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Metal Gear Solid

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Was a good game and I got so addicted to that game it nearly felt like a nightmare since I played the game straight (6-8 hours). I even stayed up till 1 am in the morning just playing that game and it swayed me so much. Japanese sure know how to make games.



All you have to do is say why you loved the game then just talk about this like you ignorin me as you always do :)



Well why did I get addicted to it ?


:arrow: The box -

You can pull a prank with the AI, they grab it and you hide and they get confused its so flippin funny. I tried using it the last time but I couldn't use it :x . Such a great game. I usually hide in lockers when an alarm sounds since I dont want to fight them crazy soilders that come out of nowhere.


:arrow: Weapon control -

Well I liked the combat which made you use your weapons in a logical way and I also liked how you had to aim and shoot off the C4 bombs and then in the rig to freeze up the C4 bombs. Aiming was a bit poor and firing but you could get a hang of it. You even have to aim to take out a harrier which was a pain to kill but fun.


:arrow: Killing bosses -

Well I liked how you had to use your gun to kill bosses as to hit their weakspots. I love the challenge in killing bosses since killing infintry gets boring from their programmed stupid AI responses.


:arrow: Stealth -

Whats a game without stealth ? Sometimes you need to save ammo for a tight spot so save all the ammo you have or just have fun annoying the hell out of people while staying stealthed. Hanging off a railing so nobody spots you was fun. Able to sneak up to someone and just hold em and sometimes use them as shields if possible but I wouldn't recommend it since person will wake up and smack the hell outta you if your not careful and of course call for backup. Able to go into any outfits


:arrow: THE SWORD -

Damn I loved that thing, just blocking ammo shots then slicing people with it, so damn great. I love swords by the way so in RON I used Samurai's which owned. Crazy sword that was to. Saved my ass a couple times


:arrow: Camera -

Well this game lets you take pictures of anything ingame (Which I accidently deleted on my card :( ) was fun since I took pictures of all the pin up girls and maybe a dead guy. lol. Very fun.


:arrow: Japanese humor -

Last but not least the humor of seeing pin up girls in a locker room. Going into a locker room while reinforcements have been called in and your heart is pumping like nuts the closer they get to you. Having some cheesy romantic transmissions lol

"Remember how we used to argue about that King Kong and Godzilla was climbing king kong"

Well you'll know when they appear when you play the game :)




long but I dont care, that what makes this game great ^




I have a special edition of "Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance" and i'm planning to get "Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Subistance" which is multiplayer then "Metal Gear Solid 4" which is for PS3 which shall be fun to play.

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I don't wanna get started so I'll just touch on it




ok, you know how the patriots are basically AI now, that's pretty obvious, Olga was pregnant when Snake was on the boat, and she has that baby before she gets all freaky with the sword. The Patriots (or Ocelot, whatever) kidnapped Olga's baby right after it was born, and thus she was forced to take part in the big shell thingy. If Raiden dies, the baby does. If you ask me, the next MGS will have a lot to do with this, since Raiden's suit is linked to the Patriots.


MAN that is a screwed up storyline, hope that they clear that up in 4...


Btw, did anybody actually SEE vamp in the background at the end? Or did everybody just read about it like me?

aka Edea's Baby Daddy



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I understood most of the plot but them side notes messed me up. The personal history which fitted in with the plot messed me up. I like the humor in that game lol which makes things easy for you to play the game.


For the PSP version (Metal Gear Acid) theres a code that lets you see bikini chinese women lol.

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Yup, Substance version is what I have and its a cool version. I'm just waiting for the MGS3 cool version to come out which has multiplayer cababilities :P Wonder how well that will take off for the Metal Gear Solid series.


Them tags I forgot to mention, I forgot if the tag with my name goes into the tag collector or if it just stays on the American soil for one of you to find it in real life :P

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I see. Thought that weird ship sailing into American soil was crashing into New York.


Sorry for bringing this up but its on my mind once in awhile and such a great game. Well as I said a newer version of this game is coming out and should be fun. I haven't played Snake Eater but going to get the better version of it which has multi when it is released during my school year (Last year I hope for school).


Hmm well I find that the Metal Gear keeps on changing its design in 3 games. Nice plot and such. Back up you go topic even tho your old :)

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Sorry but I just gotta release my happiness somewhere :D

Metal Gear Solid 3 Subistence with extra features :)


here check out these pics I uploaded.








The special box (first edition) has 3 cds and special features such as old Metal Gear games, videos, and of course Multiplayer (which is the main option). MONKEY ISLAND !!!!!!! :twisted:

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I was getting to that lol. We got a new character and better graphics :) Hey hope it has multiplayer unless there'll be ANOTHER special edition with special features :roll: Anyways sweet i'll be playing both.
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yes next year since the PS3 got held back for some reason. Maybe to refix the profit margin ? ANyways i'm trying to play my old "Metal Gear 2: Substance" (Special edition with extra features) and I took the word substance from that game :) I like the ring in it.
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Well with that new Snake on the spot I wonder if hes the old snake we know on drugs or if hes someone else we dont know about. Well one thing that bothers me is how can that small wheeled droid keeps its balance lol. MONKEY ISLAND in the Metal Gear Solid game :twisted: Lol.


Common who doesn't like the monkey mode and the capture the toad mode :lol::twisted: If you dont you truely need to check it out since its fun playing online with that :lol: If you dont you got lack of sense of humor :roll:




HAHAHA damn thats just great............O you wanna know ? Ok then heres what i'm laughing at, For online mode for Metal Gear 3: Subsistence you have a magazine as a weapon. Whats so funny about this ? Its a porn magazine that is a trap for anybody that gets near it so when you get near it you are forced (yes forced) to look at it for a long period of time so you'll get shot :twisted:

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New character? New Snake on the spot? Sorry if I misunderstood what you meant by that, (At least I have an excuse, for I am from Finland) but the Snake in the MGS4 trailers is the same Solid Snake. He is a clone, so he ages really fast, that explains why Otacon doesn't look so old.
Go Leafs go!
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