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About Staff and Petroglyph presence on PFF.


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PFF are managed by a small team of administrators and moderators. You can contact them if you have any questions or complaints about anything by using the PM (private message) system.



The moderators are :



The administrators are :



Note - Support admin are only : Ismael, Delphi-PG and Cain


NOTE : This forums are free forums. Nobody makes money out of adds, nobody has any other interests except EAW and Petroglyph, we do not have a site, and this forums are NOT the official Petroglyph Forums, they are fan forums ... but yes when the official Petroglyph Forums will be up we will ask them for a fusion. We didn't ask that yet officialy.



About Petroglyph developpers presence on PFF forums.


Hi everyone!


This is Mike from Petroglyph just checking in and saying "Hello". We have been enjoying reading the posts in the forums when we have bits of free time – and we really appreciate all the support and enthusiasm from everyone.


Ismael has been personally prodding me to jump in here and leave a message. Very Happy Since it’s Sunday and I’m taking the day off I figured that now was a great time to do so.


The team has been working days, nights, and weekends on EAW, and the game is really coming together nicely. We're going to continue to be extremely busy on it up through November, so it can be ready for the February 2006 launch. Since many of us are working longer hours, we have not had much time to interact with the community, but we do our best to read the forums when we can.


We sincerely hope that everyone enjoys playing EAW as much as we are enjoying making it. It’s incredible the amount of time and work involved from both Petroglyph and LucasArts, but we feel that it will all be well worth it.


Again, thank you for the enthusiasm and support for EAW. I'll do my best to check in when I have down time. May the Force be with you!


-Mike Legg



You can find the post here : http://swempireatwar.10.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=405



Avoid asking Petroglyph team questions about EAW becouse they are under NDA contract to not say or not supply new informations about the game. Only LEC can. Try to understand that. Thank you.

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