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News that made people nuts


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Boy sneaks out secret info about XBOX 360



Dope game, it sucks anyways



San Andreas was the loudest of them all, its like modding BF2 soilders to be naked, what the flip is the media think they're doing


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1: I'm annoyed at the kid for stealing the Xbox 360. While I'm not an Xbox fan, I have no idea where young people these days get ideas like stealing classified material to make themselves look "cool" on the internet. I hope he gets arrested, charged and sent to prison.


2: I'm also annoyed and angered at the computer game promoting the growth, production and sale of illegal substances. This really is disgusting, and anyone willing to produce or develop such a game should also be arrested and charged with inciting illegal activity.


3: I'm very pleased, however, with the news about Grand Theft Auto. If it were up to me, I wouldn't stop there and work to get all Grand Theft Auto games, and similar titles, banned from ever being released again. Games that promote sex, drugs, gang warfare, murder and crime should not even be sold to adults. They're disgusting filth and should be destroyed.

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1) I see kids like these at my school (but not stealing stuff) but bragging about the new stuff they bought that came out which ticks me off. Thats how you gain respect at my high school :shock:


2) Ok this dope game sucks and well leave this to San Andreas where you burn it instead of sell it.


3) Its like enableing a mod for Battlefield 2 and making all the soilders nude. It was rated M for a reason and parents might have been dumb enough not able to read it.

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1. jimmy youre going to get a GREAT xmas present this year!

is it a xbox 360?

nope, its 5 years in jail!

lol happy holidays tyke!

2. uum i am at a loss for words

3.HAHAHAHAHAAHA this is the best thing ever! perfect case of doomed publicity, rockstar is blaming hackers for the mod, which is probably true bbut there credibility plunges when the same thing is found on ps2. i think they shouldnt have changed the rating, just do what tire companies do. take back all the games that are given/not purchased and rework them so the scene cannot even happen.and then give/make the nwew copies and make big $$$

I've have you now - Lord Vader
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Ok next target is the Sims 2 after San Andreas has been successfuly bashed to death by politics. Wonder whats next after Sims 2 has been succesfully bashed to death. Let me guess, Battlefield 2 since it has soilders and you can mod them to fight naked :roll::x




Games are meant for fun and thats why they're around. I'm not ticked off from games but at political stupidity :x

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Surely they'll have more of a problem taking on Maxis with the Sims 2. It's not even the same kind of audience. Political stupidity alright.


Generally it's not the fault of the games makers, who usually end up with decent, accurate ratings. But in the end that's never going to stop people if they want a game. I myself got Doom when I was under age in this way. The fault lies with people not being able to efficiently enforce those kind of restrictions. Like being under 18 at the cinema. I'm sure some people have been there before


(on a lighter note I recently went to watch Sin City with the 18 certificate. I'm 20, so no problem there. My younger brother who came with me is 18 next month, but who do they scrutinise. Yeah it's muggins here. :roll: Think it makes my point)

"And the moral of the story is: Appreciate what you've got, because basically; I'm fantastic." ~ Holly, Red Dwarf



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That sims thing is just stupid, although i agree with GTA...at least on the basis of content.


Almost ANY game can be modded for nudity. So, imagine this. EA (example) wants to try again to get Eidos (example), the solution? Mod Eidos' next game for nudity and relese it under false name. Cost Eidos and its new parent god knows how much money. DISMANTLE the ESRB?!?! My god what is the man thinking?! I mean c'mon, who would rate the games?


And as for the sims, according to this guy and the Evil Senetor Clinton (im form NY, so i kno what im talkn about lol) we need to stop selling action figures, and dolls, bc they are porn to him. Stupid extreme left Libs.....

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