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A hutt faction.


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Just an idea that came to me, but what if the hutts were avalible as a special third side?

It goes like this:In the rebel and imperial campaigns, you would have the hutts controlling a few worlds. Depending on what you do, they will either be your allies or enemies, and then they would provide you with info, trade, and usual underhand stuff. If you were their enemies, they would attack any of your systems nearby and you would have two opponents to contend with.


But here's the good part-If you completed both campaigns, you would unlock a third, hutt one. Complete this and you could have the hutts in multiplayer! They would be like the yuri faction in Red Alert! Fly around in hutt criminal empire ships yelling, look at me! I completed the campaign! Well I would...


And no, they would not have a slug with a gun for a unit. Their armies would be made up of henchmen.

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Yeah that would be a nice idea, you could probably play off both of the factions then take out both of them while they fight each other...but they shouldn't be as strong as either of the other factions lest they get blown up.

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If they were going to add an extra faction they would do the Black Sun Criminal faction as they could either aid the Rebels or Imps in a Multiplayer mode. They could also add the Chiss as an Imp asset and the Smugglers Alliance as a member of the rebels. Imagine the Errant Venture infiltrating an Imp stronghold before it was painted red.
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