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natural disasters


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Surely this has been asked and discussed before, but I discovered this site only recently, in other words I don't know about those former discussions.


The question is is there a way to stop natural disasters from occuring?


Thanks in advance for the help



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I'm sorry, but these alien mindbenders seem to keep confusing the players even today. Random events, like the natural disasters are scripted and triggered by certain events (disaster every 400 days, for example) and cannot be turned off. We'd need the game's sourcecode and that's something we might never get.




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SOMETIMES (only sometimes), I could prevent a disaster from happening by scraping buildings on the respective planet (using a previous save). Either this does something to the random seeds or the planet is no longer valid for the algorithm choosing a site for the disaster.

But on the other hand, it often happened even when I scrapped ALL buildings, so this might just as well be just the random number generator's freak out time.

It's all hopeless but otherwise not very dramatic. - Helme Haffax


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Simple way to not get a disaster is to save often and if one happens you reload last save.

If you are extremely lucky you will instead get a "Resources found"(increases max mining only) or a boost in energy(dont remember the message for it but i always want it).

Once, in a single game of all i played i got energy increase twice, on a planet that started with 14, wow was funny having over 20 in energy there, sure made lots of ships fast. :)


Also, the resource events once every 400 days can be on any planet, so it may happen and you never see it, because you only get notified if it happens on one of your planets.

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