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If you hate anime dont want your comments in here unless its good.


I tried making a topic about this when I first joined when bar first came up but a storm was messing around with my net so it never got posted.

Well I thought some people here like anime like any ones I list (The ones I heard of anyways)


-Gundam (all of the series)

-Ghost in the shell



-Pokemon (nobody should like that)

-Digimon (Gone now)


-Yu-Gi-Oh! (For kids so I donno)

-Transformers (THought that was cartoon[looking at a list for the ones after digimon])

-Sailor moon (Throws up)

-Ranma 1/2 (Throws up again)

-Card Captor Sakura (For girls so , throws up yet again)



Well actually let me go say what I wanted to say. If you guys/girls like anime tell me which one you like and why. If you hate it dont comment or just say something polite, we're in a polite forum right ?


Well one I like at the moment are the Gundam series since i'm interested in those war machines called Gundams or mass produced mechs for war purposes. Its all based on politics, war, and more war. I just like those Gundams and my avatar to the left is a mobile suit from the first series "Universal Century" were these Gundams first came from. Now its all about Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny.


Second in line is .hack\\sign about a video game world were people are actually living in that world. Think of it something like Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft or Guild Wars but your actually in it but still able to send ingame mail and such.


If nobody here in this forum likes it then well your somewhat missing out on Japanese humor and such. Think of it as enhanced cartoons for them haters lol. anyways enough of this typing i'll let you people type something.

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Naruto ( a ninja anime serie is pretty cool but liocenses)

its only cool ^^

Trigun ( a very cool anime with 25 series, a little bit western and sci fi)

Air (a nice small anime with a people who says anitime wrooal)

Area 88 (about an pilot from an air force)

Van Hellsing (hunters of vampires)

Monster (places in germany)

Those whohunts elves (three people where transport in a fantasy world and hunt elves with have a part of a spell on her bodys)

The smieling samurai or sensai (dont know the exactly name) (its about an sensai/samurai whith big breats ^^)

submarine number 6 (end of the world and only the submarine 6 can rescue her)

Planet ES (space exploration, a small company cleans the space around the earth from waste. the serie is nice.)

unihabitet survive or planet (dont know the exactly name) (on a space travell trough the space a small group of people arround 14 - 17 jears where lost during a transit. they can rescue her to an unihabitet planet the survive begins)

Galaxy Railways (space explorations, people drives trough the space with trains)

Xenosage the animation (had only seen the first 6 parts of the serie)

Madlax ( a very very cool anime. theres a war in a land only to get three books and some words from it to rule about the planet)

Bloodhunter X (a half vampire hunt another vampire who have stolen the daughter of someone.)


for people who like animes here is a bit torrent site for anmes. you can download there fansubs from animes who are not licences yet.


Why is English one of the most speaken languages? German is more better, it sounds better and i did unterstandt it ^^ but for you i will spoke english too, not good but you should unterstand me ^^


"Der Preis der Freiheit, ist ewige Wachsamkeit" Col. Blair Herz des Tigers

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Yes since I kept talking about it. Well I just love those mechs what can I say lol. Its like the AT-AT in Star Wars lol. Also the plot in anime is very interesting and different then north american stuff. I seen European cartoons and they're nearly the same as Japanese stuff.


Cool Shaman King and One Piece are taking its place in Anime. Sweet One piece is another of my favourite anime, first saw this in Slovakia on a German channel.


3 fav Fav anime series


-One Piece


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i like ranma 1/2 alot. i have about 1/2 to 3/4ths of the whole series. the reason i like it so much is becuase at times there is some very witty and humorous dialogue. but never ever drink soda while reading it, i laughed so hard one time i had to hold my sides. problem was i had a mouth full of soda in my mouth and had to replace the comic since alot of pages tore out
I've have you now - Lord Vader
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rofl, well new series came here like "One Piece" and "Shaman King" and Theres "Sonic X" here. Very nice. I like the humor and character development in this series. You know the entertainment.


Let me guess you get 5 comics a day lol :roll: I heard of Ranma and well you watch it on tv also ? I like anime, its better then any other cartoons here in north america. The uncensored version is better :P Well if more anime comes over here i'll be able to watch more. I just love the drama and humor in Anime, I find it more entertaining :) lol. I just hate the anime haters since they're biased :shock: Your missin out :)


Gundam is the main series, I like now is One Piece, fun fun. First saw it in Slovakia.


One Piece (First episode spoiler)

-Ugly Lady Pirate "Whos the prettiest in the whole wide world"

-The nerdy cowardly kid "Its not you ya old ugly hag"

-Ugly Lady Pirate -'Blows up with anger and tries to attack the body'

One Piece laughs and the boy cowers

-Ugly Lady Pirate "Why you......'the lady hits one piece with a mace and in shock is suprised he survives'

-One Piece smiles and then punches that lady into the sea (During that his arm streches out to see then sends her flying)

End of spoiler


Its just funny. Btw its better if you see it.

