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races or species in Star Wars

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Well we all seen the Jawa's so i've been thinking that there'll be Wookies and the Calimari. I swear I made a topic about this, if I have i'll delete this. Well a planet should have its race on it since its homeland should be infested with its race which I know Petro will have it unless it'll be an empty planet with nothing on it which wouldn't make sense at all. Well known races and species.


-Wookies in Kashyyk - (planet in game)


-Jawa's and Tusken in Tatooine - (Jawa in game)


-Twi'lek in Ryloth - (Planet in game)


-Zabrak in Iridonia - (Darth Maul type race)


-Ewoks in Endor- (Well it should be part of the game lol)


-Hutts in Varl, Nal Hutta - (Crazy Jabba, who knows)


-Ithorian in Ithor - (good old Rebel troopers lol)


-Gungans in Naboo - (Mesa wansa besa in multiplayersa withsa gungans lol)


-Yuuzhan Vong in where ever they live in - (I dont know much about this one but I know what they did, or some anyways)


-Geonosians in Geonosis - (Those crazy flying bugs)


-Bothans in Bothawui, Kothlis - (as spies lol, hmm)



Well we make our own plot right so would be nice seeing all the other races but unless you want to visit many empty planets with known races I mentioned above would be pointless to conquer since well, you would just throw away the planet :? Couple people like exploring so this would be good for them. Well we seen Jawas so its a possiblility what I mentioned will be in game and possibly more. Just wanted to mention this.


For mulitplayer:

Wonder if it would be a possibility to have another faction which would be races ? Or just some minor faction growing big like the Rebels and bugging the Empire. Maybe for an expansion pack but Empire VS Rebels is our first step but i'm just bored and listing what I have on mind and would like to discuss :)

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Yuzhaan Vong's came initially from a planetary conciousness called Yuzhaan'tar, (The Crèche of the Gods). They were ejected from the planet when they turned to conquest after the planet helped them to defeat an invasion force. They were stripped of the force in this act and they destroyed the planet.


They then conquered the galaxy they were in and expanded to find new pickings.


They came to the galaxy on the Heels of the Spawn of Yuzhaan'tar, Zonama Sekot. There are Hundreds of Dormant Planetary conciousness' which aren't open to use as they need to be awakened. Sekot was awakened when a YV Recon fleet found them in the outskirts of the galaxy.


The YV could be an Invasion fleet who appear in the Tingel Arm of the Galaxy near Yavin and Thrust towards the Core and Coruscant.

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Ummmm.......I don't think so. You have Selonians and Dralls who are native to Selonia and Drall but Corellia is a Human Planet so unless it is the origin of Humans I don't think that there is.
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I think your right Ghostly, if there were jawa's and sand ppl on tat, they must have done that for other planets. I'm sure the E3 guy mentioned that this game would be enjoyed also by the explorer, what better way to explore then to see the different species inhabiting all the planets :)


For more planets they should include planets near one another like corellia, drall,selonia. For mon calamari, there are also the quarin, (squid faced guys, mon cal are bubble eyed guys like ackbar) And of course the natural preadator's of each planet. From one of the NJO book series, i'm sure dantooine had a native race as well, but can i remember what they were, nooo, lol

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The Dantari, they were so hard to kill damn, even when buffed I couldn't take more then 4 and had to use my stims to heal myself in Star Wars Galaxies, there was another one but I forgot what they were called.
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