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RTS you have/ going to buy


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Well just wondering what RTS people have right now or what they're going to get. This is RTS topic related and just wondering who to play with or against.


I have:

-Rise of nations (with ex-pack)

-Rome Total War

-Homeworld 2

-Warcraft battlechest (uninstalled)

-Starcraft (ripped)

-Star Wars battlegrounds with Clone Wars (both ripped)


What RTS i'm going to get


-Civ 4

-Rise Of Legends (Thanks for reminding me Gen)


If no replies till August 1 i'll delete this.

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i have

AOE and exspansion

AOE 2 with x pack

SWGB with CW

red alert

Tiberian sun with firestorm

Dune 200

Warrcraft 3 battlechest


i want

homeworld 2



CaC generals



RoN (again! lost key for last)

I've have you now - Lord Vader
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I have:

-Starcraft +expantions

-Homeworld 1 and 2



-SW Rebellion

-ST: Birth of the Federation


I want:


-Winter Assult *edit* lol how could i forget this!? :roll:


-Civ 4

-You seem to have an over developed sence of vengeance. It's going to get you into trouble some day.

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I have:

- Dune 2

- Command and Conquer 2 (+ expansion)

- Command and Conquer 3

- WarCraft

- WarCraft 2

- StarCraft (+ expansion)

- WarCraft 3 (+ expansion)

- LotR: Battle for Middle Earth

- Dawn of War

- Earth 2160

(perhaps I forgot some. And these are only the RTS games ;))


I want:

- EaW

- Winter Assault

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I have...erm


Warcraft I

Warcraft II

Warcraft III and the expansion (bought seperately)

SW: Galactic Battlegrounds and the expansion

Age of Empires and the expansion

Age of Empires II

Starcraft and the expansion

ST: Aramada

ST: Armada II

Dawn of War

Rome Total War

Battle For Middle Earth...


These are the ones I've got here and the ones back home I can remember...


Now, what I want in order:



Winter Assault

Rise of Legends (The want spreads like a disease)

SW: Rebellion

Rise of Nations (If found cheaply :P)

Age of Emipires III

Battle For Middle Earth 2 (I have issues the first, but I'm not condemning it yet)


There are others to this list too, but it would basically be a list of most existing RTS'. Just because I want them doesn't mean I'm going to get them.

"And the moral of the story is: Appreciate what you've got, because basically; I'm fantastic." ~ Holly, Red Dwarf



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Ive got:


C&C Generals + Zero Hour Expansion

Warcraft I, II, III + Expansion

Starcraft + Expansion



Im in the process of getting:




I Want:


EaW (Really, really ,really......BAD!)

AND i want DSL or Cable internet! Im sick of having 56k!!!

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I have:

C&C w/ covert operations

C&C Red Alert w/ aftermath

C&C Tiberium sun w/ firestorm

C&C Red Alert 2 w/ Yuri's revenge

C&C Generals w/ Zero Hour

Earth 2150

Empire Earth

Rise of Nations

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War


Starcraft w/ Broodwars

Civilizaion: Call to Power (Actually a TBS, but people were listing Civ. IV)


I Want and/or eagerly awaiting:

Earth 2160

Star Wars Empire at War

DoW exspansion: Winter assault (or was it warfare?)

Homeworld 2

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i have


Homeworld 1 + cata + 2

The complete C&C withour zero hour

Act of War


Dawn of War

The complete Earth

Empire Earth 1 + 2

Starcraft + exp

CIV call to power

Battle of middle earth


Dune + Dune 2000 + Emperor

Complete Warcraft

Birth of federation

Conquer Frontier

Armies of Exigio

Ufo Aftermath + Ufo + Xcom + Xcom apokalypse


Fallout Taktiks




Evil Genius ^^

Ground Control 1 + 2

Myth 3

and some others ^^


i want



DOW exp

Why is English one of the most speaken languages? German is more better, it sounds better and i did unterstandt it ^^ but for you i will spoke english too, not good but you should unterstand me ^^


"Der Preis der Freiheit, ist ewige Wachsamkeit" Col. Blair Herz des Tigers

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I have:

AOE Gold edition


AOE II Conquerors expansion


Starcraft Brood War Expansion

Civilization Call To Power


Medieval TW and expansion

Rome TW

Galactic Battlegrounds and expansion

Stronghold Crusader (if thats an RTS)

Empire Earth and expansion

Empire Earth 2


I want:


Rome TW, Barbarian Invasion

Rise Of Legends

A new WW2 RTS (from previews and Screenshots it looks like it will work like Rome Total War)

I strike again!
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  • 1 month later...

Out to get


-Civ 4


-AOE 3 (Damn this is worth the hype, well for me at least) :roll::)


Yup Gonna get those Titles plus RTW+Expansion, COSSAKS 2, Winter Assault, Maybe C&C Generals.


I have AOE2 & Expansion, CIV, CIV2, CIV3 with all EXP Packs,CIV call to power, Rebellion, Birth Of the Federation, ST ARMADA, ST ARMADA 2, ST COMMAND, ST COMMAND 2, ST COMMAND 3, ST Dominion Wars.

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