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The War of the Worlds


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The War of the Worlds:


H.G. Wells could be arguably considered the father of modern Science Fiction. Now, for the third time his classic work The War of the Worlds has become a feature film and has remained stunningly consistent with the original novel. Steven Spielberg has displayed his genius once again in the film. The story keeps the audience gripped and forces them to believe the grim reality the film displays.


Tom Cruise performs admirably as do his two child co-stars: Dakota Fanning, and Justin Chatwin. By creating an already battered family and tossing them directly into the line of fire Steven Spielberg has created an emotional connection for the audience, a connection lacking in the original novel. This connection makes the film have an exceptionally strong impact, strong enough to give children nightmares and adults the shivers without having to resort to graphic violence.


Using stunning CGI images tied in with stunning performances and unique camera angles has made the film one to stand out. Unlike in many films which utilize CGI, the War of the Worlds manages to make even the most difficult to believe that the objects are part of the world. This seamless integration of reality and image surpasses the work performed by ILM even in the most recent Star Wars films. In many ways this film is truly the one to beat this year.


The film remains true to the descriptions of the aliens and their habit displayed in the book and has created a compelling storyline which fits snuggly within the mold of the original’s intent. The stories narrative introduction and epilogue are in fact quoted straight from the novel with only a minor change of switching the centuries.


The Aliens:


The Aliens which invade earth (Originally conceived of as Martians) do so in the hope of more then simple extermination. Their goal is the terra forming and culling of the world. Their machines and they themselves rely on humans as a source of food to fuel their invasion. They remove nutrients directly from their victims and infuse them directly into their own bloodstream. Finally, they spread a red fungus across the world which spreads over and destroys everything in its path.


The alien technology is apparently cybernetic utilizing both biological and technological components. This is one of the reasons that the aliens prove to be vulnerable.


In the original novel the aliens manufactured their own equipment and weaponry in a single night on earth, but in the film the source of the alien equipment is much more unclear. It’s suggested that the aliens buried their own equipment on earth long before the invasion (Millennia before hand). However after watching the film I have an alternate possibility. The machines are manufactured within a few moments by nanites delivered to earth through “lightningâ€

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Of course I will watch it. A must for evry Sci-Fi fan!

War of the worlds was the first Sci-Fi book ever published and the first one telling of an alien invasion and such things. Always remeber: It has been published in 1898 (!)

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I remember the story was being broadcasted all over America. The people who heard the introduction weren't the ones that packed up and left but the ones who tuned in the middle of this radio broadcast in 1930's or something when radio was at its prime like tv or PS2 is now and soon PS3 gonna take over. My point is that the people who listened to it in the middle got into a scare and thought it was a real thing happening and packed up and left America . When the broadcast was over they sued the station cause they tuned in the middle of the broadcast. ROFL



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I wonder if anybody believe only the tv nowdays and wont listen to the facts of real life. You know people listening to CNN and not thinking outside the box ? Ah nvm mind. Once they see something "horrible" everybody is going to be running around screaming for their lives. That be funny nowadays since everybody is so uptight.



^ sorry just thought pranking something on CNN will make people think twice :roll:

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yeah just call them up and make a fake scene with a bunch of lightning effects, and count how many people run screaming, you could do that as an experiment if your in school, "so what did you do for your science project?" i caused a national riot
The Rain God
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i have seen the movie and i must say the story is not bad

it has some good special effekt but for me the movie will be not ones of my favorites

i like more action movies and no dramas.

i will buy the movie on dvd only that it stand in my dvd collection

Why is English one of the most speaken languages? German is more better, it sounds better and i did unterstandt it ^^ but for you i will spoke english too, not good but you should unterstand me ^^


"Der Preis der Freiheit, ist ewige Wachsamkeit" Col. Blair Herz des Tigers

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