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What if a game........


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Just wondering what you people think how a game would be better.


What if Star Wars Galaxies:

-Was free of charge to play

-What if it was a RTS online world

-What if you could use that one unit and actually chose your profession.

-What if the map was 2 times larger then in Battleground's largest map.


I think it would be sweet to see a RTS online world since it would lag less and me more detailed. Have more planets and things to do. Would be funny to see a mini "smuggler" unit ride a Rancor from one end of the map to the other and smashing the pirates :P:roll:


Homeworld 2

-What if you created a purely Starcrusier squad and seeing if it survives.

-What if it had a land map (I never incountered one)

-What if it was more then 2 factions


Rome Total War

-What if Slovaks tried protecting themselves from the Romans (I was told the Romans never took over the slovaks because of the Blue Denube)

-What if Slovaks were better then the Romans :roll:

-What if you conquered North America (lol, I know I should keep dreaming)

-What if we could create our own "faction" in RTW without using a mod just design a faction and use unique units.

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Ive never played galaxies, is it like world of warcraft you become one unit and control all aspects of it? Ive never played world of warcraft either, im not really into those kinds of games. I like RTS's and a few RPG's.
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Think of Star wars galaxies with 10 planets (A solar system) then 1 character among other characters with NPCS. Then think of a game were you have to pay to play online like $40 for a pre-paid card. You are among other players and bots. You can fly in space and customize your vehicles. SWG now with the combat upgrade went down the drain.


World Of Warcraft is better since it features tons more quests and you can sell your loot which in SWG you sell to other people over vendors and such. You can chose from four races on either faction (8 total) and once you reach level 40 I think you can buy a mount.


Theres topics I made about these 2 online games in this forum part. I choose WoW over SWG now since WoW features more things to do and its better of a quality but you might bump into people who look like you :roll: If I get a card over the school year i'll go back into WoW.

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in my WoW travels i met this really intresting guy. he was called oogieboogie, always referred himself in the third person, like oogieoogie is hurt. he is a mage, which is one of the most damaging classes in the game and he just runs into mobs killing them and the entire time we had to heal him so he could kill the mobs. it was a really fun experience, but with all the servers down like 2 times a week for a day, i lost intrest.but people like oogieboogie really made my stay in WoW exciting and fun.
I've have you now - Lord Vader
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Was "Polovnik" and I was a druid just soloing everything, most of the things. People there aren't friendly and I wanted to join my European friends from SWG in WoW but servers aren't linked. What was good was the content and exploration and the quests and able to sell your loot. Drawback is no house but you do have a bank :roll: . Haven't gone back yet.
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