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News about Imperial Assault 2 [mod] [updated]


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Welcome back to day two. The renders continue with a new batch of some of the most powerful ships in the galaxy. The Republic and the Separatist both need ships to transport there troops, and attack other ships and these are there weapons of choice.


The Acclamator Assault ship was great to transport troops, but it lacked one quality, superior firepower. The Republic called upon Kuat Drive Yards to make them a superior attack cruiser that could also carry many fighters. The result was the first ever Star Destroyer, the Venator.


Modeled and Skinned by Major A. Payne.

Turrets by Bryant




For a time the Trade Federation was a peaceful group with no need for warships, but needed a ship capable of holding all of there massive cargo. They called upon Hoersch-Kessel Drive to make such a ship, and the result was the donut shaped Lucrehulk class cargo ship. The battle of Naboo marked a conversion for these vessels, adding many guns and converting much of the space for spacecraft and vehicle storage. The ship while old is still one of the most powerful in the CIS armada, but they need continues upkeep.


Modeled by N3bulu5

Skinned by Major A. Payne

Skin Colors and Mesh Tweaks by Bryant












Imperial Assault 2 has been very busy preparing some amazing renders and enhancements over the last several weeks. I won’t tell you what all of them are, but over the next week we will unveil a few things each day. So let’s begin the Imperial Assault 2 screenshot blitz. I would also like to point out that the colors on the ships will most likely be the housecolors, they are only red and blue for the renders.



The Jedi needed a way to police the galaxy and be safe from enemy threats, enter the Delta 7 Jedi Starfighter. Designed by Kuat Systems Engineering this ship was fairly fast and could hold its own against enemy fighters. Unfortuantly it needed a hyperdrive ring in order to go faster then light, and if it was destroyed the fighter was stranded.


Starfighter Modeled by Bryant and Skinned by Major A. Payne

Delta 7 Hyperspace Ring Modeled and Skinned by Major A. Payne




After the Clone Wars started, the Jedi realized they needed a faster, more powerful starfighter to deal with the Separatist. They contracted Kuat Systems Engineering to build a successor to the vastly popular Delta 7 series. The result was the ETA 2 Jedi Starfighter. With its s-foils it allowed for superior maneuverability and was more heavily armed then the Delta 7. Like most small fighters of its time it did not have a hyperdrive, so Kuat reworked the hyperdrive ring to make it faster then before. The ETA was born


Starfighter Modeled and Skinned by Bryant

Delta 7 Hyperspace Ring Modeled and Skinned by Major A. Payne and later Modified by Bryant





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Enjoy ;)

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