you've played any older LEC games? :D

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There was supposidly a screenshot/ video that someone showed me with the actor who gave the face of Kyle and he was actually acting out a sequence from the game.
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real actors would be great. Since the story is non-linear maybe movie triggers. For example a movie as the Death Star is destroyed. :/


Unfortunally i don't think we'll get them.



Second best would be render sequenzes - like we at in CnC 1. Remember the GDI falcon attaking the NOD scorpion. Loved them. I even saved the Game and lost on purpose (sold all buildings) to see the losing sequence for this particular mission.



As for ingame generetic movies - they don't give me a reason to actually play through single player. AI levels are still low - i don't think single player would differ from having a small army build it up then crush a bigger/ more powerful army. Maybe with buildtime, money advantage for the CPU. Singleplayer needs IMO a great story and a great way of telling this story.



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I'd want the best of both worlds. Comentary dealing with the actions that are being done in the game, a hybrid of both, if u will.

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