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Pictures of your models


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I know you guys are picky with topics but I would like to show you a model i'm working on. Its a old model of the U-Boat and costed me $20 for this nice model. I wanted something to build so I got a U-Boat which could have been outfitted with a engine but I had no engine so it will be my model.


For those of you who likes models enjoy. Btw on my second post i'll show you the completed pictures of it.



The box -



The Inside -



Grey top -



inside has been closed off to the outside and deck gun installed -




What my model looks like right now -



Torpedoes -



The bow with the unfinished deck-



The Stern of the U-boat (The stern is done) -


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Very nice. I can appreciate the effort in making it look good.


I used to model WW2 aircraft way back when I was smaller, but never would paint them because I was too afraid I would make a mess of it and ruin them. I still have them all grey and bare hanging in my old room. :wink:


I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

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I have all of the old British WW2 fighters as well as the Enterprise model(from "enterprise"), Also i am getting a millenium falcon or ISD if i can find one.
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lol I dont paint mine unless I think its worth it. I dont have good painting skills so I rarely paint mine. I'll post pictures of my other models but they're falling apart since I used them as action models or tried fixing them :?


Big Gundam Model

- basic pose


- the Cockpit


- Its weapons




Whitebase Model

-Its falling apart since the glew is wearing off and the dust weighing down on it.


-And the side which looks much better, Looks good since I painted it but the paper glue...........



My third Gundam model (RX-78)

- As you can see I like building things, Standard pose


-Side view of the model


-Rear of the model





After someone replys I'll post more models or the finished U-Boat model :) Post your model pictures also :P

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U-Boat is done but i'm scared to use paint and i'm not a very good painter but it does look good right ? Pictures comin in.



The Conning tower (four pictures of it being built (Railings were a pain to put on






The nearly completed U-Boat, just tiny little details which also were a pain to add (So damn small that not even my tweezers could hold it), Look carefully.




The grey crew onboard




The finished product (I left a torp out since it looks cool)





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good job, how long did it take? and i dont know what is the matter with you guys and paint, i just dump a whole cartoon of paint on my finished pieces. phhfft ameatuers.... :wink: even though i havent bought a model in forever, i sat on my last one
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It would of taken one day but it took 2 days. Other models took 1 day. I like building models. I cant pain since I dont have the right paint or paint brush stuff.
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I got old model paints which would just damage the looks of the model :roll: Maybe later when I get more models i'll get spray paint and get better with building models and have a place to put em all.
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:shock: well you could use them cheap cams then get them printed or put on a floppy disc then upload them at photobucket.com :roll:


lol well Venator Star Destroyer........ is that from Episode 3 ? Well the only Star wars model is this one,


- Droid Drop ships x2 -


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Well I'm not sure where exactly you can find them....I found them in my local toy shop (shut up, just shut up.)

They're being done by Revell, and in addition to the venator there's also the ARC-170, the AT-RT, the Tri-fighter, and the Jedi Interceptor.

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Toys R Us, best place to try and get what you want :) Nothin wrong with that place until you go into the kids section when your suposed to go to the lego or model section or game section :roll:
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Well I found my model in a small one-store place at the shopping centre.

I do have a video recorder with a photo feature, I'll see if I can figure out how to hook it up to my comp.

"My doctor says I have a malformed public duty gland and a natural deficiency in moral fibre and am therefore excused from saving universes"-Ford Prefect


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I never was really good with glueing, painting or putting on stickers so i used legos way back when. Ive got a corellian corvette one with like 3,000+ pieces i think, it took me 2 1/2 hours to build, i got it for christmas about 5 years ago, now it sits on my shelf collecting dust.
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