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The Sims 2


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well, the game has really good gfx, i play on high gfx, but if you don't have a really good pc...it would be pointless to even get the game imho. the main diffrence there is over sims1 is that there are 3 neighborhoods. and in these hoods there is hundreds of sims that are allready there, you just can't see their house. You also have community lots now, which is places where you can shop for just about anything from clothes to pc games. new jobs and stuff aswell. I think once a sims 3 is made, it will include where you can finally go with your sims to workand do their job and stuff. and you can prolly go for drives in your cars~


i also forgot to mention, your kids will sneak out late at night if you dont watch them :P












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What a game!!


I have had it for ages and I cannot wait for the next expansion pack to be released. I felt that some of the stuff that was in the original Sims was missed out from the Sims 2 initial version.


As I said I cannot wait for the next version.

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cool, hope its smart enough not to piss on the floor. Mine weren't in the original sims so I had to get them there manually. Lazy asses not cleanign up after themselves.
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lol. Well I played the original Sims, made Element puke, and the first job that popped up was a military career so he can go into Battlefield 2 lol. Right now my Sim "Ghostly Substance" (Yes weird name but its me lol, well not exactly) Well dont want to make another thread so i'll post my pics here.


Warning, if your sensative to old graphics dont look so thats why I have this in link form.


When I first moved in



My guy working out outside (now its moved indoors)



My guy going to his military job



My guy hitting on a neighbor (who has a kid and husband but someone to talk to or my guy woulda been a ghost)



First house fire accident, then my guy went to sleep and neighbor screaming her lounges out



After the fire



Now about my Sim. I'll get Sims 2 later since BF2 is on the number 1 spot.


My Sim for (original sims) is a hard working sim who right now (june 22, 2005) works for the Sim military as a Counter intelligence. He likes to eat a lot and not enough time to eat so he gets hungry to much. He hits on his neighbors wife and well, the husband and the kid are at 0 relationship rofl. My guy always complains about stuff and is near the depressed stage. He crossed that line many times also. Its like its difficulty is on medium - hard to control. Military job pays well since most of the stuff in that house is expensive lol. Only had fire once and have Maids, Gardener, and repairman hired. He knows his stuff but one day he'll miss work just to catch up on stuff, dam that crazy Sim AI stuff. The day just goes so fast that its hard to do whats needed. 1 min is one hour, cheap. At least i'm able to get the sim to work on time and stuff. Hmm enough of this i'll end up with a essay.


Hey Ele what happens if you skip work ? I did that once but it wasn't for an important job, the car pool just drove away.

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Sims one has no vacation or whatever. Sim is always stressed. I wonder if Sims 2 is going to end up like Sims Online but Sims 2 online and be more fun, lol. I dont want to pay for online stuff tho but what I mean is something like 2-4 people play in a neighborhood and just do stuff. lol :)
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