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its sad though for me i dont watch ranma on tv since it doesnt show anymoreand i only found out about it 2 years ago :cry: and although i am flattered that you think i live in the asian countries (i wish, gotta love japan)i really live in the US and i would have to go with you on anime haters...stupid ignoant...form your own bad words here
I've have you now - Lord Vader
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I didn't say you lived in Asia, all I asked if you get it on tv. Played some GUndam vs Zeta and 52% complete out of 248%. This is going to take forever to complete :shock: Well.....


i'll continue this tomorrow if anybody replies.

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its pretty cool though, the series has been offically "dead' for like 10 years now, its always good to see other people who know wat series i talk about. i get too many huhs? around me *sigh* come on people speak up, mebbe they just dont like it or know any series. but it is hard not to know at least yu gi oh or dbz
I've have you now - Lord Vader
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I watch Yu-Gi-Oh! on fridays jsut for the fun of it. I know its a kids show but it has its crazy good moments. DragonBall /Z/GT. Ranma hasn't even been shown here. To bad other people are just baised since they think Anime is a nerdy thing or whatever. One Piece, rofl. Think of it as watching bugs bunny with the realism factor.
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ranma was show on the late night toonami thing back b4 21st century. man i loved toonami, watched it at its start and right to its end, saw good shows come and go like dbz,sailor moon,ruroni kenshin, and a weird robot one, it was pretty cool though. but yu gi oh got lame after first season, its just more of "he has a unstoppable card! but i have discovered a better one! but i must play it soon!" also with the attack and defense are going too high, soon we will be in the millions. lots of anime has good humor in it. i guess people dont like it because of its unique storyteling, it ties more into fantasy realism thansuperheroes and junk. i guess they are also turned off by the partial nudity that is accepted pretty much everywhere except the US(its okay in europe and asia). There is one great line in Ranma that i just adore. it is right after he has been training very hard the whole night. 'hey kasumi this ramen is very good, although its a little tough." "ranma youre eating a towel." thats what makes the series good, witty dialogue
I've have you now - Lord Vader
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You said what I said about what makes anime special but I guess you said more of it. You didn't remention the censoring which ruins the series a tad bit or a lot. Well North America is pretty strong with the nudity part that they're sensoring everything or most of it. Also replacing the harmful swear words with the least harmful swear words such as "Dam" or "Lets kick some ass".


Well people sure are getting ticked off at how one show "copies" another even if its a tribute from the old to the new. Its like showing old things in a new way. They keep on trying to prove me wrong on forums and i'm trying to prove myself right but them people are just to stubborn to accept that shows are just reinventing the wheel. Show how things in the future would like in our timeline or whatever. What can you do people are baised these days or harder to please.


They think they saw everything and wont see better which i'm annoyed at, whats the point of making anime ? Its everywhere and people love it.

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.....didn't mean that but well used a concept and put it in a new setting and story. If you know gundam you'll know that theres simularities in Mobile Suit Gundam (the first series) and with Seed and Seed Destiny. People love crying about how bad it is and how much of a rip of it is.
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I'm waiting for Destiny to come to the U.S.,so I haven't seen any destiny episodes yet, I'm rewatching the original Seed episodes to remember what happened in it right now :P, I remember more of the Original Gundam Timeline of U.C. 0079-0087 if I knew how to mod, when EAW comes out I would mod it to have one year war weapons and mobile suits.
I strike again!
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Well it'll be awhile since Destiny aint finished yet and wont be awhile :) Its episode 44 now or tomorrow i'll see that hopefully :)


I just found this funny lol, http://img387.imageshack.us/img387/5241/stupidgundam6er.png


Lol so your planning on making the original Gundam mod ? :roll:


and my fav suit from both series, the Gouf in 3 types


(picky hotlinking crap)

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ghost in the shell cuz of the amazing animation and story

.hack//legend and .hack//sighn great stories

FLCL cuz it makes no sence but is funny

inuyasha <

all gundums but gundum sd-it is simpler to say why i dant like sd then to say why i like the others sd is to childish


Wolves'Rain story is so great interesting idea for the show aswell

can't think of more at ht emoment but i love almost all anime though american version of yugioh must die! :twisted:

Edit: though of another few

samurai x(rerouni kenshin)great storyline amazing characters

samurai shamploo-every episode is interesting and the show is incredibly well translated

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Well Gundam Seed is done airing here in Canada on YTV on fridays and now its time for repeats yay. Well then wonder what new Anime they're going to show to replace Reboot and Dragonball GT :?
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