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EAWFiles Starship Troopers: 1st Interstellar War Update

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Hello Folks! I thought you might be interested to know about one of the new mods in the EAW community and it appears to be the only one produceing updates at the moment from what I can tell. The team has sent me some exclusive models and it's look great so far. You can head to this url for the update:








What do you think of the models? I'm new here so I'd just like to say hi to everyone! I'm the Site manager of EAWfiles.

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:arrow:JamieEAWFiles cool stuff man and your site looks great :) Its good to see people so involved in the EAW Community. And the mod looks good too :) I will surly try it when it comes out. :D


:arrow: .... what took you so long to post ? BTW will you mind if I will move this in the mods section ?! :idea::roll:

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:arrow: Well any friend of EAW is our friend too - so pls. enjoy your time with us in our small home.


:arrow: I hope to see more of your skills in the future. :D

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i wont say anthing but i think it a littel bit to early to make a mod

the pics are nice and the story will be nice too ^^

Why is English one of the most speaken languages? German is more better, it sounds better and i did unterstandt it ^^ but for you i will spoke english too, not good but you should unterstand me ^^


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I've decided to stick the topics about dedicated EAW mods. If you guys desire a single subforum here too - let me or Cain know.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"


Petroglyph FF Admin.

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I'm sorry to say I don't really like your bug ships. Sorry, i always had this vision in my head of something that looked like a hard-shelled bug, only really big. Not a lumpy-style organic ship.

Just my thoughts.

"My doctor says I have a malformed public duty gland and a natural deficiency in moral fibre and am therefore excused from saving universes"-Ford Prefect


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Oh anyways that mod, SST: 1st interstellar War, that would be my mod.


Pleasure to meet you, I'm Panzer. This mod was started right when rumors of a new CnC game were coming out, and it moved to EaW as we found that it is a true CnC game.


This mod is at http://www.sstisw.com

and It is just getting warmed up. Jamie should know this, as I have been trying to show a very important update for a while, to no success.


It is a competition.


"We are having a competition to make our logo for our mod. The competition will take place from now until August 31st. Anyone can do it, and we hope to see alot of contenders.


Here are some basic guidelines/rules:

-The entries must be PM'd to only me or Another Drifter to be eligabel for entry

-The logo must be able to be stretched, bent, and blown up to make it flexable

-the maximum number of entries per person is 3 so choose wisely.

-The idea for it must be original and also look cool


Grand prize will most likely be a staff position, but just being the one who designed an entire mod's logo would be enough.


if you have any other questions, visit our forum's on our website and you can also e-mail any entree's to me at panzer517@rcn.com


Good luck! " -from the moddb news post

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and is it a mod or a game?


anyways watch the mod on our site, especially because we have stopped posting at Moddb since they have been ignoring us and bumping us for other mods to fit in to the main news page.

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Excuse me for double posting, but there is some interesting news from the mod.


We were recintly interviewed by Amped DX, a web network that is a great community for modders and home to over 8000 vistors every day.


I got a chance to get talk to them, as they were very interested in the mod itself. The interview was also a place where we showed off several brand new art shots, the game still isn't out yet to produce screenshots, and answered important questions about the mod. To see the interview click here.




We have been working very hard here, and as the logo competition draws to a close with less then two weeks left, we are left wondering if anymore entries will slide into the closing gap.


Also we here are also trying to get back on track and work to add more stuff to the website. Don't expect much stuff. We will announce other news as we go along. But be sure to check out the news lately, and post on the forums regularly. We love to hear questions about the mod, and other stuff along with it.



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What program are you useing to create those models

Evacuate, in our moment of triumph. I think you overestimate their chances. :)


Please can you post a comment on My clone story, in fan fiction. :)






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