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Pixelshader or Game Movie ?!


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:arrow: That X-wing to me is looking to good to be from an ingame pic. Also if it is an ingame pic it means we can take on the DS head on with ships and fighters. It can be ingame if only the pixelshader is enabled ... or the .jpg it self is improuveing the pic .... :?


:arrow: Or it can be a movie picture. You know the small LEC style movies inside games ... same here - so what do you say ?

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I think this picture is a in game cinimatic, but I do believe that you can fight on the surface of the DS and it will probably include a portion of the surface with a trench down the center, probably clicking on the the Exhast port (which is probably on the map also) a wing of X-wing enter the Exhast port and a timer will start on how long untill they reach the DS port and when there almost there (8-7 Sec.) there might be a ingame Cinimatic scequence of them hitting the port.
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In all likelihood it is a cinematic, because the odds that there is a real trench run are stacked against it. Not that I wouldn't mind seeing a trench run if it's well made and works well, but in my opinion the chances of it being a cinematic are considerably more.


The only problem I can see with it being a cinematic is the exploding star destroyer in the background. If we are to believe that we can attack the death star at any point who is to say whether there will be and Star Destroyers there to explode. It would look very odd if you attacked the DS with nothing around it only to see an exploding SD in the background.

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