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Star Wars: Empire At War - FAQ (v1.0)

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EAW Forum FAQ v1.0


(*Made with the backing of EAW's Lead Producer http://forums.lucasarts.com/thread.jspa?threadID=49355&tstart=100 but it is still not edited by any developer or producer - so it will stay in the rumors land for now. )


Disclaimer : The EAW FAQ v1.0 is an unofficial EAW FAQ and it was made by fans in an effort to help the community and to avoid questions been asked again and again on the LEC Forums. This FAQ will be up until the official one will be made in the future. This is not an official FAQ and the informations supplied here in this FAQ will not be usable for official PC magazine quotes or other previews. Thank you all.



Will there be multiplayer ? And how many players could play ?

Yes there'll be multiplayer, 2-player civil war or 8-player skirmish.


Is this game story based or free as you wish ?

You control the plot and do as you wish.


Is this game having missions ?

Yes you get to do specific missions but only if you want.


How many factions will there be ?

There will be only Imperials and Rebels for now. Traders and pirates will show up also in the game as well as neutrals with their planets.


How many races will be found in EAW ?

So far its only Humans, Jawas, Wookies (Chewie).


Is there space stations ? How will they act ?

Yes there is and how we don?t know yet. We assume that defense or construction&trade will be their main goal.


Will there be heroes/unique units ? If so what do they do ?

Yes they are in the game, Vader force pushes, slashes and crushes units. Exactly what they will do seems to be only support, diplomacy, command ?, train, etc. The final list is not known.


Are there trade routes and how do they affect the game ?

Yes and they give you more credits/resources and you will fly on their path in hyperspace.


When will the game be released? And when the game will actually be finished ?

It will be finished as planed in 2005 but released in spring 2006. This happens cause of many reasons and the prime reason is that LEC wants to polish the future EAW 1.0 version like never before. They will make sure that EAW will have a glorious fate.


Can we have a Death Star ? Can it be destroyed ?

Yup and you can control when it fires so its a controllable unit and it fly?s like one. Well of course or it would be huge disadvantage for the game but it cost like a super fleet and it can be destroyed with some considerable effort and special characters (unless petro wants it to be invincible).


Rebels don?t have a hero do they ?

I think you've been watching Star Trek, Vader vs. Obi-Wan or Yoda or Luke and possibly Leia.


Will there be a demo ?

So far no but we guess there'll be one.


Will this be just like Galactic Battlegrounds ?

Nowhere near it, but its rumored to be more like Rebellion.


Will this be Rebellion 2 then ?!

Let me put it simple : No ! Rebellion was a cat and EAW is a lion (but they can be named both cats if you don?t see the difference)


What?s the point of Dagobah if its only a swamp like planet ?

Ever heard of Yoda ?


How do you gain resources if you can't harvest it yourself ?

By owning and controlling a planet and the AI will take care of all the resources


How will fighters work when not fighting when there?s no enemies ?

They'll stay in the hanger unless there?s an enemy around.


Will the units gain experience ?

Probably yes, it has not been made official yet.


What kind of stuff will be in EAW (weapons, ships, troops, etc) ?

Well the game starts officially 2 years before Episode IV and runs until just before Episode VI. Still ? Aclamators who are mostly Ep II ships and A-Wings who can be found more in EP VI are already in the game ? so at the bottom end you will get a lot of stuff.


This is great can we have EU stuff in ? (EU = Expanded Universe = The story after Episode VI).

Nope, no EU stuff in EAW. (I mean not in the official previews anyway)


I have seen some E3 videos and the scale looks all messed up ? why ?!

The EAW that was shown at E3 was designed for E3. If you look closely at old pictures before E3 you will see that the unit scaling is more than acceptable. Anyway the developers know about this E3 scale impression that was mentioned by fans.


How many planets will be in the EAW galaxy ?

Well they started with 20 planets one year ago and at E3 we had 40-50 planets mentioned. The developers will probably increase the number if they see it fit for the EAW and gameplay. The fans have requested from long ago the 80+ planet number as the max for EAW.


