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EAW Fan Fiction or what will you say


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it a dark cold day in the spring. The door rings and you think "Fucking post. i sayd them 1000 times that they dont rang the door if they have a paket." You stand up take some clothes and walk to the door. You opened it ant the postmen stand in the front of you. He give you a small letter with big red writing on it "Personaly". "Thanks. And dont ring the door bell annother time i want to sleeep!" Bamm you closed the door a littel to hard. Mhh who sents you a letter.


Petro with autorisation from Lucasarts


xyt usa (are they in the usa? i dont remembered me iam a poor fan ^^)


"mhh petro send me a letter?" "Jeah they want an idea from me and i become a singel line in the credits page." you openend the letter and you read it.


mhh petro blabla brett toshi blabla george lucas blabla EAW blabla Beta Testing blabla tickets blabla


Tickest? Beta testing? EAW? it will be dark in you sight and you crushed to the ground. After some minutes you awake and think. "Whats a dream. i should trink not to many beer in the evening." you stand up see the letter and the tickets for the flight at the ground. it was not a dream yeah i will fly to amerika. You take a bag some clothes and drive to the airport. fly with it to the usa and look at the flight a Star Wars Movie. You know it will be great.

At the amerikan airport theres waiting a beatiful girl with a big shield in her hands "Seewolf. Germany for the EAW Testing" (Insert your name here ^^). Your bag falling down and you ran to the girl. Some People stands arround her and scream "Here iam Seewolf. i have lost my papers." "No iam Seewolf." "Who is Seewolf? Take me iam a bether man for this job." you reached the girl and you will show here your papers. Then the Airport security cames towards to you. "Came with us." "But i must to the beta test!" "Came with us." "They shows you their big guns. After some inerviews about terrorist, drugs, alkohol and some other things. you can go to the girl ant with her to petro headquarters. On the drive she says you some things about her boyfriend and that they want to marry. (you have noo luck this day). in petro headquarters there stand a lot of other people and you asked them what they do here. Everybody say oh hi iam xyz from the unofficial petro fan forum and iam here for beta testing. "You too?" "Yes" Brett came into the room and sayd "Oh i see the last one is here too. i have 1 bad and 1 good thing for you. First the bad. You dont can test EAW yet," "OHHHH NOOOOOO" Someone takes his lasersaber from his bag and aktivate it. "We want it. Give it to us or we cut you in small littel pieces." "wait wait. you dont have heart the good one. You test it on the Skywalker Ranch with George Lucas." A Crying goes trough the people. "What to whe doing here? lets go" You were driven with some other people trough the usa to the skywalker ranch. The Carwith the black windowed windows stops and you had arrived the skywalker Ranch. Geaorge lucas is waiting for you. he gives his hand to everbody and sayd to you. "Hi my name is George Lucas do you need something?"



So what would you answer?



"i will say. Hi can i have the manual form EAW and where is the enxt toilet."


^^ lets see the other answeres ^^

Why is English one of the most speaken languages? German is more better, it sounds better and i did unterstandt it ^^ but for you i will spoke english too, not good but you should unterstand me ^^


"Der Preis der Freiheit, ist ewige Wachsamkeit" Col. Blair Herz des Tigers

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Hello, could you make more Star Wars games for PC such as flying games ? :P If there is I never heard of it. Also could I be a character in the game lol, not a unique character but just a character :lol:
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I would ask if he could authorise another X-wing game based solely upon the adventures of Rogue and Red Squadron from before the destruction of the Death star all the way to after the YV invasion. You play Wedge Antilles and Corran Horn and follow the story similar to X-wing alliance.
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