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Codename: Panzer Phase one/Two


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I played the demo and I loved it. I'm downloading the second demo and going to try and play it.


to download the demo for the second game



Well it just tells a story of WW2 of what happened and you play the Germans or any other country in Europe and not restricted to 4 sides but every country (last time I remember anyways). Correct me if i'm wrong about that. I dont know much but all I know its a WW2 rts game. O sweet during the night time a vehicle with headlights on can be spotted (in others you dont see that) and your units attack it. I liked the way it played out on the first demo.


Damn I played the demo and the Germans are persistant, they took over my city square since they came from all sides. Also it was night and my units had a harder time to locate them. Damn those Germans are nuts (Sorry I mean those AI units).


Unique Features from my point of view:

-Headlights for night

-Stand/crouch/prone feature

-Battlefield 1942 feel

-Tunnels and caves.











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:arrow: The game is one of the best WWII startegy games - if not THE BEST - still some gameplay issues could be improved :)


:arrow: But if you think to buy it - I will say go for it !


:arrow: Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps had the best WWII strategy Gameplay and reallity feeling.

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Sorry Cain, I prefer the Close Combat series for World War II tactical and strategic gameplay.

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