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About the 8 player and the freeze.


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Hi everybody


I have noticed that ppl talks about when you are fighting on a ground level the galactic and space map freezes during the battle.


This is highly possible in a sp game or 2 player game.


But in a 8 player multiplayer game this can not happen. Should the other six wait when the battle unfolds or what? I think they have to make the space and galactic levels be Ai controlled during the ground level fight.

Of course if a big attack is being launched when either of the players is in the ground level war then perhaps the player being attacked will have the option of letting the ai fighting for him(if its almost a sure win) and go to the space fight! Or let the ai fight for him in the space war and keep on fighting on the ground.


If its not turnbased(whichs its not) than you gotta have the AI to take over some battles.


Maybe you can set the level of ai in those battles to easy,medium, hard.....

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In multiplayer, there will be two modes: Skirmish and campiagn. Skirmish can have up to 8 players and consists ofeither a single land or space battle. The campaign mode is rebellion-style, with only 2 players.

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okay indium that clears up a lot for me...


Was hoping for the 8 player skirmish with both space and land battle...


Is the land battle suited for 8 player battle...well at the moment there are not many different units to it.


There has to be worked quite a lot on the land battle skirmish if its gonna catch popularity....


It opens up af vast amount of questions...


The build spots wont work in skirmish..


In my view they are killing half the fun with that skirmish divide up way.


The land map will never be another zero hour....anybody can tell you that because it is not going to be implemented or funded as much.


The space battles are fun but my guess its gonna be should I mass sd´s or just mass tie fighters enmasse....


Considering rebels have the best fighters which also can attack cap. ships then why bother with the mon calamari...just buy a single landing craft for that couple of planets you want.


2 player campaign mode sounds fine but its not as fun as multiple ppl skirmish....soon its gonna be another do this do that , go to that planet...predicts a lot of the fun will wear of because some planets are just better than others to visit first. So you will have a predicted route for each faction....

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Interviews only next month or at the end of this one. Then maybe we will start work on one when Petro has more time we hope.

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Petroglyph FF Admin.

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