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Force Commander ? Civilization ? Rebellion ? Or Homeworld ?


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Of what game do you think Empire At War will look the most ?


Homeworld for the space battles ?


Force Commander for the ground-based RTS ?


Civilization for the galaxy-managing ?


Or Rebellion for the galaxy-managing / space battles ?


I just hope it will be, in each domain, better than this 4 games !

Malcom Kriegan, Imperial SpecForces Lieutenant.


And sorry for my bad english :s

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Good question, I think though that the game will not be like any of the above. It's probably closer to 'Rome - Total war'


Strategic game features


manage your empire with the galactic map: build new units, add new facilities on planets, move fleets, (maybe) conduct research, (maybe) conduct missions (like intelligence gathering and sabotage)


Tactical game features


Space battle: it's all about either destroying the enemy fleet and/or the orbital facilities of a planet


Planet battle: it's all about destroying the enemy ground units and defensive structure in order to conquer the planet and/or destroy specific facilities (like planet-based shipyard or infantry barrack or vehicule plant) for strategic purpose (maybe you currently don't have enough ground units to conquer the planet, so crippling his production facilities will help you to win an attrition conflict on the planet, or at least make your opponent spend precious credits to rebuild these facilities)

Things are not as they seem,

nor are they otherwise

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I think that the game will have parts of a wide variety of all the games mentioned and more.


The Combat seen so far resembles a mix of AOEII and ST Armada. AOE for the ground combat and just pointing and clicking on the forces you want to attack. ST Armada with the Crappy voices and the way you choose which thing to attack with.

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