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Fun: Making a video Game


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1. Search a good idea

2. buy a license from some Movies

3. look at the other Dev teams what they devs

4. Steal some thing from others games

5. search a cool Name for the game

6. give the community some screnns

7. Search someone who pays your Pizza Bills

8. insert a Mainchar with big breats for men and a Men with big muscels for the female

9. Insert some Blue screens and error messages

10. Release the game for 80 €


when you have done all this things you will make a good video game. See microsoft. Windows.

1. a new OS

2. license The window to the hof

3. Linux

4. the same Linux / Dosshell

5. Windows XP

7. Bill Gates

8. were deletet because the game dont get ratet with these chars

9. theres enought blue screens for every thing what you made

10. XP 90 € XP movie edit 120€ Update from 2000 190€



Why is English one of the most speaken languages? German is more better, it sounds better and i did unterstandt it ^^ but for you i will spoke english too, not good but you should unterstand me ^^


"Der Preis der Freiheit, ist ewige Wachsamkeit" Col. Blair Herz des Tigers

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or you could make a fps, and make a bunch of cool screen shot videos and sell it, but then inside there's no game, and then make this big complicated sequence you have to go through to get a refund and then just send a letter to the guy who bought it saying "we lost your request" each time, now there's a way to make money
The Rain God
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