Will this game be 3D or 2D ?

It will be 3D.


So why I keep hearing something about 2D ?

The space battles use the same engine like the ground ones and the space is structured on 2D lairs or levels. Ships will go up and down normally like in space but they will try always to put them self?s on the middle horizontal segment of the 3D space.


Is the game a RTS or a RPG ?

It is a RTS with 3 distinct engagement areas : galactic level, space battles and planet battles. But you also have characters to play with.


What?s happening to the units that I kill after a battle ?!

They are dead, could, nada , MIA , KIA .... loll - they will be truly destroyed.


Can I retreat from a battle ?

Yes you can.


Can I stop a fleet from retreating ?

Yes if you have interdictors.


How modable the game will be ?

Modability Level = Medium plus ... it is not fully known yet.


What I can build and arrange in the game ?

All that it is in the game. The only things that are placed exclusively by the AI are the producing facilities - if of course you order him to do it. The action and battle stuff can be rearranged on the map as you see fit for defense or attack.


What PC specs I will need to play this game ?

Well unofficially we suspect the GeForce 3 and Pentium III-IV 1000 Ghz to be the minimum. But this is only a rumor.


Will SSDs be buildable or will they be hero units? For that matter, will they be in the game at all?

It is unknown at this time, but we think we have seen Home One therefore there is a strong possibility the Executor will be in the game.


Will there be orbital bombardment?

It has been stated there will be according to some previews, but as to exactly what it will do for you in the game (powerful, but inaccurate bombardment of a large area of the planet, or powerful, concentrated strike at specific target areas of the map like artillery in C&C Generals) is unknown at this time.


Will starfighters be able to affect the ground battles?It is known you can call in bombers for precise strikes on specific areas. We know for sure the TIE Bomber can do this, and there are screenshots of X-Wings in the atmosphere, and Y-Wings are a shoo-in for this kind of thing. It is unknown what other starfighters will be able to enter atmosphere. On a side note, the Rebels will have the famed T-47 Speeders (which are atmospheric craft).


When heroes are killed, will they die, or will they be able to be resurrected?

It is unknown at this time, but it is suspected they will DIE, b/c Petrolglyph seems to be pushing the persistent nature of the game.


I have some cool ideas for the game !

Sorry mate the game is pretty much planed already on paper and way in development. Also developers can't read ideas but they can see feedback topics if you stick to official LEC materials.


Feedback topics ?! Are the developers asking for them ?

Nope, they are done from our fan initiative developers have nothing to do with starting them.


I'm confused can I have an example ?

Yes you can - here is one on LEC EAW Forums EAW Galaxy Feedback and here is the latest one the Petroglyph EAW Fan Forums (Unofficial) EAW Feedback E3-47-003


So when we post, we should do it like that ?!

No, this is more of a posting style meant to be a little bit clearer. You can post how you wish as long as you take your time to read the posting rules of the forums.





EAW Community FAQ



Who is developing the game ?

The Petroglyph Game Company. New name = old guys = Westwood.


Who is producing the game ?

LEC and the man in charge was Brett Tosti , one of the best that LEC had to offer, after him we don?t know who will be in charge. We hope he will present him self to the community soon. The other LEC official involved seems to be David Silverstein.


Were I can see the hole community list ?

Try here EAW Community


How are the relations between fans and developers & producers ?

The relations are excellent, more than you can imagine.


Are the developers looking at forums ?

Yes when they have time.


How often is that ?

Minimum once a week.


How many of them are looking ?

All of them.


Why they don't reply at our questions ?

Cause then everyone will ask something and they will end up by not replying which will be rude and they are very nice. They also have allot of work to do.


Who are the developers seen in the open on forums ?

There was Sluggo and Delphi (who remains active on PFF) but they only do diplomacy stuff. NEW LEC moderators will become more active.


Do we have other developers in the forums posting as fans ?!

Yes but you will never guess who is who and you will never make the difference between them and fans, so try to be nice when posting.


The Fan FAQ 1.0 was made with help from LEC Forum Members: Cain, Ghostly_Substance and TerranUp16.

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